There are a lot of things I don’t understand in life. Some of these mysteries, I just ignore, but others nag at me.

How come it is acceptable for a group called African Americans For Obama to support the President, but if a group wanted to call itself White Americans For (insert your favorite candidate’s name) it would be racist?

How come when gasoline was predicted to go to over $5 a gallon this summer, people were saying that it would not go down until we voted President Obama out of office, and now that those predictions have been proven wrong, and gas is actually cheaper, people are saying that either A) It will stay cheap until after the election to help Obama get votes or B) the President has no control over gas prices and should not get any credit for lower prices?

How come when a white/Hispanic man killed a young black man in Florida, it was a racist act, but when three black men robbed and killed a white waitress in Illinois for her tip money, it was just a random crime? How come when a gang of young blacks beat a 78 year old man in Toledo, Ohio shouting “This is for Treyvon!” it didn’t make national news? How come Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton didn’t show up in Mobile, Alabama, or Baltimore, Maryland, where blacks attacked whites calling it justice for Treyvon Martin (the young man killed in Florida), demanding full investigations into those crimes?

How come after the Supreme Court upheld the Obama health care law, Mitt Romney vowed to repeal it if he gets elected, but acknowledged to ABC News that the health reform law he ushered in as Governor of Massachusetts constituted a tax just like the Obama plan?

How come people I know, who go out of their way to declare themselves Christians, send me the vilest jokes and cartoons about gay marriage, or depicting Barack and Michelle Obama as apes or baboons?

How come even though a Republican administration had control of the FBI, Secret Service, etc. during the last election and couldn’t find any evidence of a conspiracy to hide President Obama’s birthplace, so many other people with far fewer resources are convinced they have proof he wasn’t born in the United States?

How come those of you who are very conservative think I’m stupid for asking half of the questions above, and the very liberal ones think I’m an idiot for the other half?

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29 Comments on How Come…?

  1. chris says:

    Because there aren’t two sides to every story. There are 25 billion opinions!

  2. Kayjulia says:

    Wow, good post! Been asking the same questions myself. The conclusion I have come to is that there are an awful lot of thoughtless, stupid, people in this country and the world! The human race has a long, long way to go before we can call ourselves humane.

  3. Nancy says: are so right!!! These things nag at me too..!!!

  4. John says:

    Well said, Nick. I wish all would just tell the truth instead of all the fear tactics.

  5. Candace says:

    Yup, these nag at me too, but at this point I choose to ignore them. Otherwise I would be so pissed everyday I couldn’t function …or vote.

    I’m almost there …..

  6. Because you are a corporate-loving, anti-freedom, warmongering, rightwing radical who simply cannot possibly see the arguments of intelligent, caring liberals who only seek the welfare of the American people. 😉

    [Please consider the irony in the above – I get this about my views of various discussion forums all the time.]

    Oh yeah – you are also not quite as intelligent as Lefties.

  7. Martin Dockery says:

    Nick, Come now!! You’re a Newspaper man. You for 1, knows what sells newspapers. The mindless in DC knows what gets votes! Want to see what our country is coming to. Look at Florida, we have a clown as governor, who just said yesterday morning, that he will not follow the law as written regarding the Affordable Care Act. Like it or not, it is the law of the land. So what’s next, 2 million people will still go without health care because he refuses to extend medicare, children will not be able to get insurance because of pre-existing conditions. All this cause he says it will cost to much, but yet he has and will continue to cut taxes for the big businesses in Florida. SO, IT COMES DOWN TO MONEY OVER PEOPLE, IN HIS MIND, THE MONEY COMES FIRST. FYI, he pays 9 dollars a month for his State of Florida health insurance while I pay 881 dollars a month for the same State of Florida health insurance, and mine goes up another 80 dollars a month in August.

  8. Allan says:

    Boy you sure know how to get people stirred up and going in 6 different directions. There is someone in the white house that has that knack also. He uses this technique to keep people from focusing on the bad economy. I know that is not your intent however and many people have probably asked themselves some of the same questions that you brought up.

  9. George says:

    1) People watch too much TV thinking news and facts are really involved.
    2) People think they have to vote against the other guys not really understanding the Democrats, Republicans and Corporatist are all on the same team. They couldn’t care less who you vote for the are both owned by the same people. They even own the Supreme Court now (which is made up of party line Democrats and Republicans).
    3) Common sense is dead and numbers 1 and 2 above prove it.

    The pictorial in this link proves how stupid we have become as a nation.

    Perfect blog post by the way! Simply perfect!

  10. Robert says:

    Hope my endorsement doesn’t hurt your cred Nick, but I’m one of the liberal progressive ones, and I’ve never thought any of your questions, opinions, or intellectually curious meandering journeys to have been anything but reasonable, rational and respectable in the honorable quest for truth… I think the answers to all the questions that nag you so can be found based in the divisiveness very purposefully and successfully perpetrated upon us by a very nasty class of our species, whose wealth and power have been allowed to propel to new and unprecedented heights, and whose primary goal is to neuter and destroy the power our citizenry breathes and derives from our cherished democracy by employing the best propagandists and politically biased agenda driven media money can buy. Everybody needs to take a step back, realize that we’re all in this together, question and fact check everything we hear and read in this new unchecked technological era, and pull back the curtain on the real enemy that threatens us, and it’s not each other. A wise man once said that our Country will never be destroyed from the outside. It can only be taken down from within.

  11. George Stoltz says:

    Good blog, Nick.

    Too many people can only see one side of an issue and are not interested in the truth.

  12. Charlotte Draeger says:

    as with most things, the truth lies somewhere in between. And as with most things, the extremists on either side of the issues will never believe anything but their own biased opinions.

  13. Geoff Macey says:

    You’d be better off sticking to writing RV blogs and novels and leaving the political stuff alone since you obviously have no idea of the big picture. Small minds should not discuss big issues.

  14. Judith Maderas says:

    I have missed Bad Nick! Welcome back! It’s nice to hear a voice of reason among the babble that just goes on and on and gets nowhere.

  15. Charlene M. Walker says:

    It is insane and scary at how divided this country is over the issues. Nobody seems to be able to compromise or see the other side of any debate. It is all about partisan politics and proving your guy is right no matter if he is or not. When I was growing up we feared the Red Threat, but my father always said if America ever falls it will come from within our own borders. I now realize just how wise he was.

  16. Julee Meltzer says:

    I think the answer is that people DONT think for themselves anymore…they just tout their party line – no matter what. Too bad more people wouldn’t question things! I guess they are too busy staring at their cell phones, ipads, e-readers, monitors, tvs, etc. to actually think anymore.

  17. Sam Weibel says:

    Nick. I can remember as a child the kitchen table political discussions of my Dad & Grandfather. who would after retiring from a career on the railroad would get a law degree and be elected to a judgeship. One day they were discussing the Marshall Plan and all the money we were shipping to Europe and Japan who we had not to long ago defeated in battle. My GrandDad said, you know when we won the war we were the worlds most powerful nation and also the worlds richest. I have no qualms with helping a neighbor, even an old enemy. But this country has become the giveaway nation. Just line up with your hand out and we will fill it with money. I am afraid my Grandchildren will live to see the day that the last thing we give away is our hard fought for freedom. Nick tell me it’s not so but I feel like this coming true. WE are heading toward socialism on a path of destruction from within. The worst enemy to me is the media. Pray for all of us that we recognize this and find a way back to the fere & the brave…..

  18. Janna says:

    Amen as usual when you write a Bad Nick blog and the comments I’ve read so far are so true also!

  19. Allan says:

    The Supreme Court stated that the Obamacare law was unconstitutional as it was presented to the people [as not being a tax]. They did rule that since Congress has the right to pass a tax that the law was constitutional as a tax. This is the largest tax increase in the history of the country. It is being impossed on the people at a time when our countrys economy can least afford it. The cost of it was grossly understated. Insurance regulation is supposed to be a function of state government, not federal government. The majority of the people in this country are against this new tax and bad law. Hopefully it will be repealed.

  20. Bill Daines says:

    You said it well Nick. For me,(How come) is not in my vocabulary any more. When I’m told about a comparison and want to debate it I’m called a racist which I’m not. I do like to debate, not argue.


  21. George Loutzenhiser says:

    Nick an awful lot of people don’t know if they are coming or going so how can they figure out what is truth or what is fiction.

  22. Michael says:

    Nick, you DA MAN!!!

    I love it!


  23. Gina Ellis says:

    The answer to each of your “how come” questions is the same and very simple: you cannot reason with an unreasonable person.

  24. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy BAAAD NICK,


  25. Sal B. says:

    Thank You Nick : More should read Questions again and THINK how
    thay could do better , and not be so unreasonable with life.
    And turn to God for help at times and not madness to others .
    One other thing THANK YOU for Bad Nick coming back God Bless.

  26. T & R Martin says:

    Thanks for the blog. We missed your comments. There is also another “How come” I was thinking about. “How come” so many times I see a ZERO(or rather an “O”) there is an imbedded Obama logo inside? At least it is not done subliminally, but when I vote I like to think I am voting for someone to carry out the things that are GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY, not for what a particular person believes. I remember Eisenhower had a slogan “I like IKE” & there were other slogans for politicians as well, but I can’t remember if other presidents had a personal LOGO. Perhaps I am too old to remember, but it would be nice if you or any of your bloggers can let us know. Regardless of political party, it could get a little dicey (like dictorship) for a PERSON to get too much power—Think 3 branches of Gov’t.

  27. T & R Martin says:

    OOPS sorry for the typo–should be Dictatorship.

  28. cc says:

    Tell him off Geoff Macey. Your egg-head is so large I don’t see how your shoulders hold it up.

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