What can I say about the George Zimmerman case that hasn’t been said already? Whether you agree with the jury’s decision or not, we live under a system of laws, and that system has gone through the process and the jury found the man not guilty based upon the evidence presented to them at the trial. I have no doubt that Zimmerman may well face a Federal indictment next, though I feel that is more politically motivated than anything else.

I also find it interesting that George Zimmerman’s actions last week in coming to the assistance of a family whose SUV rolled on a Florida highway has not received nearly as much press as the shooting of Trayvon Martin. I once saw a decal on an outlaw biker’s helmet that said, “When we do right, no one remembers. When we do wrong, no one forgets.” I imagine Zimmerman probably feels that way.

So, do I think Zimmerman murdered Tryvon Martin? No. I believe he really was in fear of his life and defended himself. Do I believe the whole situation could have been avoided if Zimmerman had made better choices? Yes, I do. If he would have stayed in his locked car and remained on the phone with police, things might have worked out differently. But I wasn’t there and neither were you, so who knows?

What I do know is that the whole 17 year old child description of Martin is bullshit. At 17 you can join the Army. That makes you a soldier, not a child.

And a child can kill you. My brother was shot to death standing in his own front yard by a 16 year old punk. Because he was a child, he went to reform school until he was 18, and then he got out and stabbed a neighbor. Back he went behind bars, until he was 21. The day he was released he killed his mother with a hatchet because she would not give him the keys to her car.

Dead is dead, and my brother is just as dead as he would be if the person who pulled the trigger had been 25, or 30, or 50. Some of the Viet Cong soldiers who killed our troops were no more than kids 15 or 16 years old. The men who died at their hands are still just as dead.

Last year El Paso, Texas police officer Jonathan Molina, age 29, was killed by a 17 year old child who knocked him to the ground and beat his head on the pavement. Sound familiar? You can read about it at this link. He was a trained police officer, but he’s just as dead as if his assailant had been an adult.

Dead is dead. And George Zimmerman is alive because he defended himself.

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26 Comments on Dead Is Dead

  1. Barry Searles says:

    About time Bad Nick put in an appearance. I miss him when he’s silent too long. Agree with you, that poor policeman is just as dead as he’d be if you or me were the ones who assaulted him. Keep telling it like it is Bad Nick!

  2. Spencer says:

    Totally agree Nick…. And what has changed in society that makes the media over sensationalize things?

  3. Dave K says:

    We buryed a Las vegas Metro Policeman yesterday in Vegas that gave his life while rescueing a hiker off our local mountain. That heroic feat won’t make the national media for weeks on end like this Martin thing did. America has its priorities all screwed up in this century.

  4. Dave says:

    It’s about time you got Bad Nick out again. Always enjoy his thoughts no matter how I feel on the subject. In this case I agree totally!! Bad Nick needs to blog more :-)

  5. al hesselbart says:

    What is being missed is that Martin may just have been defending himself from being accosted by Zimmerman and did not have equal tools of defense. No one will ever know who started the altercation.

  6. George says:

    This whole deal has me really questioning people’s ability to listen and reason anymore.

    This was open and shut from the beginning. You can’t hit people that you may believe to be creepy. That will never work out well. Yet everyone mentions every key fact but that one, that the young man hit him first and repeatedly by bashing the back of his head against the concrete. That is the whole case yet rarely ever mentioned.

    People’s reasoning here lets you understand better how these idiots get elected on nothing but lies and propaganda. Facts don’t matter in this new world.

    Don’t even get me started on the President and how he should have stayed out of it. I guess when you are a racist that is hard to do.

  7. Mike says:

    Thanks Nick, we need to speak the truth. ” For the first time in my life, I have become ashamed of our nation”

  8. Dennise says:

    Ah, Bad Nick, you need to do more research on the Zimmerman guy…this story is a fake. According to new info, ol’ George’s pal on the police force called him to get to the scene of the wreck and make like a hero. Others had already begun the rescue when George arrived. Funny, no news services picked this up and even the infamous Drudge report, the mouthpiece of the far right, has reported this as a false story. Just sayin’…

    Zimmerman did get away with murder…and he did it legally. Sad. Really really sad.

  9. Mike says:

    Dennis. You sound like a Dem from Georgetown Tex, I know. I pray for him daily

  10. Dennise says:

    yeah, we gotta be careful in Texas, keep up the prayers. The only place I feel safe in Texas is in the company of Canadians and Winter Texans from the north…they at least think rationally. And Mike, the name is Dennise…that’s female. So my parents wanted a boy…I got over it.

  11. Carolyn Burns says:

    Thanks Nick for your thoughts. http://www.mrhirsh.com/?p=1394 gives more details about Trayvon. Our media should be ashamed about their biased reporting in this case. And promoting those 12 year old pics was absurd. Holder, Obama, Jackson and Sharpton used the case as a bully pulpit for self promotion. I pray new black leaders will emerge who wish to inspire and uplift rather than promote racism and dependence.

  12. Barry Searles says:

    New info from where, Dennise? I can’t find it on any reliable news source. So is the mass media who supposedly lynched Zimmerman in public now hiding your “news” that shows this rescue was fake?

  13. Debbie Abernethy says:

    So sad and so true. Never knew about your brother. Why don’t they leave Zimmerman alone. Only he knows if he had to defend himself so why make it everyboby else’s decision. Don’t think when he left his home that night that he planned on killing Treyvon Martin who by the way had his own issues. He is NOT that innocent boy that you saw in the photo they kept showing over and over again.

  14. John Quade says:

    For those folks who want to “Wish/Opine” Zimmerman Guilty, please take time to take the “Test” in this link — http://www.dlas.org/questions-zimmerman-verdict/ It just may open your eyes and get you to “START Some Critical Thinking” which seems to be sadly lacking in our Country.

  15. Karen Lee Hanson says:

    I’m with you, Nick…

  16. Barry Searles says:

    Really Dennise? Because I can’t find any evidence to your claim about the rescue being faked on Drudge.

  17. Rob Fox says:

    No matter how old you are, while your mother breathes, you are somebodies child.

    This incident was totally avoidable. Put yourself in the shoes of Mr Martin. You are being stalked and harassed by some stranger. What would you think? What would you do? You can bet that he didn’t consider that Mr Zimmerman was armed. The result of an uneven altercation ended with the unarmed man dead.

    Mr Zimmerman reached a conclusion as to the nature and character of the man he was observing and was determined to challenge that individual even though he “called it in” and was asked not to intervene. Two very poor decisions.

    It is understandable that the jury was unable to find Mr Zimmerman guilty in this case on the basis of reasonable doubt. That’s how the system is supposed to work. On the side of caution.

    I ask you, again, to put your self in the shoes of Mr Martin. You are 17 and walking back from the store. You are approached by a complete stranger who questions your very presence in the neighborhood. We don’t know exactly how the conversation went but we do know how it ended. Mr Zimmerman pulled the trigger of the gun he was carrying and he took the life of another human being. The ultimate but inevitable poor decision.

    So maybe you have been replaying this event and putting yourself in Mr Martin’s shoes. Maybe you have been thinking that you would not have been provoked into an altercation. I’d guess that it’s also been a long time since you were 17 and invincible. I’d guess you are also not a young black man. Try to add those things into the mix. Mr Martin’s poor decision was to be drawn into an altercation and he paid for it with his life.

    Ultimately, however, it was Mr Zimmerman who made the decision that Mr Martin was guilty of something; made the decision that he was going to pursue; made the decision to pull the trigger. He will always have the death of that young man on his hands.

    For me this incident raises more difficult questions:

    Exactly what was it that made Mr Zimmerman consider the young Mr Martin a threat to the neighborhood?
    Did he observe him committing a crime or some other anti-social act?
    Why did Mr Zimmerman continue the pursuit even after law enforcement had requested that he stop?
    Why do we allow people, who are incapable of making good decisions, to carry deadly weapons in public spaces.

    I appreciate Nick’s perspective and offer my sincere sympathy at the loss of a family member. It’s a feeling that I’m sure you share with the family of Mr Martin.

  18. Carolyn Burns says:

    Ron this is not best viewed with emotions run amuck. Zimmerman was nor stalking – he was observing. He was not the one who confronted. The trial clearly showed that Martin could have easily headed toward home rather than hide in the bushes and jump out and attack Zimmerman.

  19. Connie Bradish says:

    We home base in Florida. We were there for much of the liberal media coverage of this thing. The liberal media tried and convicted Zimmerman even before the trial. Many of us were surprised he actually got a fair trial.

    What was not put in the liberal media were pictures of Martin with his gold caped teeth and his true size (over 6 ft tall) not the cute little boy picture in the liberal media. Also Martin had been in trouble with the law and was a drug addict. The toxicology report showed he had marijuana and several prescription (he didn’t have a prescription for them) drugs in his blood that night.

    Now Martin’s mother is going after the defend your ground laws. These laws point out that all of us are allowed to defend ourselves against aggressors. It’s a shame she doesn’t go after the real problems: breakdown of the black family, drug and gang problems among black youth, 73% of black babies born illegitimately, few father figures for black males, failure to complete education, can’t read or write therefore no jobs.

    Being a female, I would not have done what Zimmerman did. I would have stayed in the car, called 911 and waited for the police to arrive. Perhaps that is what Zimmerman should have done. About now with all the stuff he has had to weather, I can imagine he probably thinks that might have been the better thing to do. But all of this is hindsight. Zimmerman did what he did and the jury found him not guilty. Time to leave Zimmerman alone and move on.

  20. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Bad Nick,

    As a person, whose name in German is ZImmermann and being a 100% American citizen, I concur that the whole thing was made a circus in the media and the only thing that the jury had to deliberate it’s verdict on was what FINALLY came out in the trial.. I do think that they made their decision on the facts as they saw them and do not need to be afraid of doing their duty, as American CITIZENS!!! The ‘slimy’ media, who are trying to frighten them should be crated, put on a garbage scow and dumped over-board somewhere near the center of the Pacific Gyre!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with you Nick! Well stated. So many things in this country are so twisted by the media, and others, that it is very difficult to really know just what happened. I assume the lawyers helped pick the best jury they could…and no doubt those people, who likely would much rather have been doing something else besides being jurors on a murder trial, did the very best they could to be fair. I THOUGHT that it was only one trial a person would have to stand accused in…so where does this possibility of having to go through yet another trial come from anyway?? I don’t know where those parents had the gaul to speak out either…the sadness of loosing their son is understood, but what happened that their son turned out to be involved in so many bad things, previous to this? We live in a crazy world!!

  22. Robert Wang says:

    The law was upheld by the jury, that seems to be the only conclusion they could have reached. My issue is with the law, a real overkill by Florida. The Domain Castle criteria was quite appropriate and worked well till the NRA drove passing the law leading to the current situation and its going to be very much a killing field as we move forward.
    Find those bashing the media very ignorant of what they provide for this country, no matter your viewpoint, they are as entitled to how they see the facts as are the writers. A free press is fundamental to a free country and those getting on that band wagon to bash can’t be aware of what this country would be without the media doing what they do.

  23. Linda says:

    I totally agree with you. If T. Martin had been another Hispanic or white the whole Zimmerman circus would have been a blip on the radar.

  24. Carolyn Burns says:

    Robert I certainly agree with you that we need a free press in this country. The problem with what you say is that is not the description of most of our major news media. A free press reports all of the facts so the viewer can be informed and draw his or her own conclusions. What people Are sAying is that most of our major. Networks are only reporting the facts that fit THEIR version of the story. Another tactic is to report a fact but bury it. People who take what they hear on our majority biased media say-so are usually mis-informed and in-informed. Maybe part of the reason is because they are hearing what they want to hear rather than searching for the truth in a given situation. I find that to be fully informed I need to look.to multiple sources of news and not blindly rely on just one source or only sources that fit my point of view.

  25. Robert Wang says:

    Seeking out various news sources is a sign of a person who wants the real news unvarnished by the slant of the reporter, something we have always had and will continue to have as long as news is reported by “people” and don’t see how that can ever be totally unbiased if you will. Its up to the person who seeks out real information to dig and find out who this is ie; PBS, or whomever, the real problem is people seek out those with similar views and thats all they listen to, ie; Fox, MSNBC, etc.
    Frankly none of the major networks do the job they could do and most of the public could care less it would seem. If we are honest today the internet seems to do the most damage in the news arena since people who read it and believe it no matter how preposterous and then repeat it incessantly. That it the true miscarriage of news today. Just a thought.

  26. Allan says:

    Good post Nick. It is a bad situation when the media and the President tried to find Zimmerman guilty or at least tried to sway public opinion before the trial. The media is not a news gathering agency but a bias editorial that publishes what it wants people to see or hear and purposefully hides news it does not want people to know about. The President was wrong to get involved in this situation and he elevated racial tensions rather than calm them. I do think the ” Castle Laws” or the “Stand your Ground Laws” are far better than the “Retreat Laws” that New York has and the justice dept. endorses. People should be allowed to defend themselves and not be forced to run and hide. This case is not a good example of these laws but if someone is threatening your life or great bodily harm you can defend yourself. The prosecution really did not have enough evidence to bring this to trial let alone get a guilty verdict

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