The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That being said, we sure have a bunch of total wackos in Washington.

Here we go again with talk of shutting down the government, sequesters, and all kinds of nonsense between the House and Senate because they can’t work together and agree on a damn thing. They remind me of a bunch of spoiled children crying, “If I don’t get my way, I’m going to take my ball and go home!”

That’s because they are a bunch of spoiled children. And the reason they are is because, just like the parents of spoiled brats who indulge their rug rats and reward them for their bad behavior instead of punishing them for it, we keep rewarding these idiots on both sides of the aisle by re-electing them to office. What we should be doing is paddling their collective asses and sending them packing.

Nothing ever gets accomplished by all of this nonsense, which is no more than political posturing. They need to stop bickering, forget party lines and their own personal agendas, and just solve the damned problems we have.

But of course they won’t. Spoiled children never get it because they’ve always had their way. They have never had to compromise. They have never had to deal with the consequences of their actions. Instead, it is you and me who suffer the consequences of a government mired in quicksand.

All it takes is for a few of our elected “leaders” to actually take a leadership role and stand up to the status quo and say “No more. I’m done playing party politics and I’m actually going to do the job I was sent here to do.” But, of course, they won’t. They’ll keep on doing the same old things, making the same old threats and singing the same old songs. It’s easier that way.

And do you know why? Because unlike the spoiled child who takes his ball and goes home, these idiots don’t have any balls. If they did, they’d stop all this nonsense, walk across the aisle, shake hands, and say, “Enough bullshit, this isn’t getting us anywhere. Let’s really work together for the good of the American people.”

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54 Comments on The Definition Of Insanity

  1. Jared Holloman says:

    Right on, buddy! We need about 500 Bad Nick’s in Congress to put an end to all of this bullshit. I had never read any of your stuff until my sister gave me a Kindle Fire for my birthday last month and she had your book of past columns preloaded it onto it. Now I never miss a column. I just wish you would post one daily.

  2. Tommy Miller says:

    I don’t care what your political persuasion is because their all crooked and don’t gave a damn about the people who voted them in to office. Its all about hanging with their buds and doing whatever the lobbyists pay them to do! We need to clean house and start over.

  3. Steve says:

    You are correct that Congress is a mess.
    A big part of the problem is that MY representative isn’t the problem, it’s all the rest of the clowns. The replacement choices are not real winners either, due to the money involved. Look what happened in 2010, when we got a bunch of clueless tea party nuts.
    Comprehensive campaign finance reform is our only hope. Get rid of “Citizens United.” Corporations are not people.

  4. Denise Gray says:

    You said this perfectly! Too bad there is no one else to vote for, as the Dems and Repubs keep everyone else out of the field.

  5. Doug says:

    One of your best rants. I totally agree. Unfortunately there won’t be a change until it personally hurts the politicians. They should have our health insurance, our retirement, our pensions, etc.

  6. George says:

    99% of the politicians are giving the rest a bad name.

  7. Kayjulia says:

    We are in a bigger mess then the current wave of crap ! Our constitution has been shot full of holes the economy is doing good only for the rich and there is a stranglehold on congress by a bunch of know nothings. There will be a tipping point if this keeps up. What happens then? It could get ugly. My folks told me of the riots during the depression era the bread lines and crime there were a lot of rumblings about becoming Socialists or Communists and we are aren’t talking phylosophy we’re talking over throw of the establishment. This scared the hell out of some folks and we were lucky to have had FDR if not the other side would have driven more people to more radical methods to gain a better life. Then came WWII, lots of folks got drafted and others found work in the defense plants. That has been our plan ever since keep the military might going and the defense plants busy, that has worked, but it seems it may not be enough for this era

  8. Robert says:

    Good post Nick. The only thing you’re missing is pointing out the real culprit in this dysfunction that plagues our political process and makes a mockery of us in the international community… I’ve posted evidence of this secret meeting on inauguration day 2009 to your blog before, but here’s a link to get you started in case you’ve forgotten.

  9. Jim McManus says:

    If our representatives were Americans first and Rep or Dems second we would have less of a mess and a better country. We need to find a way to fire the people who won’t do there job and run the country. Maybe we should defund Congress and we should definitely defund all their damn perks until they fix the mess they created both by their actions and inactions. Bad Nick for Congress

  10. Barb says:

    Hummmmm, the Democrats in Wisconsin sure needed to hear this about two years ago when they fled and hid out at a hotel near Rockford, Il. Shame on them continues. Still pouting, encouraging disruptive behaviors at State Capitol.

  11. Francis Callahan says:

    I can’t figure out if all politicians are idiots or are all idiots politicians we are the laughing stock for the last 6 years of the world glad I am 77 god help our kids and grand kids

  12. Paul J Stough says:

    Until the American people can come to a consensus on how to move forward, it is totally unreasonable to expect that the people we elect to political offices will be able to reach a consensus.

    As Steve said, few people want their elected representatives to compromise, but expect the other elected representatives to compromise.

    As I have said many times before, and Pogo was well known for saying, “We have seen the enemy, and he is us”.


  13. Rex says:

    I think it will take a revolution to fix Washington D.C. And when it comes, it will be ugly; it will make the Civil War look like a Church Picnic.

    I am not sure who will cause the revolution, the oil companies, the insurance companies or the government. Right now the 3 of them are running neck and neck.

    After the revolution, we need campaign contribution reform, term limits, and insurance reform.

    Campaign contribution reform is rather self explanatory as is term limits. But insurance reform will take a lot of work. For one thing insurance companies should only be allowed to ask 2 questions. The first question is is the premium paid and if the answer is yes the next and final question should be, where do we send the check.

    We also need to bring our troops home from around the world, stop all foreign aid, deport all of those here illegally, secure our borders and quit rewarding women on welfare for having more children and put a time limit one can be on welfare, require drug testing for those on welfare and one more thing; make it illegal for a child to quit school. IF a child is still in school at age 21, put them in the military whether they want to go or not. And for all children, upon graduation from high school they must do 2 years of government service. Freedom is not free and children need to learn this.

    Throw the UN out of the country and get out of it. With the technology we have today ‘diploidiots’ can stay in their own country and communicate with anyone anywhere.

    And one more thing, Political Correctness sucks and is bullshit.


  14. Dan says:

    Unfortunately, our political system, and similarly, the unbridled expansion of the federal government, has evolved into a corrupt, ineffective, out of control leviathan, mostly incapable of making decisions that are for the good of the vast majority. The founding fathers of this great country envisioned a small centralized government, with specific enumerated powers defined in the constitution. What we have now is an unaccountable force that seeks to regulate everything in our daily lives by way of either it’s over reaching regulatory power, or it’s aggrandized police power. There is a largely unknown method defined in Article V of the Constitution, that provides a specific avenue, whereby the people can amend the constitution without the involvement of an ineffective, partisan Congress. I would urge everyone to read the New York Times #1 bestseller by Mark Levin – “The Liberty Amendments”. In this culture of an apathetic, and clueless electorate, I have serious doubts that “we the people” will ever regain the definition that the Constitutional framers intended. Despite our dysfunctional government, this book does provide a slight glimmer of hope.

  15. BobH says:

    I say this often and everyone laughs because they think I am joking. I am not joking and it is not funny. The American voter will not have a real choice until “None of the Above” is required as an option on every ballot for every elected office.

  16. Connie Bradish says:

    TERM LIMITS is the answer. Congress and the president were supposed to be citizen representatives to govern this nation NOT career politicians. They were supposed to serve and then go home to their regular job. Our biggest problem is that they have forgotten they are just citizens of this country like everyone else. Time to clean house and start over again.

  17. George says:

    Please read this slowly, let it sink in. (This was written a few years ago but still applies to present day.)

    This is about as clear and easy to understand as it can be. Please read the entire article.

    The article below is completely neutral, not anti republican or democrat.

    Charlie Reese, a retired reporter for the Orlando Sentinel has hit the nail directly on the head, defining clearly who it is that in the final analysis must assume responsibility for the judgments made that impact each one of us every day.

    It’s a short but good read. Worth the time. Worth remembering!

    (Editor’s Note) – George I had to delete the column you posted. It is copyrighted and we cannot post somebody else’s copyrighted property without their written position. It is also a violation of the terms of service for our account. I’m sure people can find it online by Googleing Charlie Reese.

  18. Paul J Stough says:

    I have seen this article before and it is just more BS. Every member of Congress was elected by a majority of the people who voted in that election. Why would anyone think that if all congressional elections had turned out just the opposite, or if incumbents were not allowed to run things would be any different? The problem is not the people who run for political office, but the system they operate under. I no longer believe that our elected representatives represent us, the electorate, but are simply go betweens, between the people that elect them, and the monied interests that they are beholding to because of the campaign contributions. Before there will be any significant change, the system has to change, and with Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United, nothing is likely to change soon.

  19. Rob Fox says:

    Dear America,

    You are still but a young country. You have been on an incredible journey in that short life. You have become the mightiest nation economically and militarily. Your armies have a presence all around the global and your companies shape the economies of most nations. You have created this empire in such a short time.

    Your empire was created out of the abundance of natural resources: Buffalo, Beaver, coal, iron, oil, gas, silver and gold. Most importantly you had vast tracts of land to farm and develop. We’ll skip to bit as to how it was acquired. The one ingredient you were short of was labour. You called for the “huddled masses” and they came by the million. Some brought only their ability to do a hard days work; some brought their skills and expertise. Others brought their capital. Together, you took the place of the old order and built this great nation.

    So what went wrong? Why does it seem that you are in such a mess? Oh dear, how can I break this to you. America is not, and has never been exceptional. There, lets get that one out of the way. It’s true to say that America was an exceptional opportunity and it is one that has been fully realised. Your natural resources are no longer abundant and you have more than enough labour. You are in a different position now and must face the fact that you are, and always have been, just like the rest of us.

    The real problems started at the writing of the constitution. It was quite clear that many did not sign up to the self evident truth that all men are created equal. There were those that subverted such idealism to ensure that their special interest had more effective voice that the common man. You fought for freedom but ended up with a with a system where wealth and power (natural bed fellows) has greater representation than ordinary hard working folk. In truth, you never had a representative democracy. Actually, I’m not sure I could point to one anywhere in the world. So again, you are just like the rest of us.

    The truly remarkable thing, about the birth of this great nation, is that you were blessed with some really great thinkers; men that asked the question “What is it to be a free man”. Where are the big thinkers today? Find them and you will save yourselves the long spiral into chaos.

    One thing is for certain. Ordinary folk can no longer afford to be complacent; to leave it to others. You must take an interest in politics. Keep an open mind. Ask your self “why are the really saying that?” Educate your self about other systems. Do you really know the differences between fascism, communism, socialism and capitalism. (tip: you wont find the answer on Fox, CNN or MSNBC)

    America is rapidly approaching the biggest crisis in its relatively short history. You are, collectively, a great nation. With the will; with open eyes and big hearts, you will fix this.

  20. Carol Savournin says:

    Public service should be just that … public service. NOT a CAREER!! Term limits, Term limits TERM LIMITS!!! Do your best for the good of your fellow citizens and then get out and get a job like everyone else. I also believe in and support same sex marriage, no tax breaks for religious institutions, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school AND mandatory service … Military OR Public … for 2 years after graduating from High School and before beginning college. I would love to see young people get a bigger dose of reality before setting out on their chosen path and becoming more INVESTED in this Nation.

  21. Owen Dailey says:

    I whole heartedly agree, but as I tried last election to get everyone I know to not vote for any incumbents they did anyway. Go figure. If we keep electing the same losers who only vote party lines then we will remain in the same mess we are now in and continue to be in. THIS TIME LETS ELECT A NEW BUNCH? And warn them if they do the same old thing then they will be one term senators or congressmen. I know this is not likely to happen but we can dream.

  22. Mark says:

    I applaud the few congressmen and senators that do not compromise with socialiism and instead oppose socialistic/Marxist/anti-constitutional policies and legislation. This nation needs more of them and fewer of the compromisers.

    The real insanity is demonstrated by those who flee their own states that have been devastated by socialism and high taxes, and yet continue to vote for liberals in the states to which they move.

  23. BobH says:

    Forgive my ignorance. Could you please give me a definition, some examples, and the name of three states where this is happening.



    Anti- Constitutional

    Also which states have been “devastated by socialism and high taxes” (again, please name three)

  24. Mark says:

    California, Illinois, Michigan.

  25. BobH says:

    OK. How about definitions and how these states fit

  26. Tommy Miller says:

    Man Mark, you are one scary individual if you really buy into all of that crap.

  27. Toni Welchel says:

    So Mark, if your side won’t compromise or budge an inch and the other side won’t budge an inch, what gets accomplished? Not a darned thing.

  28. Pete Anderson says:

    Anytime somebody like Mark starts spouting the keywords like socialism, communism and the constitution I just tune them out. It’s all the right wing rhetoric and tells me they have never actually taken the time to do any research, they just parrot the words of Rush and the whole Fox crowd.

    And before you start labeling me as a liberal commie pinko fag, I retired after 23 years in the Army with the rank of Sergeant Major, I have two purple hearts and all three of my sons have served in combat. One was KIA. What have YOU done for your country?

  29. Kitt says:

    That’s ok Pete Anderson, anytime somebody starts spouting words like: “right wing rhetoric”, “never actually taken the time to do any research”, “they just parrot the words of Rush and the whole Fox crowd”, we tune them out.
    They are just parroting the left, beating the talking points to death.
    I’ve been a model citizen, raised four wonderful children, and worked my butt off. That’s what I’ve done for my country, though I usually don’t need to brag about it.

  30. Steve says:

    First, I agree with Mark, I would rather see gridlock than a compromise which enables Obamacare in any way.

    Second, if we are that scared of a government “shutdown” then we have bigger problems than Congressional gridlock…..

  31. Dale says:

    IMHO there is nothing wrong is liberalism or conservatism. What is wrong is how the ultra right and ultra left have decided to interpret and re-interpret these ways of thinking.

    Attacking each other is not the answer and I abhor some of the personal attacks seen above. People have lost respect not just for others, but for themselves as well if they must resort to name calling and putting others down in vulgar ways.

    There is no one right way of being. Truth is each person’s perception of life around them. Tolerance has been a rare occurrence in this country – starting from the Pilgrims who fled religious persecution and proceeded to persecute those who did not believe like they did. It was the Evangelical churches who fought for separation of church and state because they were afraid they would not be able to follow their beliefs if the state had power over them!

    How can folks who believe in Jesus and his teachings rail against the folks who need a safety net? Take away food stamps from the poor and leave so many millions without a cost efficient way to get medical care? Yes, there are definitely changes that could be made to prevent fraud from those who would take advantage of the system, but how about the Congressmen who vote against food stamps and take federal farm subsidies in the millions?

    We are not rich but we are fortunate to have enough for our needs. We are rich in the many friends we have. Many of our friends believe differently than we do, but we have all agreed to disagree because we have great respect for each other and much love. This diversity makes our lives so much fuller as we are able to understand the differences around us and the differences make us better people.

  32. BobH says:

    Back to Mark. No definitions Mark? Well, let me try to help you out. Below are Wikipedia definitions for Socialism and Marxism. The Anti-Constitutional is my own based on what I could and could not find.

    So please give me some examples of how activities of the state governments of California, Illinois, and Michigan fit any of these definitions.

    Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy. “Social ownership” may refer to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, state ownership, citizen ownership of equity, or any combination of these. There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them. They differ in the type of social ownership they advocate, the degree to which they rely on markets or planning, how management is to be organised within productive institutions, and the role of the state in constructing socialism.

    Marxism is a method of socio-economic inquiry based upon a materialist interpretation of historical development, a dialectical view of social change, and an analysis of class-relations and conflict within society. Marxist methodology informs an economic and sociopolitical worldview based on their application to the analysis and critique of the development of capitalism and the role of class struggle in systemic economic change. Marxism is based on a materialist understanding of societal development, taking as its starting point the necessary economic activities required by human society to provide for its material needs. The form of economic organization, or mode of production, is understood to be the basis from which the majority of other social phenomena – including social relations, political and legal systems, morality and ideology arise.

    Anti-Constitutional — cannot find a definition. It appears to be an epithet used by one group against another when opinions of the offending group disagree with those of the accuser.

    I try to live my life keeping in mind the First Amendment to the US Constitution and 2 Corinthians 11:19. Sometimes it is difficult.

  33. BobH says:

    To Pete Anderson:

    Thank you for your service. I am sorry for your loss. I am retired Air Force and my son put eight years in the Navy. Enough said.

  34. BobH says:

    To everyone I talk to who is against Obamacare, I ask these questions:

    1. What specific features are you against and what is your supporting evidence?

    2. Healthcare delivery in the US has been a mess for over 25 years. Republicans have had those same 25 years to create a solution to the problem. Where is it?

    Steve, if you don’t think a government shut down is a big deal, then you really don’t understand the problem. Which come to think of it, is really part of the problem.

  35. Steve says:

    1. Aside from the base question of whether the market or government regulators should control health care, Obamacare’s biggest problem is Econ 101: Supply and Demand. There is no way you can take a system already under stress and add 30 plus million new customers and not have rationing of care….

    2. Bob, I understand the problem very well thank you. Please practice what you preach and keep your condescending know-it-all attitude in check please. My point was simple, if we as a society have become so dependent on federal government that we fear even a temporary shutdown, then our problems are much deeper than we realize….

  36. Barb Scrafield says:

    In my opinion we are in a mess because too many folks think like Bob H..

    The stand off in DC is because some people were elected and sent to DC to stop the crazy spending and try to stop a very unpopular bill (Obama Care)..

    It’s pretty telling when congress exempts themselves and their staff from the Healthcare bill, but decided to force the mess on the rest of us. Why are all the major unions trying to exempt themselves? Why are hundreds of major corp.s and businesses asking to be exempt from Obama care? Hmmm?

    Obama promised healthcare would be cheaper or more affordable. Anyone look at their new premiums lately??

    Companies are dumping their employees healthcare right and left.

    Home Depot is the latest. Yesterday it was Walgrens, Olive Garden Red Lobster, Trader Joes you name the company and they are dumping their cmployees healthcare..

    Remember Pelosi saying “we have to pass this bill to find out whats in it”.. Well the people are finding out what’s in it and they don’t like it..

    10,000 pages of rules and regulations in the new health care bill?
    Give me a brake..

  37. Steve says:

    IMHO, Obamacare is doing exactly what Obama wanted, which was to take an already troubled (and already over-regulated) healthcare system and make it worse! Why would he want that? Simple, to force us to accept a single-payer system as the “only way out”.

  38. BobH says:

    To Steve:

    I wasn’t preaching. I was asking questions to which I never get answers.

    I apologize for my “condesending know it all attitude”. It seems that those on the right insist on being able to hurl invictives with impunity but when someone stands up to you they are “condesending and know it all” This is my last transmission. Bye Steve, Bye Mark

  39. Kayjulia says:

    Wow, Nick seems you have hit the hornets nest with a stick again ……… good job!

  40. Pete Anderson says:

    So for those opposed to Obamacare, what is your solution for the needs of the millions of Americans who don’t have or cannot afford health insurance? Not just welfare moms, but working couples who don’t have insurance through their jobs? For the elderly who can’t get care? For people like Nick’s wife who have preexisting conditions and can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars a month for coverage? Because the situation as it is and has been is a disgrace in a country with the resources we have.

  41. Joe Cook says:

    Anybody in this country who can’t afford the standard of life they want including health care have only themselves to blame. Get a job! Get two jobs! Get an education and get a better job! Don’t expect me to pay your bills!

  42. Nick Russell says:

    Nobody is asking you to pay their bills, Joe. I have an education. How many jobs should one have?

    We had health insurance that denied the claim for my wife’s cancer.

  43. Rob Fox says:

    This was always going to be a contentious forum. Although, from my perspective, it shouldn’t be.

    I am a visitor to your country and I’m really enjoying it. There is such a lot to see and good people to meet. My wife and I have been here for nearly six years. Her work, with a US software company brought us here and I was allowed to come too, only if I promised the government that I would not seek work. We are liable for US taxes but are not eligible to vote (irony of ironies). In the six years she has been laid off from two separate companies as they have reorganised. She has works as a self employed consultant. She is currently in a senior management position with another major US software company. We own a house and have a mortgage. We entered the US in turbulent times. Perhaps I might give the outsiders view of our US experience.

    Firstly, you have to understand the there is nothing even vaguely “left-wing” in US politics. Even the Democrats (baring a couple of members) would be regarded as right wing in the remainder of the western world.

    Europe, in the main, practices Democratic Socialism. Canada does too.

    The US has a number of progressive and popular (with the voters) programs that include Medicare, Medicaid and VA Health Care. I understand that they are not perfect but I suspect there would be big complaints if a government proposed removing those services.

    It is in the area of health care that I have been most shocked. After all, I have always been told that the best medical facilities in the world are right here in the USA. That may well be so but access to those facilities and care depends on the depth of your pocket and not your need. The overall dysfunction in US health care is unbecoming.

    Working for a good company with a comprehensive medical plan, we had no concerns. We are both healthy. In fact the local multi skill medical practice welcomed my wife with open arm when she visited for the first time with lower back pain. They were very attentive and thorough. Just a little too thorough. It soon became obvious that they were gaming the insurance system and billing as many procedures as they could. It was blatant. It was a very different story, during a brief period when we were paying the bills directly. They made sure they swiped the card first!

    During the first period of unemployment; when the COBRA coverage is available at high price, I was suddenly struck by just how risky the life of an average American family must be. I was struck by the shear expense of basic insurance coverage, the ever present co-pays and then the lingering doubts about whether the policy would be honoured in a crisis situation.

    During the period of self employment we threw the dice and purchased a policy with high deductibles that would hopefully cover a major crisis. After all, the back stop is a plane ticket back to the UK.

    It was a welcome relief when my wife rejoined the corporate world and a comprehensive health plan as part of her compensation. It made me realise that, in America, losing a job can literally be a matter of life and death. A civilised country should not put its citizens in that position.

    The experience made me interested in the health care debate. It’s about time the issue was tackled. It is a very large but incredibly inefficient sector of the US economy. You spend more on healthcare per head than anyone, yet your outcomes, life expectancy and patient mortality rate are not reflective of that high expenditure. The market place is just not working in the interest of the average US citizen. You might just ask who it is working for.

    I was very pleased when the Affordable Care Act was signed into law because it puts a stake in the ground towards a better society. The bill itself has its flaws. It is poorly written with too many silly compromises. The biggest one of course is that it should be a single payer system. Even the most hardened free market capitalist should see the logic and the consumer (that’s you) benefit. It works very well at driving down costs in much of the world.

    As for the proposed hostage taking being attempted in Washington just now. I would respectfully say “grow up”. The Affordable Care Act may well be unpopular with some voters but you have just had an election in which the President basically ran on that one proposal. He won, get over it. In a couple of years there will be another chance. That’s the wonderful thing about a democracy.

    I started the week reflecting on how far America has come in a relatively short period. I’ll end the week by suggesting that you still have a long way to go.

    Winston Churchill might have once said, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.”

  44. Kayjulia says:

    I have been saying the same things to my friends and neighbors for years and they just won’t listen, because they know it all. Most have absolutely no idea what they are talking about and they don’t want to know! Most love a good conspiracy story so they can rant and rave about it not matter if it is ludicrous! Others unfortunately are racists and are incensed that a black couple live in the White House and they aren’t the maid and butler. A lot of the same claims were made against medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.

    The real problem is that if this goes through and is even mildly successful and providing care to millions that can’t get it and lowers the cost just a smidgen Americans will love it! Then they will look at the leaders of the opposition and ask WHAT Plan have you got? They haven’t got anything and they know it and it scares the pants off them.

    Most Americans have no idea what Democratic Socialism is not a clue. They can’t believe that people actually prefer that system over the American system and think Americans are very peculiar indeed. I lived in Europe for 8 years and was amazed at how well cared for Europeans were. From health care, education, social welfare for all, occupational training, the list goes on and on. The most important thing is that Europeans are happy, not oppressed, not down trodden, happy. Yes, their taxes are high, but they get a lot for their money and they know it. Try and convince some Americans of this and they get angry and yell if it’s so good why don’t you get the hell out of here and live there! If I were younger, healthier I might as it is I live part time in Mexico, when I tell them that I’m lectured on Mexico from folks who have never been there, because they know it all.
    Thanks for your post I enjoyed it.

  45. Steve Rogers says:

    Looks like there are two Steve’s posting. I am the first Steve (comment #3), and do not particularly agree with the other “Steve.”

    I have changed my posting name to differentiate us.

    Call it what you want. Health Care reform is important. What part of Affordable do you not like?
    Seems the people most against “ObamaCare,” don’t have the facts. Americans pay more and get less right now. If you disagree with that, check your facts.
    Too many of my friends are living in the past. Their attitude is “I worked hard and I got mine, eff everyone else!”
    That is a bad attitude in this changed world.

  46. Joe Cook says:

    I don’t buy it, Nick or anybody else. The govt and my tax dollars has no obligation to provide you with a anything. Get off your lazy asses and work for a living! I’d work 24 hours a day 7 days a week before I’d agree to this socialized govt.

  47. Joe Cook says:

    The world is made up of freeloaders looking for a handout. If this keeps up we will all be standing in bread lines.

  48. Karen Scanlan says:

    Joe, of all the people posting here you need health care more than anyone to see if they can do some procedure to get your head out of your butt!

  49. Steve Rogers says:

    “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
    Anyone know where this came from? Are you against promoting the general welfare? That would be un-American!

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