Nick on September 29th, 2013

Here are some random thoughts from the mind of Bad Nick on a rainy, gloomy Sunday afternoon. Proof That Guns Aren’t The Problem I’ve always told anti-gun folks to give me 24 hours and I can prove once and for all that guns are not the problem when it comes to crime. Don’t believe me? […]

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Nick on September 22nd, 2013

Maybe it’s just me, but did you ever notice that quite often, those who complain about something the loudest are the worst offenders? I was reminded of that again recently when I read a news story from Katy, Texas, in which a family complained that they were disrespected by the manager of an Applebee’s restaurant […]

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Nick on September 17th, 2013

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That being said, we sure have a bunch of total wackos in Washington. Here we go again with talk of shutting down the government, sequesters, and all kinds of nonsense between the House and Senate because they can’t work […]

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Nick on September 15th, 2013

The next time you hear somebody complaining about welfare moms and illegal aliens milking the system (which is wrong and which I am totally opposed to), consider this scumbag, an IRS technology contractor whose company received up to $500 million in government business shortly after founding his company in 2012. News sources report that before […]

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Nick on September 6th, 2013

Well, here we go again, sticking our national nose where it doesn’t belong. Is it any wonder the rest of the world hates us? This country has absolutely no business getting involved in the happenings in Syria. People in that part of the world have been killing each other with everything from clubs and stones […]

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