This isn’t a blog about Republicans or Democrats, or which party is worse, although I have no doubt some will interpret it as so or will turn it into one. No, it’s a blog about your tax dollars at work.

Good Morning America reported Wednesday that a Freedom of Information Act request filed four years ago revealed that Dirk Kempthorne, the Interior Secretary under President George W. Bush, spent $222,000 on a makeover of his office bathroom! This included a $3,500 sub-zero refrigerator, a $689 faucet, and a $65 "vintage tissue holder.” That’s probably more than most of us will pay in taxes in our entire lives! Doesn’t that make you feel better when you look at your tax bill this year? At least the money isn’t being “wasted” on things like health care for somebody, or helping a senior citizen feed themselves.

The point of this blog is that ALL of these clowns are the same, doing what they want and giving the finger to the American people. What arrogance! $222,000 so some high ranking bureaucrat can take a dump in luxury, while the American people are up Sh%& Creek without a paddle.

When I mentioned this on Facebook, somebody responded that it was amusing how far back stories like this reached, instead of concentrating on the waste going on today. Again, it took four years for a Freedom of Information Act request to even get the information. It’s back reaching because the Feds took that long to finally release the information. So if you think everything is all a big conspiracy by either side and want to place the blame along party lines, a Democratic administration took four years to release the information on a waste of taxpayer money by somebody in a Republican administration.

Doesn’t that show you something? It’s not about Obama or Bush, or Democrat or Republican. It’s about an elitist crowd who forget that they are public servants and have come to believe that they are royalty. But as long as we are willing to put it all on party lines, nothing will change, because we all know that if our guy gets elected next time it will all be better. Or, if our guy did get elected, we all know it’s not his fault, it was all caused by the guy before him.

Bush didn’t write the check for that $220,000. We did, each and every one of us. And it’s still happening, on a greater or lesser scale every day. When will it stop?

It never will. Because we all write our little blogs and comment on Facebook and grumble to our buddies, and we still elect the same kinds of people to office, who appoint the same kinds of bureaucrats to high positions in government. And those people don’t care. We can talk and post and write all we want, because everybody is listening, but nobody is doing a damn thing about it.

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35 Comments on They’re All The Same

  1. Linda says:

    Good post. A lot of people agree, but when do we get to see a REAL choice on the ballot? That’s the question. Hardly anyone but the handpicked Democrats or Republicans even get airtime or publicity to state their views. Or if they do they get slapped down so fast by the Dems & the Repubs that their heads spin for a month. It’s all about money, and guess who has the money?

  2. Randy James says:

    Sickening but not at all surprising. I’d like to think that the money I pay in taxes does more than provide a comfortable place for some bureaucrat to park his ass.

  3. Brian Gore says:

    You said what I’ve been saying for a couple of decades.

    They own the game and the field it is played on. And -WE- Finance the whole shebang for them. The only way to change it without a civil war, is to STOP playing the game and participating in their phony elections AND cut off their Money. Stop, avoid, evade, resist, game their system, whatever it takes to CUT THE FLOW OF TAX MONEY to their pockets. What it will take is civil disobedience on a MASSIVE scale.

    The alternative is the ultimate eventuality of Civil War.

  4. Paul Stough says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

    Paul Stough

  5. Jerry Watson says:

    I sit here and I read this stuff day after day and year after year and everybody I know talks about how fed up they are. And its been that way for years and years, way back past the Clinton administration and the first Bush in the White House. And nothing ever changes no matter who sits in the Oval Office. I was a dyed in the wool Republican most of my life, but the last few years I’ve come to realize that just what you said is true. It doesn’t matter what you call them because they’re all the same. And short of the Civil War that Brian Gore wrote about above, what can we do? And nobody is going to do that until we’re reduced to Third World status. And at the rate we’re going it may not be too much longer.

  6. Tom T. says:

    Bullshit! This is just more propaganda put out by the Obama crowd to take the focus away from how they are ruining the country with his Koran-oriented agenda. Wake up and look around you, people before its too late! We are in the last days of the America we all once knew.

  7. Sharon Ortloff says:

    What can we do? Go to prison for their wrongs. All those people who act like ‘GODS’ DO NOT care about us – we are too common. Voting for me is to pick the one that will do the least harm. Whom do we turn to?

  8. Norma says:

    Amen, as usual, Nick. But what can we do about it? Our wonderful U.S.A. is in deep trouble!

  9. Barry Crocker says:


  10. squirrel says:

    Would you vote for someone who told you something that you did not want to hear?

    Just asking.

  11. Connie Bradish says:

    Spending is out of control in the USA. Until both Republicans and Democrats are willing to cut spending we keep getting deeper and deeper into a financial mess that we may not be able to get out of. What’s the answer/s, I don’t know except to keep trying to elect people who say they want to cut spending and control that out of control government. We may become a socialist republic just like most of Europe, Canada, Australia/NZ. I hope not as I have visited these places and the common person lives a very much reduced lifestyle compared to Americans: lots of taxes, high prices and reduced amenities for the individual. It’s not a pretty picture compared to the way we live here in the USA.

  12. Dave K says:

    Wake Up America! History is repeating itself !! Think europe in the 1930’s and the empire building of one mans dream of a superior human race. Lock & Load !!!!!

  13. harry bellerby says:

    We can do something. VOTE.It starts one vote at a time. Stop reelecting the same old people. We need a strong third party.Let it begin with me!!!

  14. Chris says:

    And just like in the movie, Lincoln, they’ve all been doing it forever.

  15. Rex says:

    When our currency becomes so worthless (and it almost at this point) the government will issue new currency; for example for every 100 bucks of green backs you will receive maybe 10 of the new red back currency. When this happens civil war will follow. At one time I did not think this would happen in my life time. Now, I expect it to happen any minute. Inflation will cause all of this and inflation is caused by reckless spending and price gouging (fuel of all types and food) is where it will start and we are seeing this now.

    How do we reverse course? I am not sure, but the one way we can start the reversal is to never ever vote for an incumbent, place term limits on every elected official in the country, and not allow the elected officials to set their own pay and benefits package. Civil war will occur before any of this happens. I just hope I am already in the ground when it happens, because it will be very ugly. The question is: Are you ready?

  16. Bill Daines says:

    Another gresat topic Nick.
    Funny how the elected are elected! He who can talk the talk, he who has the biggest backing and who can attract the big bucks.
    Comes down to MONEY period!
    The garbage keeps getting deeper and deeper and “PEW” stinks badly.
    It’s not one party, it comes down to we the people. We allow this to happen. It’s time we say “DONATION LIMITS” and that will allow the little guy the opportunity to serve us.
    We all hear how our Government spends hundreds on a nut and bolt, toilet plunger plated in gold, etc etc.

    If one wants to remodel his head, then its paid by HIM not US!!

  17. Bill Daines says:

    Sorry I forget to proof read!

  18. Robert Wang says:

    The comment on the Lincoln movie should be a bit of a profound commentary on the vain of negativity that permeates on this topic. We are no worse or better than we have ever been but the Republic prevails. It seems more than anything we just have more opportunity to be made aware of these issues; for better or worse. As a Nam combat vet I long ago came to realize we don’t learn from our past and seemed doomed to repeat it. Kind of boggles the mind but that’s the reality.

  19. Sal B. says:

    That is good writing Nick , but this happens in other places in life where their is big money . We the little people can’t do nothing about it but get mad & pay our tax’s .God Bless them all and they will pay in the end .

  20. Andrew DeTecua says:

    Obama just spent $4 million taxpayer dollars on a vacation and another $6 million on Michelle’s birthday cele3brtation, and you’re worried about a $222,000 crapper? Drink the KoolAid Nick, drink the KoolAid.

  21. Terry B. says:

    So how come this guy isn’t called out and made to pay that money back? It’s ridiculous. Like you said a while back, Nick, the inmates are running the asylum.

  22. Jodie S. says:

    I think each of us needs to be willing to sacrifice something if we want to see things change, even if we earned and deserve it. For example, would you be willing to accept a little less Social Security each month?

    Everybody is for change until it affects them.

  23. wigwamman says:

    Great blog, Nick. But Tom T is sure one uninformed, angry dude. Who peed in his corn flakes.?

    I think I’ll go get an adult beverage.

  24. Carolyn buens says:

    if you want to harp on waste don`t forget to take a look at the Obama`s vacation agenda ~ jet fuel, government plane, hotels you and I pay for, security, friends expenses, fancy meals etc, etc, it makes the bathroom remodel look like chicken feed . By the way, I like the new bill in the house. Will extend debt ceiling until March (not sure of exact time but in news today). This is on the condition Congress (House and Senate) come up with budget by the time bill expires . if they don`t have a plan they will forgo their salaries . I say great plan. Let them be held accountable. The house is willing, Let`s see just how serious the Senate is .

  25. Terry B. says:

    Really, Carolyn? That’s your response?
    Bush never took a vacation? Did he drive to his ranch in Texas in a rental car? Or Reagan, or Clinton, or any president? I don’t remember any of them hitchhiking to a vacation destination. Truman had his Little White House in Key West, Roosevelt went to Warm Springs, Georgia. Should they drive to Philadelphia and check into a Holiday Inn? That’s as silly as Andrew’s comments above. Nick was right in his opening paragraph of this blog, there will always be some who want to turn everything into an us against them. The point of this blog, as I understand it is that it is THEM (the whole Washington crowd) against US, the America taxpayer who gets screwed no matter who’s in office.

  26. Pam says:

    Excellent response, Terry B! I swear, I think some of these responses must be satire! It’s like they read what Nick said and decided to show us an example of exactly what he was talking about. It’s sad how many Americans fall for the red team/blue team propaganda and then have the audacity to tell others not to drink the kool-aid. It’s got to be satire. Either that or we’re getting to see which people actually read and believe all those stupid email forwards.

  27. Carolyn Burns says:

    Terry and Pam, I think you are very thin-skinned and short sighted. It’s not an US (people) against them (President, House and Senate). They represent us and we are the ones who put them in office. So, the fact that they are there in the first place is our responsibility. You can complain; but, what do you do about it. I personally have visited Capitol Hill many times talking to members and their staff about issues I feel are important. The fact is I believe in voting for the best person regardless of party. Can you say that? I hope so. I just think if you give such a blatant example of one party’s waste the other party should be given equal time. Do you disagree with that? The problems we have in this country will not be easily resolved; but, I personally don’t think a bitch session with an Us (people) vs them (Government) is very production. Our time would be better spent reinforcing that we each have power. We can vote, work the polls, work for the candidates of our choice, write letters, call and e-mail our representatives. If we’re not doing these things we have no right to a poor-me attitude. This is after all a democracy and if we, personally, don’t feel empowered we must ask ourselves why??? And if our leaders are not leading our country in the direction we prefer, we need to re-evaluate who we are voting for.

  28. Pam says:

    Now that’s a reasonable response, Carolyn. You should have lead with that. Yes, I do vote for the person, not the party. In fact, I agree with much of what you said in your second post. I think most people think that if they vote, they have fulfilled their responsibility as a citizen, but I think that is just the bare minimum. I vote, donate, write letters to my congress people (or call) and have volunteered for campaigns. Most importantly, I try to get my news from a variety of sources and I avoid both right-wing and left-wing propaganda. If a politician I didn’t vote for is elected, I never blindly criticize them without checking the facts and I never, ever hope they will fail or repeat baseless smears in an effort to bring them down. I think this is still a great country and I will always do what I can to keep it that way.

    You have a nice weekend, Carolyn. I mean that sincerely.

  29. harry bellerby says:

    Pam and Carolyn, you are both right. However politicians count on the fact that most people say “what’s the use. This gives them all the more reason to maintain the status quo.As long as the unions and The NRA can put up the big bucks the pols will dance to their tune. Time for a strong third party.

  30. Michele Henry says:

    Just my 2 cents but I think all elected offices should have a term limit. I know that there are several local offices where there seems to be no limit of how long a person can sit in that chair. I also noticed that many times there isn’t a choice on who you vote for as no one will run against the current position holder. If the maximum term for ANY elected office was, say, 8 years then maybe someone else would be more willing to run and there would be a new person with new ideas or thoughts. Instead the local positions get locked in and as the years go on they become more and more corrupt and no one can remove them. They get comfortable in their power and their only focus is to please those who can pay the most or continue to allow them to do whatever they want. I think many elected officials start out doing the right thing for the right reasons but slowly forget over time the reason they ran for that office. It’s “by the people, for the people” not just for certain people.
    I vote for Nick….lol

  31. Barb Scrafield says:

    I started out a democrat during the Kennedy years,(back when you could be a democrat and still be conservative) changed to being a republican during the Regan years. However, after the last few years and the recent election fiasco, we are no longer republicans and now belong to no party. Like many, we are fed up with both sides.
    We have no faith nor trust in the currant administration and fear the spending and debt those in DC are running up, will destroy the economy and our country.
    If they don’t stop spending and borrowing, the USA will be worse off than Greece and Spain..
    If any of us lived and spent, like those in Washington, we would be out of business and out in the street. However some folks keep rewarding the same politicians with votes, money and four more years..
    Heaven help us.

    Does anyone have any idea how much a billion is much less a trillion or 16 trillion?


  32. Betner says:

    Extravigant? Yes. But at least those things stay where they are. Let’s see how you feel about the Obama vacations and the billions (that is B as in “Boy, that’s a lot of ammo) of rounds of ammunition bought by various branches of this government? I amo more worried about these than some expensive trinket isn the bath room. Is it OK if they have 2-ply paper? Why not whine about the real issues of the day? Resolve those, THEN complain about what is now, trivia!


  33. Terry B. says:

    Did you ever notice that people like Betner who can’t debate something intelligently always resort to name calling? And never use their real names?
    Terry Beeler

  34. Allan says:

    The Senate and the President are required by law to produce a budget every year. This Senate has not produced a budget in 4 years. The President is past due in presenting his budget. The last time the President presented a budget he received zero votes from both Republicans and Democrats because it was so bad. This era of no budget restraint is so irresponsible. unethical and illegal yet it is happening right now. The spending in the last few years has continued with too few willing to do the right thing and cut spending. Some in the Senate like my Senator Jeff Sessions has been trying to bring about a budget but Harry Reid has continued to refuse to allow one to be brought to the floor. We can not spend our way to prosperity. We need to stop government irresponsible spending.

  35. Robert says:

    Couple things to read Allan; just some food for thought:

    Jeff Sessions’ Republican budget tricks:

    Obama spending lowest since Eisenhower:

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