On Wednesday, police in Brevard County, Florida arrested a prison escapee from Delaware after an hours long standoff. Police said 40 year old Kenneth Wood pulled at least two armed robberies on his way south, stole a car, and eluded police after a high speed chase. He was found at the home of relatives who had disowned him over 20 years ago, and news reports said than when the 81 year old resident of the mobile home where Wood was found told him he was not welcome, the escaped felon assaulted him.

News reports said Wood, who was convicted of sexual battery on a child, had failed to return after being on an authorized work release pass from the Sussex Community Corrections Center in Georgetown, Delaware. Why was this rotten SOB allowed out on work release in the first place after assaulting a child? What excuse can anybody give for letting him out of a cell? The answer is simple, there is no excuse!

Until this county starts dealing sensibly with the two legged animals who walk among us, not one of us are ever truly safe. If you had a rabid dog, you would put it down. So why do we allow rabid human beings, and calling this maggot human is a real stretch, to ever see the light of day?

I believe there are people who make a mistake in life, and I believe that, depending on their crimes, once they pay their debt to society they should be given a second chance. But note that I said depending on their crimes. As far as I’m concerned, murders, rapists, and child molesters do not deserve a place in society. And I don’t believe we should spend money housing and feeding them either. If they are never going to be allowed outside, why warehouse them until they die at a ripe old age, after living on taxpayer dollars for decades.

Contrary to popular belief, child molesters don’t usually suffer at the hands of their fellow prisoners these days. No, we’ve learned that they would be in danger in the general prison population, so we house them is isolation, where they get extra protection.

Or, in Delaware at least, we let them leave prison to go to work. Or to Florida.

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9 Comments on There Is No Excuse

  1. Chris says:

    All I can do is shake my head and sigh. Think they will keep him locked up on DE this time?

  2. Francis Callahan says:

    I believe all child molesters rapist 1st and 2nd degree murders drug dealers and 3 time loosers upon being convicted beyond a reasonable doubt be removed from the court room to the back yard and shotg in the head thus saving tax payers millions dollars a year these people never change ‘

  3. Steve says:

    Are you volunteering to kill them yourself?
    I tend to agree that some individuals are better off dead and no longer a threat to society. It is more complex than that because of our judicial system. It’s cheaper to keep them incarcerated than to pay for the endless and automatic appeals. Privatization of the prisons, making them profitable institutions is a farce.

  4. Norma Johnson (SKP38144) says:

    The ACLU is the group you need to convince. They are behind most of the soft-headed decisions.

  5. John Quade says:

    Before we can effectively deal with convicted criminals, we have to “Deal” with the real problem, way too many Lawyers. Start by turning around the concept that Lawyers always preach about, and that is, “We Serve The Law.” Bullrip on that idiotic concept. Upend the entire process and make it serve the citizens, NOT LAWYERS & CRIMINALS.

  6. Pete Lewellen says:

    They built a halfway house two blocks from our home over the strong objections of the neighborhood. We are supposed to get a notice of anyone who is considered a danger to the community when they are moved in, but we never have. So my neighbor, an attorney, filed a Freedom of Information act to get the records of the 13 men currently living there. 11 of them had drug convictions, 8 of them served time for violent crimes, and 7 were convicted of sex crimes. Of those 7, 3 were for crimes against children, and of the 13 men there, 9 had been in prison more then once. There is a day care center at the other end of the block from this “residential center” and a nursing home right next door to it! But the state says they are not a danger.

  7. Crime pays says:

    Well you did it again Nick. I have to chime in on this issue. The big problem here really boils down to LIBERLISM. There is way too much in our society today. As for the cost to house a scumbag for years it is not cost effective nor ever will be. What facts are real is a dead person has never killed or harmed anyone after their demise. Nor have any dead convicts ever filed an appeal. As far as appeals go, I say let them have one appeal and if the blow it, then off with their heads. As the saying goes. What happens is they keep appealing so over time wittiness forget or die and evidence gets lost or accidently destroyed. So now some liberal judge really has no choice but to let them go.

    Oh and let us not forget we give them the best health care at no cost to them. Why in N.Y. we even like to give them a free kidney when the need one. I know this for a fact as I have transported more than one to Rochester, NY to get one.

    I’m all for bringing back public executions, so the scum can see society doesn’t like their antics.

  8. bucky says:

    I agree with all of the above

  9. Robert Mcc says:

    Hey guys, Just had to chime in on this one. I know how you feel as it seems liberal judges are letting criminals have their was and the Civil Liberties Union makes it impossible to confront anyone. I have to say that everyones general comments are right on with mine, howevev. We seem to have a tendency to lock people up for things they didn’t do now days. It scares me. I was one of them. Armed robbery. An eyewitness of 21 years age swore it was me. I caught a 25 year sentence. During that time I met some of the worlds worse people. Mean people…evil people. I learned to get along with some. Many have put themselves in situations where they wind up shooting someone. Many put themselves in a situation where they need money and rob someone. I don’t have the answer. I just know that a handful do change…a small handful. The drug issues we have today fill our prisons with people who would be better left alone and arrested if they got behind the wheel of a car under the influence. I recently worked for over 3 years as a drug and alcohol counselor in a prison and am here to tell you that most will use again. Prison seems to be accepted by some as a part of life. They come and go. I was one. Although not guilty of the crime I was convicted of, I did drink and use drugs. I have not for many many years and in not, I have seen even the most normal upright citizens take their own lives and those of others in their own hands by driving. I have known murderers who never killed anyone again and drunks who still continue to drive around under the influence even after doing time. It would be great if it were as simple as lock them up. It would be great if we could see which ones were attempting to change their lives and give them a second chance and keep the nary’do wells under lock and key. Unfortunately, if we lock up everyone who breaks the law or violates the unattainable rules of probation, we would be tax poor or have to dig so many graves to but the bodies it that our taxes couldn’t bear it. I’m as disgusted as you are about the criminal justice system. Prisoners don’t have to work any longer, they don’t make their own clothes, grow their own or produce anything of value…sort of like our country has become. Its a mess. I know a hand full of men and women who do change, I am one. As for child molesters and rapists, no one puts themselves in circumstances where they have to do that. It is a choice and it should be punished to the max…but what of those women and children who are led to testify against someone they are not sure of. I don’t want innocent blood on my hands. I’ve been there and its not comfortable. I’m always telling my wife that if you catch someone in the act of a crime, don’t waste the taxpayers money by taking them to court…take them to jail. If its a heinous crime…shoot them on the spot. Nick, mu wife and I go fulltime in Feburary and hope to meet you somewhere along the road. I share your frustration with the system and with criminal activity. I think we have a lot in common as I have also heard you speak milder of situation in the past that were similar. As for this jerk roughing up a 90 year old…maybe he should be beaten himself…but as you said, the prisoners no longer recognize crimes against children or the elderly as an issue. They don’t even separate child molesters from the general population. The general population has learned that their plight is a disease and they can’t help themselves…just like the drunk who keeps driving. Hunker down, it will get worse…sadly.

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