Because I publish the Gypsy Journal RV newspaper and a daily RV blog, and give seminars on RVing and the RV lifestyle, I get a lot of requests for information on RV related issues, everything from choosing the best RV, to working on the road, RV insurance and saving money on the road.

Another topic I frequently get asked about is traveling with a firearm. The best resources I know of for information on the legalities of having a gun in your RV are the website, a smartphone app called Legal Heat, and a book called United States Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States.

I always tell people that if you are going to have a firearm, you have a responsibility to get trained both in firearms safety as well as the use of a firearm in a tactical situation. The reality is that if you use common sense and don’t put yourself into situations where you have no business being, the chances of you ever needing a gun are miniscule.

But when I told a new fulltimer all that just the other day, his response was that in the last seven years he has pulled his gun on people fifteen times.

What? Unless you’re in a combat unit in Afghanistan or someplace like that and you’ve pulled a gun on somebody that many times, you’re a psycho who has no business with a slingshot, let alone a gun! I’ve known a lot of cops in my life, but I don’t think I know any police officer who has pointed a gun at that many people.

I hope this guy never parks his RV anywhere near us. I’d be afraid of getting hit by a stray bullet if he throws down on some poor old fart walking his dog early some morning.

While I have always said that every law abiding American should have the right to own a firearm, there are a hell of a lot of people who have absolutely no business with one. And this guy is a perfect example. Somebody needs to tell him that he’s not Wyatt Earp. Then they need to put a net over him and take him to a padded room someplace.

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11 Comments on You’re Not Wyatt Earp

  1. Nick, this guy is nuts !! I think the guy is also a BS er. Hopefully he has the front site ground off. So when some guy stick it where the Sun don’t shine he won’t Cry.

  2. Rick says:

    If you doing it right people will never know you have a firearm unless there’s a “bad situation” in which case it may be the last thing they see!!

  3. BobH says:

    My wife and I are new “almost full timers”. Last year when we were preparing for our change in lifestyle, I seriously thought about personal protection. I am not a gun person, but neither am I anti-gun. While I feel sorry for those who live in fear to the degree they have to have a gun at the ready all the time, I am aware that this is still a dangerous world and any reasonable person needs to pay some attention to personal safety.

    I love the wilderness and what I fear most there is the possible results of my own stupidity. I try to be constantly aware that I am intruding in the living space of other creatures.

    When not in the wilderness, my chief concern are the crazies within my own species and there are a lot of them. RVers do not just encounter other RVers. There are non-RVers who see the RV and its occupants as a juicy target.

    I seriously investigated the pros and cons of owning and carrying a gun. I read two books on gun laws in Ohio — written by lawyers (imagine that). Read another book about carrying a gun in an RV — “Gun laws in 50 states”. Took an introductory course, called “First Shot” at a local shooting range. Here’s where I came down:

    Legally carrying a gun is an investment of about $1,000 and a lot of time. Shocked? Consider gun, ammunition, carry permits for two (multiple states), and safety training for two. Surveying the gun laws of several states convinced me that I could not drive any distance across state lines without violating someone’s law, regulation, or prohibition.

    I decided that 51 different sets of laws, overzealous cops, criminal-justice systems that don’t work very well, and a host of lawyers anxious to take my money to prosecute me and defend me in case of a Catch-22 violation that is sure to happen is a greater risk to time and treasure than a mugger or a bear.

    I opted for two cans of wasp spray — one in my 5th wheel and one in my truck. Wasp spray because it shoots a stream to a range of 25 feet rather than a fog which is easily dispersed by the wind and is only effective at short ranges.

    Like my fire extinguishers, I hope I never have to use them but I feel a little safer having them nearby. Safety lies somewhere between paranoia and carelessness.

  4. Jim@HiTek says:

    @BobH: Brilliant. I’m getting myself some Wasp spray.

  5. Rick says:

    If your not mentally ready for doing what’s necessary you are correct and your better off not carry any firearms. Both my wife and I have gone thru the training and have our CHL for Texas. We also go to the range periodically to maintain our skills. I hope we never have to use deadly force in a life or death situation. We never show our firearms or talk about them and would only take action if our lives are threatened and law enforcement personnel were not available.

    However, if the situation did arise, and there were no law enforcement personnel, we would take action and have no regrets protecting our lives or yours. Its sad that some things have come to this, but there are a lot of bad people out there that only accept one response. We are familiar with the various state gun laws and always comply with the law and consider our training a wise investment for us…but as you indicate its not for everyone. When we are in our RV we meet great people and only in a few situations have we run into a bad crowd. If possible we either call the ranger or leave the area but we prefer not to be a easy victim. We are more concerns when we are in large public areas like malls and parks. There seems to be more crazy people that just start shooting these days…..

  6. Shannon says:

    Amen Nick!!!

  7. Elaine Loscher says:

    Nick I do not know if you remember our conversation about me getting a gun, your advice was unless you are going to shoot to kill when confronted you should never own a gun. Since I do not think I could shoot to kill I will never own a gun personally. For me it is wasp spray if needed to kill wasp and only hurt a person until I can get away. Any how with my luck I would shoot my own foot.

  8. Linda Sand says:

    Be scared. Be very scared. Of this guy. Otherwise just be smart.

  9. Butch & Fonda says:

    Agreed, he is no Wyatt Earp, but from your description, he strikes me as being a a VERY DANGEROUS, Walter Middy, or jsu a plain liar.


  10. Tom Bedlam says:

    I hate having to get physical with someone. I’ve done it maybe five times as a civilian. Twice someone’s had a firearm after a relative and I intervened, and three times I’ve gotten punchy with someone that’s gone way overboard with someone that wanted to withdraw/yell calfrope and wasn’t allowed to.

    I’ve shot to kill in the Army but it’s not for the casual observer. For all the Mitty’s out there, it really isn’t a good thing to shoot somebody. You won’t like it unless you’re a sociopath.

  11. Dave Schwab says:

    Nick, you are right on. This guy is very much far out and gives the rest of us with ccw,s a bad rap.

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