Here are some random thoughts from the mind of Bad Nick on a rainy, gloomy Sunday afternoon.

Proof That Guns Aren’t The Problem

I’ve always told anti-gun folks to give me 24 hours and I can prove once and for all that guns are not the problem when it comes to crime. Don’t believe me? Just allow your wife and teenage daughters to spend 24 hours among the population of a maximum or medium security prison. After all, those guys in there don’t have guns so how can they be in danger? A killer is a killer is a killer. A rapist is a rapist is a rapist. No law will stop them and no lack of a weapon will prevent them from committing their crimes.

More Money For A Sinking Ship

The Post Office wants yet another raise in the price of a first class letter, to 49 cents, because they are losing business. Yeah, that makes sense, charge more for what people don’t want already. Why don’t they teach that in business101 in college?

With an appalling $41 billion in losses since 2006, one editorial opinion recently called the Postal Service a poster child for incompetence. Any company that ran so deeply in the red would either be bankrupt or see a mutiny by those holding stock in it.

Here’s an idea the Postal Service might want to consider; if you want to survive, how about offering better service at a reasonable price?

The Great Time Waster

While computers and the internet have made our lives much better for the most part, there is one innovation that can only be called The Great Time Waster, and that is Facebook. And I’m as guilty as most of you who have made the mistake of opening an account on the popular social media website. I tell myself that I use it to promote my books and our business but I find myself spending way too much time reading senseless posts. Do I really need to share and forward a message telling my sister/brother/mom/dad/wife/children/cousin/dog/cat that I love them? If I’m doing my job as a person, shouldn’t they know that already? And I really don’t care that you are checking in from Starbucks or McDonald’s.

It’s comforting to know that I can keep up with my friends and family and read all about the latest conspiracy or internet hoax just by clicking my mouse a couple of times. And from time to time I do get a real chuckle out of something I find there, such as this:


Yeah, and I was 25 pounds lighter when the first Bush was in office. It’s all a commie socialist plot. I know, because I read all about it on Facebook.

And on the subject of supposed social plots, here is one of the best nonbiased explanations about the new Affordable Care Act (also called Obamacare) that I have read yet.

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17 Comments on This And That

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    Oversimplifying complex issues is what is really wrong with the way most people use the Internet.
    You are better than that.

  2. Dale says:

    As to the post office, they are losing money due to the Congress in power in 2006 (think it was republican) that directed that they had to fully fund all employee retirement funds ahead of time. No other business operates this way. The post office cannot change this – only Congress can.

    As to Facebook, yes, if you let it, it can be a time waster. But it is a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends and family. Depends on how you decide to utilize it.

  3. Kayjulia says:

    I told this to folks before they just don’t get it. The truth is there are members of congress who want to destroy the Post Office some because they are anti-union others because they are supports of private delivery companies.

  4. Ken Miller says:

    You can dip a turd in flour and deep fry it and call it a corn dog, but its still a turd Nick. Same with Obamacare. I’d rather die of cancer that have this kind of health care forced down my throat.

  5. Steve Rogers says:

    Ken Miller, Really? Your tasteless and vindictive comment can not be taken seriously and doesn’t further the conversation.
    I read the referenced blog post and now have a better understanding of the law. It is clear nothing is being forced down anyone’s throat. I look forward to more unbiased information.

  6. Pete Anderson says:

    Give me a break, Ken. If you were really sick with a terminal illness you’d be more than happy to get treatment wherever it came from.

  7. Fred Clayton says:

    The blog you linked to has one of the best, easy to understand explanations of the health care act I’ve seen. I’m going to share it with a couple of friends who are caught up in the hysteria Ken Miller demonstrates above. Thanks Bad Nick.

  8. Fred Hammer says:

    Obama said: “You can keep the health care program you already have.” Yep, that was true; however, my doctor whom I really liked did not stay with the program, and to stay with him I would have had to pay “non-provider’ rates I could not afford. So, I did not get to keep the doctor I have had for years. In the meantime, my office visit co-pays have increased and the co-pay costs of my medications have doubled in some cases. I do not like government-forced altruism — especially on a fixed retirement income.

  9. George Stoltz says:

    Part of the confusion is that ACA was passed into law under Obama. So many people just seem to hate anything he does. Makes we wonder if the this “pill” might be easier to swallow had ACA been passed under a different president.

  10. Rex says:

    One of the main problems I have with Obamacare is the fact that it was crammed down our throats by a bunch of politicians that by their own admission did not read the legislation. That to me is betrayal by our elected officials and should be grounds for impeachment of all of them. If they are not going to read the legislation that is proposed why are we paying them anything? While legislation similar to the ACA would or could be good for America, I do not think it is necessary to have a 2000 page document to implement it.

  11. Ken turner says:

    This might be one area where the post office might make a change and save dollars and itself! In my little town and hundreds of others around us, if we mail a letter to someone in our area or next door, that letter must go to New Orleans first. Where it gets sorted, rerouted and sent back to our area! Think of the savings that could take place with just this one idea, have a box marked local mail! Have someone ,say a janitor once a day go through this box and put mail in other boxes ,marked our town,next town etc. just think of the savings. Fuel,dozens of sorters in n.o. And all that those extra people would generate retirement. Etc. but no this can not be done! Why? Because it would take away all those gov.created jobs.

  12. Karen says:

    Fred, if you are talking about your private, employer provided insurance, then your problem has nothing to do with ACA. That happened because your employer selected a different insurance company or your current insurance company changed it’s list of providers. This happened with me about 13 years ago when my husband and I changed from my employers insurance to his insurance company because we could save a few dollars. Our then current doctor was not on the list of covered doctors so we had to change doctors. As soon as we could we switched back to my company’s insurance plan.

    Also, long before the election of Pres. Obama, large companies were debating on what they could do to save money on employer provided insurance. Some of the things they considered would make you a believer in the ACA. Included was the plan to abolish the idea of employer provided insurance to offering a small amount of credit to the employee and then they could find their own insurance. Of course none of their ideas included the idea of coverage for all regardless of their previous health issues. So please educate yourself on the facts, not from scare tactics from the anti ACA factions.

  13. Connie Bradish says:

    I read the article you suggested on the Health Care Act. He is wrong about the penalties(TAX). They are:
    2014: Families––$285 or 1 percent of total household income, whichever is greater. Individual adults––$95.
    2015: Families––$975 or 2 percent of income, whichever is greater. Individual adults––$325.
    2016: Families––$2,085 or 2.5 percent of income, whichever is greater. Individual adults––$695.
    Individual adults means singles and the tax is not a cap on individuals in a family.

    And he fails to explain the difference between a bronze, silver, gold or platinum policy. Would you like to have a $1000 to $2000 individual deductible, $5000 to $6000 family out of pocket with coverage which is 60/40? That’s what the bronze plan is and what most lower income people might be able to afford.

    I was on our health plan committee at work for many years. I have done my research and this health plan no matter what you call it is NOT very good coverage. I suggest you go onto the government site ( which opens Oct 1 and enter in some data in the individuals and families section and see what the costs are in your zip code. Might be enlightening for you as to the quality and cost of the different plans for families and individuals at various income & coverage levels.

  14. Fred Hammer says:

    Karen, I’m talking about my doctor who decided that he would drop my company health plan, not the other way around. In short, under Obamacare, he couldn’t afford us! I think Connie has the more realistic “facts.” So, perhaps you could use a little education also.

  15. Sandy Childs says:

    Fred, I have worked in medical billing offices for over 35 years. Doctors drop out of health care plans all the time for one reason or another. Plans change and doctors are no longer part of the plan all the time. Companies change health care policies all the time. It’s easy and convenient to blame Obamacare but its nothing new.

  16. Thomas Dreyer says:

    The thing is Connie, nothing is perfect. We are a working couple who don’t have and never have had health insurance from our jobs. Due to a pre-exisitig heart condition my wife cannot get coverage at all. So anything is better than nothing.

  17. Leann says:

    My husband and I our both self employed with two different insurance companies. Paying way too much for insurance already. Now because of Obama’s great plan both our insurance policies do not cover everything Obama is requiring them to cover so our plans are no longer. We have to apply for new plans which are going to cost us more then the 650 dollars a month we already pay for insurance. Not to mention that our deductible will be at least double what we are paying… yeah great plan… and yes it is getting shoved down our throats.

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