Whenever I can’t think of any new fiction topics to write about in my books, all I have to do is check my e-mail, Facebook, or anything else on the internet. Rumor Control is always working hard to provide plenty of book ideas and blog fodder.

So what’s new lately? Let’s see; how about the wild tale that the Sandy Hook shooting was actually carried out by government hit men as part of a master plan to grab all of our guns? Or the one that the accused shooter Adam Lanza actually died the day before the massacre took place?

Or how about the one that FEMA is stockpiling two million coffins as part of yet another master plan? I heard this exact same crap years ago from the Democrats when George Bush got elected. And I got letters to the editor at my newspapers claiming the same thing when Reagan got elected. Same old myth, just updated.

Here’s an interesting one making the rounds; representatives of the Gay Coalition, whatever the heck that is, held a wild gay sex orgy that took up several floors at a Washington D.C. hotel to celebrate the strides they had made in legalizing gay marriage. When straight people staying at the hotel objected to seeing sexual acts happening in the elevators and hallways, the hotel management told them that the government was picking up the tab for the party and to go elsewhere if they didn’t like it. Police called to the scene told them to “Get used to it, you’ll be seeing it on street corners next week.” I know this must be true, I’ve received three or four e-mails about it in the last week.

How about this old favorite that has been revived in the last few weeks; if you are a veteran and go to a VA hospital for care, your doctor is required to ask if you ever feel depressed or angry, or feel like you want to hurt yourself or anybody else. This information is then passed on to Homeland Security, and the government will cancel your concealed weapons permit and confiscate your guns. Since there is no Federal concealed weapons permit, and since I have been in VA hospitals from Pennsylvania to Kentucky, South Dakota, and Arizona and have never been asked these questions, and because I have a basic amount of common sense, I don’t believe this rumor either.

I wonder if the nice folks at Homeland Security check on the gun thing before or after they call all of the GPS units we have in our vehicles to check our current position and track our travels every day.

I’d share a few more of these wild tales with you, but my tinfoil helmet is getting hot and making my head itchy, so I need to take if off for a while.

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13 Comments on Rumor Control Reporting In

  1. Arley Running says:

    Nick, I just had my annual VA physical last week and the question was asked about depression. It is read off of a prepared list of questions, and I know that the same questions have been asked for at least the last three annual exams. Since I have never had any intention of hurting myself or others,dont think I have ever been depressed, I didn’t think of asking the Dr. what his response would be if I had answered in the affirmative. I made a note to ask him next year. Arley Running

  2. ron says:

    keep drinking the koolaid, nothing to see here, move along.

  3. Dave K says:

    Thank you for starting my day with a good laugh Nick….
    Remember they breed !!

  4. Paul Stough says:

    It is amazing what people will fall for. Paranoia is running rampant these days. While in the Big Tent in Quartzsite I got to visiting with some people while standing in front of a booth advertising getting a permit to conceal carry. There was a picture of Glen Beck at the booth, and we got to talking about him and his beliefs, and as part of the conversation one lady told me she firmly believes that Homeland Security has built camps and when the government starts arresting citizens, they will know where to take the prisoners because the routes to the camps are marked by stickers on the back of road signs.

  5. Ed Grey says:

    I am always amazed at the bullshit people will believe. My neighbor insists they implant microchips in babies to track them. He swears a nurse told him that when his grandson was born.

  6. Steve says:

    I love “a basic amount of common sense.” That’s funny.

  7. Tom B. says:

    So your saying you approve of gay marriage Nick? Sick!
    And you don’t believe in the caskets in spite of all of the video evidence in our own link?
    And even though another link you provided proves that Lanza was dead before the school shooting?
    You can honestly say you don’t believe it after all of that proof?????
    Then put your foil helmet back on because you need it! When they are stuffing you into one of those casket do you maybe you’ll believe it than???
    Go ahead and call me crazy. I’m prepared and won’t go like a sheep to the slaughter

  8. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy BA Nick,
    I was at the VA outpatient clinic in Brownwood, TX recently and like Arley Running stated, they asked me a bunch of questions about depression, wanting to hurt myself or other people, if I had a gun, etc.. I told her I didn’t have to answer those type of questions and she said okay… They do ask’em in Texas!!!

  9. Jim@HiTek says:

    [quote]if you are a veteran and go to a VA hospital for care, your doctor is required to ask if you ever feel depressed or angry, or feel like you want to hurt yourself or anybody else.[/quote]

    Like mentioned, this first part is true…sort of. The doctor seldom asks this, usually the nurse does. The rest is BS.

    While at the Portland Oregon VA hospital last Sept., I accidentally overheard this question asked of a vet by the check in nurse. He answered in the affirmative. He was rushed into an exam room for consoling by a staff mental heath expert. While he was being helped, the check in nurse was working his butt off doing research on the guy to see if his meds were up to date, appropriate, and if he’d been receiving them in quantities that suggested he’d been taking them (he was training a new nurse so was talking out loud about his procedure). Meanwhile, other nurses, doctors, and staff were coming to him to get details on the guy.

    I was impressed on how well they seemed to handle the situation. Very impressed. None of the vets in the waiting room seemed to care that we had to wait an extra long time.

  10. Nick Russell says:

    Tom B – It’s none of my business who somebody choses to love and/or marry. Anybody should have that basic right, whether they be gay or straight. Nor is it my place to approve or disapprove. What gives me, or you, or anybody else the right to decide what consenting adults do?

    As for your other questions, Yes, I’ll ignore all that “proof.” The thing on Adam Lanza is obviously an error. As a genealogist, I see errors like that all the time. In fact, the Social Security has my deceased brother, who had the same name as our father, being born on the same date our dad was. I was born on October 15, but two records show me being born on either the 14 or 16. And as for the caskets, anybody who would take those silly videos as “proof” is far beyond my ability to reason with.

  11. Bill Daines says:

    good one Nick
    I’ll add mine. Years back my employer outfitted our cruisers with the Mobile Dash Cam. I can remember one comment. “They’re going to spy on us”. And they have the ability to turn them on to see what we are doing at any time!

    And the sky fell that afternoon :>)

  12. Robert says:

    Nick, I get a kick out of how all the comments came to an abrupt halt on this one… I think we lost Tom B… Don’t know about the others, but reading his post kinda made me go “WHOA!”… When presented with that kind o’ crazy, there’s not much more to say. And the scary part is he says he’s prepared which I assume to mean he’s armed… Makes a good case for the more reasonable left among us to keep and bear arms, to protect ourselves in case those who are teetering at that level of paranoia ever go off.

  13. Rick D. says:

    Yup the VA in California asks the same questions now. About a year ago for a routine comp exam i had the pleasure of being asked if i was depressed, thought of suicide, hurting others or had a gun. When i honestly answered (without thinking as it caught me off guard) “yeah i’ve been a bit depressed lately” i was made to see a suicide counselor on site immediately. When i told him three years of being unemployed,talking to two dogs all day and waiting for the wife to come home for dinner was depressing at times he laughed and said “get outta here!”, then he called the nurse and chewed her ass for not screening better! As i passed her in the hall I said “yeah i have guns too!” Pissed her off all to hell! Can’t speak for the rest of your rumor though ;/-

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