Not since the Casey Anthony trial in Florida a couple of years ago has a murder trial seized the country’s attention like the Jodi Arias case. Unless you’ve been in outer space or stuck on a desert island somewhere, you probably already know that Arias killed her sometimes lover Travis Alexander in June, 2008 by shooting him and then stabbing him over 30 times. Then she took pictures of his mutilated body. The next day she drove to Utah and went to bed with another man.

At first Arias denied any involvement in the crime. Then she claimed that two masked intruders killed Alexander and attacked her. After she was arrested and prosecutors said they would be seeking the death penalty, she changed her story and said she killed Alexander in self-defense after years of abuse at his hands. She also claimed amnesia at one point.

The battered woman defense might have won her some sympathy, except that Arias couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Not only is she stupid, she’s arrogant beyond belief. During her murder trial she laughed and snickered with her defense attorney, sneered at prosecutors and witnesses, and made disparaging comments about them. In an interview with television’s Inside Edition, she boasted that "No jury is going to convict me…you can mark my words on that." Another time she reportedly said, “They can’t find me guilty, I’m too pretty.”

Yeah, Jodi, but beauty is only skin deep, and under that pretty surface of yours is an evil, deceitful killer. That’s what the jury saw and that’s who they convicted.

I am a strong advocate for the death penalty. That feeling is based in part on the fact that my older brother was murdered years ago and the punk who killed him was later paroled and killed again, including his own mother among his list of victims. And I don’t believe that we should allow convicted murderers to spend decades on death row. Once a reasonable series of appeals have been exhausted, in a timely manner, I believe that the sentence should be carried out.

But not for Jodi Arias. She deserves to live.

After her guilty verdict, she said she wants to be put to death as soon as possible because she believes that is the only way she will find freedom. Which is just another attempt to get her face in front of the cameras one more time.

You see, Jodi Arias is an addict. She’s addicted to publicity. She loves being the darling of the news media. It’s like a narcotic to her. She gets off on it just like a junkie does on smack. It feeds her ego.

So in this case, I don’t want a convicted killer put to death, even one as cold and callous as Jodi Arias. I want her to be put away in a small, cramped cell someplace never to see the light of day. I want the camera and reporters to go away and forget all about her, which they will surely do as soon as the next big case comes along. And then I want her to live a very long, very lonely life, completely forgotten by the rest of society. That’s justice.

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17 Comments on She Deserves To Live

  1. Marcia Wexlund says:

    I’ve watched the news broadcasts on the case and was sickened by all of it. I’ve been saying all along that I hope they fry her but I think you have a very good point Nick. Make her live and experience a lot of long years where she’s not the princess any more and learns that the world does not revolve around her.

  2. Randy Beatty says:

    I disagree. If she gets the death penalty execute her and let God do the rest.

  3. joe says:

    Tax payers have spent too much $$ on her already, inject her and close the book.

  4. Butch & Fonda says:

    If life doesn’t end at the grave (I PERSONALLY believe in an afterlife), what is in store for her on the other side will pale anything that can be done to her here.

    In MY OPINION, there is no reason to spend money that is much needed elsewhere to pay her support.

    Just MY opinion,


  5. Donna Huffer says:

    Where have I been? Out traveling. Didn’t hear a thing about this women until I looked at FB today and people were talking about the verdict so I looked it up. God won’t touch her if she is put to death but I bet the Devil will enjoy having her in his domain.

  6. Connie Bradish says:

    Fortunately I don’t pay attention to this stuff. I am probably one of a few who never watched the OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony or this girl’s trial. I do agree with keeping these sadist killers, abusers, etc away from the public. Most of them continue to repeat their offenses. As society we are guilty if we let them go and they repeat killing, abuse, etc. So I agree keep them locked up or carry out the death penalty. I hate to pay to keep them alive. So if they get the death penalty, it needs to be carried out. Unfortunately not all people are nice and wonderful. The bad apples need to be taken out of society (death or jail) so they don’t hurt the rest of us.

  7. Debbie says:

    I want them to first stab her and then stab her very slowly 29 more times. Just like she did to her boyfriend. I think if convicted murderers get the same thing done to them that they do to others things would change in this country.

  8. Pat Wilson says:

    I usually agree with you Nick but not this time. Why show her any mercy? She didn’t her victim.

  9. ken turner says:

    You got it all wrong people! when you lock up a scumbag like her
    it never ends.Does the name charles mansen ring a bell? As long as they are alive,there will be some who will drag them up again and try to make them FRONT PAGE! Bad ken says hang her high and dont wait till high noon !Now lets get back to Fort Hood,the shoe
    bomber,underwear bomber,oh yea how about the Boston manglers! Do
    we want to keep them all alive forever? Feed,medical care,dental care and all that stuff the average joe has a hard time comming up with? Hell,I’m for letting sheriff joe handle the whole MESS! Do it now!!!!!! Bad Ken

  10. Candace says:

    I’m with Bad Ken. When there is death penalty, then get on with it ASAP.

    Putting it off is like threatening a punishment that never happens.

    We shouldnt waste money in her upkeep IF the trial results in a death penalty decision.

  11. George Stoltz says:

    I agree with Joe. Get rid of the scum bag. She is not worth another dime of taxpayer money.

  12. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Bad Nick,
    In the days, when we use to have ‘justice’, it was carried out forthwith; where’s the nearest tree?? In this day and time criminals AND THEIR LAWYERS RULE; there is no ‘justice’, anymore!!

    Do a crime, get arrested, go to trial, convicted, executed; DONE!!

  13. Jeff says:

    It’s funny that I was watching this circus this morning and had the exact same reaction – stick her in some rat-hole jail somewhere and let her rot. I too believe exactly what you said about sitting on death row for years also. Only appeal on guilt or innocence not whether somebody mispronounced a word during the trial or some nonsense and then if that fails the next day at dawn – good-bye. Sorry about your brother Nick and that is exactly why the death-penalty is a deterent.

  14. Elaine Loscher says:

    I am with the folks who say kill her now, it won’t happen folks who get the death penalty have so many rights it suck just the number of appeal can take up to 20 yrs of us furnishing her with free everything, the death penalty should mean just that like in the good old days when convicted one day hanged the next.

  15. Pam says:

    I’m amazed at the number of people who think the death penalty saves the taxpayer’s money. Even über-conservative, pro-death penalty groups admit that that the death penalty costs states MILLIONS of dollars each year. Death penalty trials cost more than non-death penalty trials , housing inmates on death row costs more than housing them in general population…all kinds of things are more expensive in death cases. There are states that could pretty much solve their budget crisis by ending the death penalty but, instead, they lay off police officers and close schools.

    Plus, as Nick alluded to, when a person gets the death penalty, all the attention is just beginning. Lawyers and anti-death penalty groups clamour to get involved in the case. Give someone life without parole and everyone pretty much forgets about them. I’m with Nick on this, give her life without parole and forget about her.

  16. Allan says:

    The death penalty would be a determent for the crime of murder if it was carried out in a reasonable time after sentencing. Draging it out for many years loses its effect. Lawyers have continued to lengthen this process so that they can profit finacially from the process. It has little to do with a persons guilt or innocence. Do we just throw out the death penalty or should we push for quick sure justice. I think the latter.

  17. Sharon Ortloff says:

    In a fair world I agree with Nick – She should suffer, but we know she won’t. Some people never learn, Nick I am sorry about your brother but did it deter his killer – NO. I wish for swift justice.

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