Every time I turn around I keep hearing all kinds of claims about how President Obama controls the media and no matter what he does, no matter how terrible his sins or crimes against humanity are, they cover it up.

Every day I seem to hear some new claim about how it has been revealed that Obama did this or that, but the media is covering it up.

Now, I know I won’t change anybody’s mind if it’s already made up to believe all of these wild conspiracy theories, but for those of you who prefer to do your own thinking, I have a news flash for you. That’s all bullshit.

I’m no bigger fan of Obama than I am of any politician, because they’re all liars and opportunists, and none of them care a damn about the American people, past getting our vote. But the truth is that Obama does not control the media and they are not covering up for him. Just as they didn’t cover up for George Bush I and II during their administrations, as many Democrats I know always claimed. And the reason is simple.

I spent most of my working life owning newspapers. I was a member of the Associated Press. I WAS the media. I’m still a journalist. And trust me when I say this – we’re all whores.

There is not one newspaper, magazine, radio, or television reporter in the world who would not throw his own mother under the bus in a heartbeat if he thought that it would help him make a name for himself. I don’t care if it’s a reporter for the New York Times or somebody writing for a weekly free circulation rag in Podunk, Arkansas, they all want to be the next Woodward and Bernstein. And they would all sell their soul to get there.

Yeah, I know, I can hear some of you right now saying that even if what I say is true, the guys in the big offices would never allow a story to see the light of day if some reporter did uncover the dirt on the Chief Executive. Let’s assume you’re right.

First of all, someone with that kind of information wouldn’t worry about losing their job, because they know that the TV offers and book deals would make them rich and famous. And in this day of internet access, blogs, and social media, anybody with a real story to tell can get it out there in seconds. Once I click the post command on this blog, it is available to anybody in the world with an internet connection. I don’t need a large circulation newspaper or a huge television audience to tell my story.

A whore can always find a new street corner to work, and in the Information Age, the world is one huge street corner for the media whores among us.

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  1. Levonne says:

    Hey Nick, Some of us still have a bit of altruism left. Of course I’m not a journalist.

  2. Mike Walker says:

    Its one thing to be a whore but don’t be an idiot too Nick. The White House controls every word that comes through the media with the exception of Fox News. They are the only one that tells the truth. All you have to do is listen and you will see that what I’m saying is true.

  3. Shelly McClellan says:

    Obama has been proven to be a socialist and communist. His whole agenda is to bring America to its knees and he is accomplishing it. The mainstream media has aided and abetted his crimes against the American people from the very start.

  4. Jesse Haman says:

    Fox News…you gotta be kidding!

  5. Randi Fowler says:

    Proven by whom, Shelly? Rush? Fox News? Give me a break!

    Think about this for just one minute, if you can look past your right wing prejudice. The first thing that Communist and Socialist governments do is destroy the media. So what you’re saying is that the media is helping a movement grow that will put them out of business? Get real!

  6. I’ll disagree with both Nick and with Mike Walker. Media bias in favor of the liberal agenda, and the leader of that agenda Barrack Obama, is far more real than Nick admits and far more subtle than Mike asserts.

    This bias stems from a huge majority of the mainstream media being liberals (or even socialists) and Democrats in their beliefs and party affiliations. It’s true in the 3 major networks, also PBS, MSNBC, and most major newspapers like the NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, WA Post, and our beloved St. Petersburg Times here in the Tampa Bay area where I spend a few months each year.

    This bias manifests itself in softball questions, weak follow-up questions, and being less aggressive when interviewing the president or his spokespersons. Case in point the recent Brian Williams interview with Obama. Can anyone tell me with a straight face that was hard-hitting journalism? The guy from the local Denver TV station did a better job.

    In one way I agree with Nick, that if a story is a once-in-a-lifetime career changing scoop most reporters would turn over on their own family! But we’re not talking about Watergate here. We’re talking about the day by day events and even those stand-out events like the current Libya debacle. If it was George Bush MSNBC’s coverage would look like Fox News!

  7. Correction: “NBC’s” coverage would look like Fox News!

  8. Roger Marble says:

    Shelly, Do you own a dictionary? Have you even bothered to learn the meaning of the words you write?

    Mac, Excellent description of Fox news. I noted that they didn’t cover the “Pregnancy is God’s gift to women who get raped” comment from Republican Richard Murdock. http://sayitaintsoalready.com/.....e-comment/

    Nick, Another good post

  9. Cheryl Gary says:

    Some people are so quick to say things , like calling Nick an idiot, come on , isn’t he allowed to voice his opinion,just as you and I do, and I for one voted for Obama, I was56 years old and it was the 1st time I ever voted, I don’t like everything that has taken place the last 4 years, but there were good things, and the way I see it , this damage to our country did not happen in the last 4 years, and it isn’t going to be fixed in the next 4 years, you have 2 choices and right now I am not sure of either one.

    And unless you Mr.wallace work for a newspaper I think I will listen to Nick above you.

  10. Vickie says:

    Ahem…may I bring this conversation back around to what the article is about? I agree with Nick about the media. We’ve all complained about it and if you listen…really listen…you can hear them spinning things just to fill time. I try to research BOTH sides to see if I can find some truth or consistency to an allegation.

  11. Berni says:

    I agree we are all whores at one time or another but Nick is just man enough to write for the world to see. I”m proud my whore of a cousin. Keep it up Nickie

  12. Candace says:

    Terry and I are totally fed up with ALL the BS from Washington, the campaigners, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc. etc. and the news outlets. IMHO lawyers – before and after they get to Washington – ARE the problem.

    If only an honest business person (man or woman, black or white) with integrity could or even wanted to run this country…. but I guess they have more smarts and/or can’t sell their soul for enough $$$ to get there.

    Nick has the right to say what he wants, when he wants – especially on his own website. At least for now …. until Washington changes THAT hard-earned freedom too.

    Kudos kiddo … keep ’em coming. It gives us all something else to bitch about :-)

  13. Dropper says:

    Don’t you think you’re being a bit unfair to the whores, Nick?

  14. squirrel says:

    Being the old editor that you are, shouldn’t the the title have been “We’re all whores”?


  15. Hasn’t this been fun! Nick certainly has the right to say what he believes, whether I, you or anyone else thinks he’s right. I happen to believe in the basic truth of what he says, but I might have said it differently. There are those who believe the current administration (or whichever administration is in charge at the time) controls the media. But then there is the other weird fringe that believe the Jews control the media, as well as all the banks and Hollywood and Broadway and for all I know the local bus system. Who ya gonna believe? Hey, if you are concerned about things, read what AARP tells you, but golly, they’re only in favor of us old folks, dontcha know. What about ACLU? What about Planned Parenthood? Aren’t they all in control of something? Pick your favorite issue, see what the candidates are really saying, make your choice. Nobody controls everything, but everybody tries to control something. All I can control is my own opinion, my own experience, and how I react to it. Nobody else can control that.

  16. Ronnie Eisner says:

    I like the way you cut through all of the smoke and mirrors and lay the reality of issues out in a clear concise manor Bad Nick. Unfortunately for you too many people refuse to look at facts or use basic common sense because it is too easy to let somebody else do their thinking for them and they jut parrot whatever their favorite TV or radio curmudgeon tells them right or wrong. And this is true for people on every side of an issue anymore. We are no longer a nation of thinkers, but a nation of sheep.

  17. Nick Russell says:

    Squirrel, in a title, most newspapers (and in my blogs) I use all caps. That’s my grammar and I’m sticking to it! Just like I spell grammar with a a, not an e.

  18. Connie Bradish says:

    Newspapers and TV news is no longer news but editorial reporting. All of them do it now. They slant the news in favor of their viewpoint. Most of the media is liberal (left leaning towards socialism) and their “reporting” indicates that.

    Yes. if they got a juicy story which would make their career they would report it or write a book. But in general the media writes and reports the news from their point of view.

    I don’t agree that the media is unbiased and only reports the news. They no longer separate editorials from the reporting that is “news.” So we all choose the TV, magazines or newspapers that report the news in the form we believe in. Some examples: If you like CNN or Huffington Press, you are liberal leaning. If you like Fox News you are conservative leaning. That’s just the way “news” has evolved.

  19. Susan says:

    re: comment 14: grammer!

    And spelling!

  20. Robert Wang says:

    Amazing the people willing to besmirch a sitting President of this fine country and even suggest they are the most vile of persons to ever hold the office. As a former Goldwater Republican my party left me long ago. As an independent its much easier to be objective and know both parties have issues and are driven by agenda’s that may not be in all our best interests; why can’t folks see that?
    The media provides an invaluable service to our country and we would in fact become just another one party lead plutocracy without it.
    Keep up the great thought provoking articles; enjoy the discourse.

  21. ron says:

    most whores are liberals covering for other liberals, if you can’t see that, you are all blind whores!

  22. Diana Ruelens says:

    Another great blog Nick (patting you on the back now). Last week I had to posted on my FB page this sentiment that I now pose to the dissenters here “Get your head out of your Ass, maybe then you will stop thinking Shit.” I believe you are good people just like some of my loving family who share your thoughts, but you are the minority. Ranting, raving, and threatening has only made those of us just sit back and shake our heads. But we are not going to be silent on election day. I could go on but in reality your ears and hearts are closed and it will take more than little old me to have you see the error of your ways. I just have to trust in the Lord that everything happens for a reason, and I will do whatever I can to support whoever wins this election. I end with Matthew 25:31-46, who said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Be well and vote, the end.

  23. Greg says:

    Everyone follows the news that represents their views.Some are so blinded by their bias that there is no room for compromise!

  24. Jim Walter says:

    Nick, I love ya pal, but you (an ex-editor) saying the media isn’t biased is like a zebra saying he doesn’t have stripes. Of course the media is biased. One recent example: where are we finding ANY coverage of the lies and likely coverup of the Benghazi situation? Certainly not on CNN, MSNBC, or the major networks. They’re all waiting for the results of the “investigation” that’s underway, which – surprise! – won’t be complete until after the election. The only ones covering it are Fox News. And by the way, my take on the current political races? They ALL lie, you just have to support the ones who lie about what you believe in.

  25. DO says:

    Nick, what you say is BULLSHIT.

  26. Joan R says:

    If you all will read again, I don’t believe that Nick ever said that the media was not biased. Unfortunately that is gone forever if it ever really existed. What he did say is that the White
    House (or “republican or democrat du jour” for the unthinking and “biased” reader) does not
    control the media. Our media is now open season for any reporter to express his opinions. And
    that’s because we “the public” allow it and even encourage it because various ones support our own
    opinions. When did “thinking” become obsolete?

  27. Gene says:

    Hey Nick, you sure know how to poke a stick in a bee’s nest! I love it! Keep up the good work.


  28. Walt says:

    The problem with many of the comments here is that they assume the media has enough of an ideal to possess an ideological bias. As someone who spent ten years in television news, I have to tell you, we weren’t that idealistic. The goal is not to present a particular slant but rather to gain viewers, attract advertisers, and make more money.

    People say they want harder hitting reporting, but the numbers don’t really bear that out. People want their minds to be taken off whatever troubles their day brought. That’s why you see stories on local newscasts that tie-in to whatever big sweeps blockbuster their network is showing. People also tend to be more interested in stories that directly affect them at the local level.

    as far as the media being liberal, if you ask liberals they would certainly disagree with that view. After all, most of the mainstream media (and even some of the alternative media) in this country is controlled by a handful of large corporations. That is certainly not a liberal concept.

    Finally, I will disagree with everyone who referred to all politicians as liars. I believe many go into office with good intentions. I believe some continue to be faithful and honest public servants, and I believe all would be more faithful and more honest if we could take large political contributions (from coporations, individuals, charities, etc.) out of political campaigns.

    If that last point makes me naive, then I am glad to be so. To be otherwise would, to me, be to give up on this democratic experiment known as America.

  29. Nick Russell says:

    Jim Walter, I think you misinterpreted me. I never said the media wasn’t biased. Of course it is, depending on which media you chose to read or watch. My point is that all of these wild conspiracies that I keep hearing about, that the media is covering up, is BS. No, Romney is NOT going to turn the US into a Mormon nation and move control to Salt Lake City. No, he is NOT going to make polygamy the law of the land. And no, Obama is NOT going to turn control over to the United Nations as soon as he is re-elected. No, Obama is not going to order the military to disarm all citizens and then turn the Muslim extremists lose on us. This is just an example of the kind of crap a lot of people are believing and spouting these days. And every one will tell you “the media is covering it up!”

  30. Andy Howell says:

    I hope you die a thousand horrible deaths and burn in hell you socialist son of a bitch. Cancel my subscription for your communist newspaper!

  31. Nick Russell says:

    I would Andy, but I don’t have any record of you ever paying for a subscription. Do you want to send me a check so I can return it?

  32. Thelma Middleton says:

    Alright! I absolutely hate politics. But, it seems it doesn’t matter WHO gets into the White House; if they can’t get Congress to go along with their ideas, they may as well just sit there and twiddle their thumbs. Maybe Congressmen/women terms should be limited to a certain number of years. This would help to get rid of the career politicians who only have their own best interests in mind, not what is good for the Country.

  33. Walt says:

    @Thelma – Your comment reminded me of a quote from the Martin Sheen character on The West Wing when he stated his opposition to term limits. He said “We already have term limits. They’re called elections.”

    Term limits sound good in theory, but I believe we abdicate our responsibility and our ability to make choices by imposing such limits. We also minimize the “will of the people” in a given state or district who may actually think the person they’ve elected is doing a good job and want to keep rewarding him or her with another term.

    Again, I may (and most likely am) naive, but I don’t believe all career politicians have only their best interests at heart. I truly believe public service can be a calling, although I also wished some of those who are called would not answer. :)

    I will, though, agree with your opening statement about the inability to do anything as President if Congress won’t go along.

  34. Jim Walter says:

    Yikes! The comment by Andy Howell is certainly uncalled for. Nick, you sure have thick skin my friend. And your comment back to me about conspiracies is duly noted, and I totally agree with you. 90% of the garbage we hear about Obama is just that, garbage, and doesn’t deserve to be reported on. But there’s a distinction between ‘covering up’ and ‘not reporting.’ The media isn’t covering up the Libya situation, they’re just not asking questions about it, and I for one think we deserve answers. But hey, although I’m conservative I watch CNN and Fox about equally, and I sometimes listen to the ‘Left’ channel on XM satellite radio. I want to get all sides whenever I can. But I must admit, listening to talk radio on either side of the political spectrum is getting pretty difficult. It’s all about trashing the other side, nothing about defending the ideas of your own side.

  35. Ron Johnson says:

    If you think the media is not at least somewhat biased, try to find any reporting on the major network web sites on the Libya scandal. The first ambassador killed in 30 years and it has not been on the main pages of any mainstream news site for at least two weeks (except FOX).

  36. Nick Russell says:

    Again Ron, I refer you to my comment #29 above. Of course the media is biased. That’s not my point.

  37. guy cobham says:

    #30 made me laugh so hard I cried.
    Nick quit stirring the pot and get back to work. I need a new book to read :) I hope you are happy with yourself now…………..

  38. Barb Scrafiel says:

    Nick, I have agreed with most of your writings, beliefs etc., and for many years I have believed that we ere on the same page.

    But on this I must disagree. We’ve never in our lives have been more interested in who will become president, than right now and this election..
    I honestly believe we cannot survive another four years with President Obama as our president..
    Not only because of the lousy economy, which he shelved to push his agenda, but because of the world events such as Benghazi.. Not one of the major networks or papers have done much reporting on the murders of our Ambassador and the other three brave Americans..Only fox has kept the people informed..

    He continued to say for two weeks after the attack and murders, that it was because of a 14 minute video.. It was proven within hours that was not the case. Why won’t the main stream media hold him accountable for stories he and his people continued to report? Why wont he hold a press conferense to clear up what happened.. The media has let him off the hook until after the election..


  39. Allan says:

    Nick, I disagree with you on this one. Barb S. stated it well. The media has let him off the hook until after the election. The major news agencies with the exception of Fox are very biased for Obama and are doing everything they can to help him get re-elected. These major networks hardly qualify as being called news, they are more like editorials. They would have fried Bush on many things they have let Obama slide. They have also been very soft on reporting how bad the economy and unemployment realy is. This is exteme bias and to me it rates as a coverup.

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