Well, here we go again, sticking our national nose where it doesn’t belong. Is it any wonder the rest of the world hates us?

This country has absolutely no business getting involved in the happenings in Syria. People in that part of the world have been killing each other with everything from clubs and stones to knives and swords, and now guns, bombs, and chemical weapons since they discovered they had opposable thumbs.

We can bomb Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s military installations, kill a bunch of people, spend many millions of taxpayer dollars, and eventually get some of our own people killed and it won’t change a damned thing. Just like we did in Korea, Vietnam, and a dozen other hellholes around the world under both Democratic and Republican administrations.

The only winners when we get involved in these situations are the big corporations who make billions from selling the materials to create even more human suffering (think Dow Chemical and Monsanto, the nice folks who brought us Agent Orange) and support services (Halliburton).

And the losers are everybody else. Assad has killed thousands of his people with conventional weapons, but suddenly when he knocked off another 1,000 with chemical agents, it’s time to go to war. And I don’t buy the argument that if we let him get away with it, Iran will be next. They’ll do whatever they want, and our involvement in Syria may be just the trigger to make them do something.

Yes, it’s terrible that people suffer under dictators and madmen. But helping them depose those dictators and madmen has never made much of a difference that I can see. All we do is make a vacancy for the next dictator or madman to fill.

When this country got fed up with King George III bullying the Colonies, we didn’t stand around whining about it and waiting for somebody else to stand up to him and his Redcoats. We kicked ass and took names. I feel sorry for the people of Syria, but they need to do the same, and we need to mind our own business.

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46 Comments on Here We Go Again

  1. Steve says:

    I like the idea of trying Assad in the World Court for crimes against humanity. I don’t know how they can hold him accountable, but the effort should be made.
    There is a pretty long list of folks here in our own country guilty of similar crimes. Dow, Monsanto, and Halliburton are at the top of that list.
    Throwing bombs at Syria won’t change anything for the better, and will probably make things worse.
    Can we at least try to act civilized?

  2. Tom Smith says:

    Every time I turn on the TV I get sick. The media feeds us the pablum Washington wants us to swallow and we do. You’re right nick we don’t belong in Syria or anyplace else we’ve been involved in wars in for the past 50 years. Go the the Viet Nam wall sometime and look at all of those names and tell me what they died for? For Wall Street that’s what for!

  3. Jon Ensminger says:

    We e-mailed our Rep’s in Congress to not allow this to happen, and to keep our nose out of this. What did you do?

  4. Larry Jenkims says:

    I enjoy your commentary greatly and I agree we should stay out of Syria. As far as our own American Revolution goes, we did kick ass and take names. That very well might not have been the outcome though if France had not come to our aid.
    I just signed up for the Gypsy Journal and got my first e-edition last night. I have already read it and enjoyed it very much.
    Larry Jenkins
    McKinney, TX

  5. Candace says:

    Am with ya 150% Nick. We can’t take care of or fix our own messes, let alone any other country. But, that is what politicians do – screw things up – and they have become the experts at that game.

  6. Butch & Fonda says:

    Both sides involved, hate us as well.

    As they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. That makes them both our friends, so just let them handle it themselves.

    We know only TOO WELL what “No Boots on The Ground” leads to, any left over armaments will come back and haunt us.

    Bring our troops home, we could put them to much better “national security” use right here.


  7. Ken Pace says:

    As usual you are 100% correct with this article. The defense industry will be the only winner and the American People will as usual be the losers.

  8. George Stoltz says:

    Nick for President. You got my vote on this one.

  9. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the blog. I have made some calls to congressional reps also. We all need to do that; then least they know they’re going against our vote if they vote for this. I agree it is none of our business. It’s a civil war and we don’t even know who the opposition is. Look how these same folk persecuted George Bush for Iraq. Sadam had killed millions with chemical weapons vs a thousand. And if you remember Sadaam was on TV every day talking about how he was going to bring his weapons of mass destruction to US soil. Also at that time, Alqueada was beblieved to be operating in Iraq. We need to concentrate on how we will use our resources to grow this ecomony and strengthen our country and our military. Things are not going in the right direction here at home and we’re trying to control what goes on everywhere else!!!!! That’s called a diversion!!!!

  10. Dave says:

    I agree Nick. Time to spend that money on America. Last time I looked we were in a pretty big mess with our budget. Lets spend some more cash on nonsense!! Very tired of us being the world police. We do NOT belong in Syria under no circumstances. Take care of America, its time!

  11. George says:


    You mailed it again. My only question is “are people starting to really get it?” “Or would they be totally for this if we had a sitting Republican President”. Unfortunately I think most of the opposition is because it is Obama’s idea.

    I know you get it. I hope most of America is starting to get it too.

  12. butterbean carpenter says:



  13. Kayjulia says:

    We haven’t always agreed, but on this one I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with you! We have been sold a philosophy that is impaired; that it is our responsibility to settle other people’s affairs! No, it is not our responsibility to change the course of foreign wars no matter what or who they are. In this case, as far as i’m concerned they both are butchers and hate America, just ask ’em.
    I’m sick and tired of us always at war, so called, helping somebody who hates us kill somebody else. We have to face the fact we know nothing about other people and what they think or want. This has been proven time and time again. If we put as much energy and thought into solving our own problems we would be all better off.

  14. Rob Fox says:

    Hi Bad Nick,

    Another fine and provocative post.

    I hardly know where to start but, as I am a visiting Brit, I would just ask you to consider the fate of your brave farmer army had the nations of France and Germany not put their noses where they had no business. :-)

    This is not the time for America and the international community to engage in even more violence. You are right; America should not become embroiled in yet another war.

    However, if America wishes to live up to the billing as “the greatest nation ….”, you have to demand much more of your politicians.

    Of course, before that will happen we have to look to ourselves and ask some really deep questions.

    P.S. The rest of the World doesn’t hate you, its just that America sometimes acts a little like the teenage girl in a previous Bad Nick blog.

  15. John Quade says:

    Yah know Nick, they’ll Hate the USofA at the drop of a hat, or for whatever crazy reason they will dream up at the time. Why them another reason to hate the USofA by meddling in Syria? Heck, if the USofA stays out of Syria, those crazies will hate us anyhow, and this time it’ll be for FREE!!!

  16. Linda in NE says:

    You’re 100% right, Nick. The majority of Americans agree with you. It’s a shame the politicians have such a hard time listening to the people they are supposed to represent instead of the ones who stand to profit from bad decisions. The United States needs to tend to matters at home and let the rest of the world citizens take care of themselves.

  17. Rob Fox says:

    Anyone who has traveled to far off places and mixed with the local population will quickly understand that there is more that binds us, than separates us. We all have family; we all need food in our belly and a roof over our head. We all strive for happiness and a good future for our children.

    Our differences are essentially man made; the different gods we worship and our inability to accept an alternative “truth”; the different forms of governance; the ability of one social group to to gain advantage at the cost of another. The flames of conflict are fanned by those who wish to press their advantage. We need to extinguish the flames by removing the oxygen that fuels it. Aggression never results in love. If America cares about being loved, it must take the high ground.

    There is a very real humanitarian disaster in the region. Many ordinary families, who have no interest in conflict, have fled their homes. I would urge America to work loudly and in a highly visible manner to ease the plight of the common man in the region. In stead of spending millions on military action, put resources into supporting border countries like Jordan and Turkey. Do not be isolationist and show yourselves to be a really “great nation”.

  18. Paul Stough says:

    I am glad that many Americans are finally realizing that we cant bring peace to the Middle East. It is no accident that the vast majority of that region of the world has been run by dictators for centuries, and little if anything is likely to change, regardless of what we may or may not do.

    The problem in most of the Middle East is their culture. In order for the citizens of a country to live in peace there has to be some level of trust amongst them. Islam is a religion that does not promote that concept. Islam is all about the power of the sword, and I am sure we have all heard the saying, “He who lives by the sword, will die by the sword”.

    Democracy simply will not work in a country where Islam is the dominant religion. Look what happened in Egypt. The people overthrew the dictator, had elections, and elected a new president, and what did the new democratically elected president do once he got into office? He became a dictator.

    One of the biggest problems that President Obama has in dealing with Syria, is the political power of the defense contractors and others that will benefit financially if we go to war in Syria. Regardless, of what he may personally want to do, defense contractors will have a big say in the decision.

    On a side note, I no longer believe that the politicians we elect run our country. Our country is being run by lobbyists, and all that changes when we elect different politicians, regardless of party, is that different lobbyists then run the country. Our elected politicians are just “go betweens” trying keep both the people that elect them and the lobbyists who own them happy.

    As for what I would do in Syria if anything at all; I would try to hurt Asad financially. Find out where his millions are, and figure out a way to keep him from getting them.

    On a final, note. I would rather have President Obama be President for the rest of my life, than have even one more day of GW as President.



  19. Jodie S. says:

    I agree with most of what Rob says in post no. 14 with one caveat: it is important to approach helping others with humility. In other words, we need to give the help that others want, not the help that we want to give. Otherwise, they will thank us politely as we leave, call us imperialists behind our backs for imposing our will on them, and redo it their own way. (see Egypt, Irag, etc.)

  20. Nancy says:

    Nick, My suggestion is take all these comments and send them to all the politicians! I also agree…. KEEP our nose out of it this time!!! We need so much help here in the U.S. ..Lets concentrate on making USA products more accessible and start being an Independent Country so that if any country threats us with closing down the oil, etc we do not have to worry! Then perhaps we will have more respect from other countries! And they once again, will be begging us instead of “you owe me” type of behavior. PLUS PAY OFF China.. so they do not own our beloved country!

  21. Mark says:

    Nick;I kinda knew that you were a pretty smart guy.In the last couple of months,I haven’t heard one word in support of our getting involved there. That a Senate panel was even convened never mind voted approval made me just sit down and shake my head. In my opinion,whoever voted yes was a bought and paid for vote.

  22. Butch & Fonda says:

    YES, there is a humanitarian need BUT, there is NO way to get the aid to those who need it. It must go through either the government or some other group strong enough to resist the government and other warring factions with a SINCERE interest in getting it to the people in need.

    Otherwise it is not only a waste, it is aiding the warring patties.


  23. Sal & Bonnie says:

    Thank You Nick : You said a mouth full and the best thing we can do is stay out of that hold thing and take care of our country first . Our President and Congress have empty Heads and should
    put there Heads were they sit on . God Bless America

  24. Dave Maloney says:

    It scares me that so many people agree with the post. Why? Because that probably means those swell people in Congress who can’t agree on what day of the week it is will probably go against the people’s wishes and agree to do something as crazy as bomb another country.
    When brains were being passed out most of our elected officials said “Trains?”, “I’ll catch the next one.”

  25. Rob Fox says:

    Aid should be channeled via the UN in Turkey (A NATO ally on the Northern border) and Jordan on the southern border. From a strategic pov, Europe needs to keep Turkey stable and Jordan is important as the buffer between Israel and Iraq.

    It can be done and will achieve much more good will than either bombing the place or turning your backs. America is the world super power and needs to show some leadership.

    Or maybe the nation has lost it and is just not up to the challenge?

  26. Bill Daines says:

    George said it, Nick for Pres! But,,, If the U.N. doesn’t see fit to get involved then we should bite our lips and not watch the boob tube nor read the bad news (papers) ignore the poor people of other countries being be-headed, shot (executed) and women raped (gang type) kids sold as child labor, etc etc etc.
    We just cannot be the worlds police force period ! If the President would spend more time lecturing at the U.N. just might be possible to get them off the dead asses and be the U.N. they are meant to be. We have worn out ouy Guardsmen and women and the full time troops, we cannot take care of our own, military and civilians, for gods sake look at America, “Detroit” for example!!
    Go Nick Go ! :)

  27. Denise Gray says:

    I agree with you 100% Nick. The primary reason for war is to make some corporation rich. There is nothing we can do in the middle east. They live by different rules and we need realize that and let them solve their own battles.

  28. Dave Walker says:

    Good one Nick,
    Now we just heard on the news last night,the Saudis are willing to pay for this war. Gee what does that tell us? If they can get all these countries ruled by the same religious factions, then it is a win win for them in charge over there.

    I agree that the corporations paid for by the peoples taxes handed over by the politicians to the lobbyists run this country and we have no choices left anymore.

    We keep electing the same ones with no fear of change.
    yet we have let them run this country since 9-11 on fear. They may have not created it but they darn sure used it for their gain.

    These countries yes hated us but not as much as after we have stirred their pot with the result being worse than when we started, at a very high loss of life for all sides involved.

    Yet once again they are not asking “WE THE PEOPLE” and will do what they have been paid to do by the Saudis and the Corporations.

  29. Robert "Bud" Wang says:

    As one who voted and supports the President it is my opinion he is very wrong on this issue. Having been a Marine in the DMZ with the 3rd Marines in 1967 and feeling we accomplished nothing in Viet Nam, it really galls me every time we seem to think we have all the answers for the worlds problems.
    Never again I thought after Nam, oh how wrong I was and wrong we have consistently been to go in without thinking it through.
    If we had a draft this country would stop the insanity in a heartbeat.
    I have contacted my congressman and encourage all to do the same. Semper Fi

  30. Elizabeth says:

    You are so correct Nick…with our track record we need not be hastily doing anything…I am not convinced just WHO is the enemy there…seems that it is 2 enemies fighting each other…but it does not seem clear we ought to support either side at this time.

    We surely are glad our son never had to serve. His dad’s 6 year took a terrible toll on him and us and we never wanted any of our children to have to serve. But the Viet Nam one had those kinds of repercussions. And we used to feel so patriotic too. We still are, if you are talking the original reasons our forefathers started this country.

  31. Carolyn says:

    It’s hardly worth my breath to say; but I feel great compassion for anyone who wishes to see this president in office until the day he dies. History will exonerate GB and will sadly show that the destruction caused to this country by Obama is even worse than that caused by Carter. If you doubt what policies work, do you own research. Take a piece of paper and list states in financial trouble on one side and states attracting business with good economies on the other. Than research who has governed in those states for the past 20 years. Do the same with large cities. Who do they elect? No kidding it might provide some enlightenment for you. What has happened to this country in the last 5 years is pitiful. I won’t even try to sum it up here because if you can’t see it either you have a closed mind or blinders on. Just do the research!!!!!

  32. Dave W says:

    This idea of going after Syria won’t fix the problem or punish the people who told them to use the gas. As far as the US looking bad?

    How can we look bad when no other nation other than France,who by the way we were told to Hate by GW (IE Freedom Fries, That was one of his more mature moments)is going to offer to help us after the last fiascoes.

    I am in agreement with who ever said take him before the World Court. They broke the world laws and should be punished as murder 1.

    To kill more people and tear up their cities make no sense but then it is our Government which make no sense these days.

    By the way this financial mess all started when Clinton and Paul Rubens took the regulations off of the banks and they started doing what they wanted with the lairs loans and GW and Obama took advantage of the open gate. Doesn’t make it right but is what happened even if no one will admit it.

  33. Jeri says:

    My grandson is sitting on one of those ships off the coastline of Syria. Send the ships home before any of those boys get hurt. It’s not our war.

  34. Dave says:

    Our country should mind our own business as that region of the world has and will continue to fight each other. We have enough issues with the dictator in Washington.

  35. Dave says:

    Well said and we should devote the effort for improvements in this country.

  36. Robert says:

    I’ve chosen lately to be an occasional consumer rather than a contributor to Nick’s blog. There are some great minds, including Nick’s exchanging worthy ideas here, but something so twisted as Carolyn’s post just can’t be left to stand unchallenged…
    #1: Paul S didn’t say he wishes to see Obama in office till the day he dies. Oh geez; just read his post again…
    #2: Please provide one single shred of evidence that has come to light since the disaster of the Iraq war that would exonerate GW, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al of willful negligence and incompetence at least, and nothing less than war crimes at worst.
    #3: Don’t just make general statements that our country was damaged by Carter. That’s just parroting right wing propaganda. Let’s see legitimate specifics with supporting evidence of your claim.
    #4: Of course citizens of States and Cities that are in economic dire straits are going to favor and elect Democratic representation. They’re the only ones who have anything to offer the people who are so negatively affected. To make the very possibly false correlation that it is *because* of Democratic policies those places are in trouble is purely speculative and too convenient a propaganda talking point. Surely you’ve heard of the chicken or the egg thing…
    #5: What has happened to this country in the last five years is that we have been on a too slow, granted, but steady path to improvement from the absolute catastrophe and pending complete collapse we were faced with in ’08. How can you possibly have forgotten so quickly.
    I’m not saying I’m an Obama groupie. I’m watching his every move with close scrutiny, but to give the absolute disaster that loomed at the end of and as a direct result of the GW presidency and those policies a whitewash is absolutely ridiculous.
    You’re always saying you are such a proponent of research, well watch these two video clips, if you dare, and then do research on Thom’s facts, postulations and conclusions. I have, and I challenge you to provide substantive evidence proving his assertions inaccurate.


  37. Robert says:

    Not sure what happened here, but if any of you are interested, you should watch the video (part 1) via the link that appears above the large graphic that shows above first.
    P.S. Sorry Nick. I again seemed to have veered from your original intended topic… Another provocative and well presented article. Thanks

  38. George Stoltz says:

    Comment #36. Robert speaks with a reasoned/balanced voice. Thank you.

  39. Carolyn says:

    Look, Robert, I am not here to convince you of anything, you are entitled to your own opinions as I am to mine. I do, however, have a few thoughts regarding your post.

    I definitely don’t give GW a “whitewash” as you call it on what happened in ’08. But I know you are aware, as I am, that a large part of the problem was because of undocumented loans to homeowners promoted by Democrates in Congress. That, caused home prices to rise to unsustainable levels and made it very difficult for people to meet their loan obligations when interest rates started to rise. If you go back to the congressional record you will find many references to members of the GW administration and even GW himself raising caution about those policies.

    As far as the war in Iraq goes, the situation was completely different from what it is today. We were attacked, Sadaam gased millions of his own people. Sadaam was on TV nearly every day making threats against us. In addition it was known he harbored terrorist organizations. The plan to help the good people of Iraq create another oasis of freedom and captilism in the region was a brilliant one. It would have freed the good people of Iraq from a brutal Dictator, brought more stability to the region, and helped our friend, Israel.

    All the polls and history show that Carter is viewed as the worst President ever. Just look at his policies, the interest rate, the spirit of personal defeat when he was in office. Did you live during that time? If so and you couldn’t see for yourself what was happening in real time – I can understand why you can’t see the reality of what has happened to degrade our country by this administration during the past 5 years. My thoughts on this have nothing to do with right wing propaganda (as you say) – I lived it.

    The problems of our cities and states in economic straits today has no relation to the “chicken and the egg” theory as you say. Go back and do your research. The policies they have didn’t start with the problems – they were the cause of the problems. Many years of democratic rule and policies preceeded the dire staits most of them find themselves in today. I know that’s hard to swallow. And I know you probably won’t do the research because the truth can be hard to accept.

    “You’re not saying you’re an Obama groupie” – but, you sure sound like one. That’s okay with me as you are entitled to your own thoughts and opinions. What really baffles me is the double standard I see in our current elected officials. They complained very loudly during the ’08 election about some of the very things they themselves now promote. (war (although, sending in boomers is not war in their book), increased national debt, privacy). And then they were kind enough to give us Obama Care – a whole other topic. But, could you or any one tell us exactly what was in it now or then. I was hoping for that transparent administration, as promised, and that would have included more debate over health care, knowing exactly what was in the bill before it was passed. That didn’t happen and, in fact, Congress exempted themselves from OC. Why was that?

    You are so right, this recovery has been a slow and grinding one. We are currently seeing de-flated employment numbers, that look much better than they are in reality, because so many people have either dropped out of the workforce or are no longer looking for full-time work. We are in-debted to the Chinese and our debt (one of the things those in power now hated about GW- rising national debt) has increased more now than under any other Administration. We have screwed up middle east relations with apologies, waffling and signeling our every move. We choose to promote dependency and fail to make people accountable when casting a vote at the polls. Our excuse for that is that getting the proper ID would be a tax – come on Now – how crazy is that? The stock market has held up well because of the Fed’s stance on creating more money and buying the debt. In other words, we have been lulled into a fake security by policies that will not work. We have yet to see what the results will be and believe me I would be happy to eat “crow” and have everything turn out hunky-dory; but, I don’t think that will be the case.

    Right now I see the US of A heading down a very dangerous path. We are in debt up to our asses and creating more debt by adding programs that will hurt and not help us. We are top heavy (too much government and promoting even more) and veering away from our values of innovation and hard work (capitilism) that made us great. Our politicians do not want to be accountable to the “people” and; when, legimate questions are asked about things such as Benghazzi or the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, answers are deflected and evaded.

    I could go on and on; but, I know you don’t want to hear it and I haven’t got that much time. I respect your right to your own beliefs. That’s a right we all have, for now, because we live in the greatest country on earth where freedom to protect ourselves, be ourselves and reach our full potential is a God given right and backed by our constitution.

    And to Nick, sorry for going off topic. I’m done now and fully respect Paul, Robert and others right to their own beliefs, and hope they know the sparing is not personal. I hope they will respect mine, as well.

  40. Dave W says:

    So back to Syria Mr. Speaker.
    I Vote No 😉

  41. Barb Scrafield says:

    Could not agree with Nick or Carolyn more, and could not disagree with Robert more..
    Robert is so off base I would not know what to comment on, so I won’t.

    As far as Syria goes, the enemy of our enemy is our enemy..

    The US is war weary and broke.. We also don’t want to interrupt any ones golf game, Hollywood fund raising parties or vacations do we?



  42. Paul Stough says:

    I have to disagree with you as well, Robert. I didnt say that I wanted Obama to be President until I died. I said given the choice between Obama being President for the rest of my life, OR one day of GW being President, I would chose Obama for life.

    Otherwise, Robert you are right on!

    Had we as a country followed President Carter’s plan on reducing our dependance on foreign oil, we could have avoided 911, and the wars in Iraq and Kuwait, but for some reason there seems to be a large number of Republicans who evidently want to see thousands of Americans killed and maimed, and have the US spend trillions of dollars on these wars.

    These are the same goals of Bin-Laden and Al Queda!

    Carolyn-What is an undocumented loan? Is that one that snuck into a bank when no one was looking?

    The cause of the housing bust was not the Democrats or poor people trying to buy a house. The cause of the housing bust was bankers and the bond rating agencies. The bankers made loans that they knew would likely not be repaid because they knew they could bundle a bunch of bad loans with some good ones and sell them as bonds, knowing that the bond rating agencies would rate these bonds AAA. If the bond rating agencies had done their job, the bankers would not have been able to make bad loans at all, but what happened is not surprising as the bond rating agencies are paid by the bond sellers who they rate. No chance for corruption there! The sad thing is that this situation continues today!

    As far as the economy today goes; as I have said many times before, we need to get the illegal aliens out of the country, if we want the economy to improve to where it should be, but since both parties support virtually unlimited immigration, the economy will never be where it was or should be.


  43. Paul Stough says:

    An interesting link on the topic: http://www.politicususa.com/20.....-shot.html


  44. Robert says:

    Yeah Paul, read #1 in my post again. I think you’ll see that I did understand what you meant and agreed with it… It was Carolyn’s misinterpretation that I was quoting and disputing… Re your link, I really don’t like to toot my own horn, but I was saying several weeks ago, to much disagreement from my fellow political junkies, that I thought our pres was employing a brilliant strategy to neutralize the chem weapons threat in Syria without firing a shot, and it’s starting to look like if that was indeed his plan, it’s working out… It was laughable, with that in mind, to watch Karl Rove on Fox News Sunday saying it was “amateur hour at the White House”. I thought Rove was a sharp political strategist. Well, I’m sure he is, but he’s just playing to his audience…
    To Carolyn, for the record, yes I did live through ‘that time’, and although I was a conservative Democrat back then who actually kinda liked Reagan, I never fell for the propaganda portraying Carter as a weak or bad president.
    Paul is absolutely correct re the housing bust…
    Saddam Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11. He actually despised Osama bin laden and Al Qaeda; and also as evil as he was, he was an excellent deterrent and buffer to problems with Iran… Freeing the people of Iraq from an evil dictator, along with all the other reasons the GW administration came up with when their lies were exposed was NOT the reason we went in there…
    You say to do my research; since I retired several years ago after 40 years of steady hard work, that’s all I do most of the time now, and I can tell you that I although I started out as a conservative Democrat and Fox News fan, it didn’t take long to realize how unfair and unbalanced they and pretty much all right wing media is, and I thank God every day that I’ve since seen the light.
    All that being said, I do agree that we are on a precarious path, and our once GREAT country and this wonderful experiment in democracy are under assault and in grave danger. We just differ in whom we choose to trust for our information in our quest for truth. We as citizens have become divided and at each others’ throats by design, and it’s up to each of us to study and investigate to find which side of the divide is attempting to deceive us.
    And after all that is said, I did gain respect for you with what you said about respecting each other’s opinions and not taking the sparring personally.
    Best of luck to all of us in what we find…

  45. Allan says:

    I can really agree with you on this one Nick. We certainly do not need to get involved in another war and attacking another country is an act of war. I agree with some others that these people have been fighting each other for many decades and our little burst of fireworks will do nothing more than provoke them. Our foreign policies in the middle east has been a disaster in the last few years. Our Administration has not thought out the side they were choosing in Egypt and Libia and it has bit us in the butt. The President has not told the American people the truth so many times that hardly anyone believes him so why would they believe him on this Syria venture. Obama had no military background or diplomatic experience before he took office and it really shows. He has snubbed the England and Israel and has sided with the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic groups. He took office with the idea that he could sit down across the table from his enemies and persuade them into peace. That certainly has not played out well. He attacked Bush for going to war and now he is the hawk. It sounds like everyone here, Republican and Democrat, Progressive/Liberal or Conservative and even Moderates are finally agreeing on something: We have no bussiness firing on Syria

  46. Carolyn says:


    I’m really surprised you don’t know the term “undocumented loans.” It is commonplace in speaking of the housing bubble and was used frequently on CNBS and other media. It was banks making loans that were not fully secured in which they basically just took people’s word for their income which is why there were so many bad loans made by the banks. You’re right about the cause for the bubble to burst; but, this was the precurser (or reason why) those bad loans were on the books.

    As for your link to Politicus USA, Real Liberal Politics, I appreciated hearing the view; but, thought most of the comments were those of Lemmings blindly following a view they needed to hear. My view – Obama boxed himself in a corner. His whole middle east policy has been a joke. He is the reason our Ambassador and 3 others were killed in Syria and he has failed to take responsibility for that one or hold anyone accountable. I would call that an act of aggression against the US much more than a Syrian Civil War. So now Russia comes up with a plan for Syria to turn over the chemical weapons to the International community. So now Obama is not only beholden to George Soros; but, to Puten. The reason Obama came to congress is because he realized the American People were not behind him and the diversion from his problems here at home that he was trying to create by threatening to “teach Syria a lesson.”

    To Robert:

    It’s great to hear that you do so much research. I really respect that. I understand how you feel about FOX as I feel that way about some of the other networks. But, that does not stop me from tuning in every day to pick up their point of view. I hear many things on Fox that are not even touched on, or barely mentioned on some of the other media outlets. Now this would not bother me if this was done on an equal opportunity basis. So, my view is that you have to listen with a fair mind to all the stations. But, that’s hard to do as we all have our biasis. My grip with the media is that they have strayed so far from reporting the news and letting the reader decide. They try to make the news, sway opinions, etc. which is not good reporting.

    To Robert and Paul:

    I’m Glad to say that I did find common ground with both of you. First, Robert, you stated our point of agreement well “we are on a precarious path, and our once GREAT country and this wonderful experiment in democracy are under assault and in grave danger.” (What I would say here it to look beyond the exterior. One of the things that turned me off to Obama at the outset was his relationship to Jermiah Wright. Did you read the man’s teachings and sermons, etc.? That was a close 20 year relationship. Another was that I was already very familiar with George Soros and his beliefs long before I heard he was backing the Obama Presidency with large amounts of cash and other support. He is very successful; but his views on the US and his views on Socialism were a red flag for me. The policies I have seen Obama support and the problems I have seen him create are exactly what I would have expected given these close associations which gave me an early warning to his allegiences and thinking.)

    And Robert, I agree with your statement “As far as the economy today goes; as I have said many times before, we need to get the illegal aliens out of the country, if we want the economy to improve to where it should be.” (My comment here is that I love immagrants – but, there is an established pathway to citenship and it should be respected in fairness to all. Also, our borders need to be protected. We are a very loving and generous people. We are natural helpers. But, the hard truth is that we cannot save everyone.)

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