The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That being said, we sure have a bunch of total wackos in Washington.

Here we go again with talk of shutting down the government, sequesters, and all kinds of nonsense between the House and Senate because they can’t work together and agree on a damn thing. They remind me of a bunch of spoiled children crying, “If I don’t get my way, I’m going to take my ball and go home!”

That’s because they are a bunch of spoiled children. And the reason they are is because, just like the parents of spoiled brats who indulge their rug rats and reward them for their bad behavior instead of punishing them for it, we keep rewarding these idiots on both sides of the aisle by re-electing them to office. What we should be doing is paddling their collective asses and sending them packing.

Nothing ever gets accomplished by all of this nonsense, which is no more than political posturing. They need to stop bickering, forget party lines and their own personal agendas, and just solve the damned problems we have.

But of course they won’t. Spoiled children never get it because they’ve always had their way. They have never had to compromise. They have never had to deal with the consequences of their actions. Instead, it is you and me who suffer the consequences of a government mired in quicksand.

All it takes is for a few of our elected “leaders” to actually take a leadership role and stand up to the status quo and say “No more. I’m done playing party politics and I’m actually going to do the job I was sent here to do.” But, of course, they won’t. They’ll keep on doing the same old things, making the same old threats and singing the same old songs. It’s easier that way.

And do you know why? Because unlike the spoiled child who takes his ball and goes home, these idiots don’t have any balls. If they did, they’d stop all this nonsense, walk across the aisle, shake hands, and say, “Enough bullshit, this isn’t getting us anywhere. Let’s really work together for the good of the American people.”

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54 Comments on The Definition Of Insanity

  1. Steve says:

    I see OPM syndrome has taken hold in a big way here…. When you get thru spending other peoples money, what happens then? Free Healthcare isn’t free, unless you intend on putting Doctors and Nurses into indentured servitude. Everything we consume has a price that MUST be paid by someone.

    As a famous economist said: “You cannot have a Welfare State and Open Borders at the same time.” We already have the latter and are busy voting in the former.

    Obamacare will drive costs up and the quality and amount of care down regardless of who is paying. It is inevitable. It is supply and demand.

  2. Nick Russell says:

    If we put a fraction of the money we spend on other countries into funding health care no American would be without.

  3. Mark says:

    You nailed it Steve. We have come to the place that there may be more net tax receivers in this nation than net tax payers.

    The crucial question for every citizen is: who should be responsible for my healh care costs, my kids’ lunch, my mortgage payment, my phone bill, my grocery bill, etc.? The answer to that question used to be obvious in this country. But now way too many Americans seem to think that other Americans should pay those things for them in the form of government programs.

    A modest propsal: those who are net tax receivers should be ineligible to vote until such time that they are net tax payers. Otherwise they will continue to vote for those who will continue to keep the gravy train rolling (at least until the OPM runs out).

  4. Steve says:

    Nick, I am in favor of cutting foreign “aid” (and also corporate and farm subsidies…) but I’m not sure that your numbers are accurate, I’d like to see the rough figures. Healthcare is a huge part of our economy, one-fifth at last count. Even if it were possible no liberal politician would agree to that, they would still try and do both, buy votes and buy peace with other countries, which is where we are today…

    Mark, I agree, personal responsibility seems to be an alien concept today.

    It was predicted at the start of this country that it would only last until a majority of voters realized that they could use the Treasury to give themselves “Bread and Circuses”. Change those terms to “EBT cards and Obama Phones” and we may be seeing the end of Empire all over again…

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