The next time you hear somebody complaining about welfare moms and illegal aliens milking the system (which is wrong and which I am totally opposed to), consider this scumbag, an IRS technology contractor whose company received up to $500 million in government business shortly after founding his company in 2012.

News sources report that before opening his company, Strong Castle, Braulio Castillo filed for a disability rating with the Veterans Administration, which gave his company preferential treatment in government bidding competition. Hey, I’m all for giving veterans a break. Especially those who were injured in the line of duty.

So what was the injury that led to Castillo’s disability? A gunshot wound? Shrapnel wounds from an improvised explosive device (IED)? Did he lose a limb in an enemy ambush? No, he injured his foot playing football.

That’s right, football. And he wasn’t even on active duty at the time. In fact, Castillo never served even one day on active duty. He was injured 27 years earlier while playing sports in military prep school. Yes, you read that right. This maggot is using a schoolboy injury to gain preferential treatment as an injured “veteran.” Fortunately, that “injury” didn’t prevent Castillo from going on to play college football.

Meanwhile, real veterans with real injuries wait up to a year or more for the VA to make a determination on their disability claims. Does that make you want to take a horsewhip to somebody like Castillo? It does me!

Here is a link to a video of a congressional hearing in which Representative Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), a disabled Iraq war veteran and former Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs, takes Castillo to task. Duckworth was deployed to Iraq in 2004 as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot for the Illinois Army National Guard, one of the first Army women to fly combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom. On November 12, 2004, her helicopter was hit by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG), and she lost both legs and suffered severe injuries to her right arm, which she may still lose. Duckworth spent the next year recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where she became an advocate for her fellow soldiers and testified before Congress about caring for our wounded warriors. A fighter still today, Duckworth pulls no punches in telling Castillo off.

I know men and women who deserve disability for injuries received in the military who either can’t get them or don’t feel it’s right to even apply because there are other vets more in need. And then we have this sorry excuse for a human being, who doesn’t see anything wrong with what he’s done. And he’s so damned noble that he said he’d do it all over again, even with the “pain” he lives with, to “serve his country.”

Really, Mr. Castillo, you see nothing wrong with what you’ve done? I’d like to spend a few minutes in a closed room with you. I think when I walked out you’d understand it, and you’d have some real injuries to whine about.

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18 Comments on This Guy Needs Horsewhipped

  1. Tom Smith says:

    Oh this pisses me off to no end! This SOB deserves that horsewhipping and then tarred & feathered!!!! I hope he loses every penny of those govt contracts and is charged for giving false information to the VA.

  2. Jill Adams says:

    how could he get that VA classification? my brother has agent orange poisoning and can’t get past the front door of the VA for all the BS runaround they keep giving him.

  3. Francis Callahan says:

    This guy should be in jail fore fraud as 100 disabled vet I see a lot of scumbags trying for disability who don’t deserve it

  4. Phyllis says:

    Yup, saw this on news a few weeks ago. The dirt bag has no shame. Another one of those “give me” leeches.

  5. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Bad Nick,

    I’d like for you to get that opportunity too, also.. I think you’d be the one to walk out, also!!!
    whenever I go to the VA, for treatment, I see lots of people that I wonder, ‘are they veterans’?? I salute ALL of our military, who have done their ‘duty’… I don’t feel like I even deserve the service I get, because I may be keeping a more deserving vet from getting his part.. I’m an old man, now and the young wounded aren’t being taken care of because of the MONEY SHORTAGE, BUT THE EMPEROR can spend it for his ‘campaign’!

  6. Walt K. says:

    Saw this some time back, it made me really angry as a vet to see this. My brother is so debilitated from Agent Orange that he struggles to get out of bed in the morning, cancer of the esophagus, now MDS ( pre-leukemia ) and had to fight like hell for over 3 years to get a full rating while this asshole brags about his “injury” and how he’d do it again for his country, WQTF, Nick I’m right with you on administering an ass whipping of epic proportions.

  7. Sam Weibel says:

    I have a profound hearing loss from my days(3years)flying in the Navy in a rescue helicopter squadron. This was during the Viet Nam years 66-70. When I decided to apply for a VA benefit several years I was sent to Jefferson Barracks VA Hospital where they spent a full day diligently testing me. After a 6 month wait, the results from the test came back and said yes I had a severe hearing loss BUT, Only one ear was service related, the other one wasn’t.I was denied a benefit. How can this be they were both on the same head and in the same aircraft.I was so mad I still haven’t tried to appeal. I think it is a delaying action so you might die before you get to collect anything.

  8. Karen says:

    I saw the video of that. I was so pissed after seeing that I think my blood pressure went off the charts. How can someone who only went to military school get classified as a veteran? it does not make sense to me. I have a friend who served two years in the Navy but is not classified as a veteran because there was no “conflict” while she was in. She still served, but this guy only played football.

  9. Owen Dailey says:

    Right on Nick. I am a disabled vet who sometimes feels guilty about receiving benefits when there are those who deserve it as much and are turned down. People like this guy should be so ashamed. I am glad you have brought it to our attention . Keep on doing what you do .

  10. Kayjulia says:

    This man is a fraud, a despicable fraud and why he hasn’t been indicted on fraud charges is beyond me. I have known a lot of dis abled veterans and the run around they go through to get care is worthy of some evil Dark Ages plot. Also the care not always the best this I know from family experiences. Until very recently women who were vets got even less care and consideration than male vets because the feeling was by the VA that their injuries and wounds weren’t as life altering as male wounds and besides they had no beds for women. Veterans have always been screwed from the American Revolution to the present day. Somehow the myth that the Gov. will take care of you if you are disabled in the service of your country persists. This so called care is not a sure thing ask some vets. The DAV has special counselors to help vets get the care they need and why is this so? Because the system is skewed to eliminate claims at the door to save money. The whole system of mis-justice to those who served makes my blood boil. BUT, there are those in America who believe this is okay to screw over vets or anybody else who has mis-fortune and they are not in the least bit ashamed to tell you so even in public like testimony in front of a congressional panel. This same Congress Woman was belittled by a fellow Congressman for her service, she set him straight of course. Still he represents A LOT of American people who feel like him. Sign me as DISGUSTED.

  11. Rex says:

    I agree with all that has been said here. He is despicable. But my comment is for Sam Weibel. I too went to JB and was told I had hearing loss, they admit that upon discharge my hearing had declined and they still won’t step up to the plate. I have appealed, it too was denied and I wrote them a letter and that was over 2 years ago and no response so far. What gives with that place. I was in from 1968 to 1972 and while at Mt. Home AFB I was on the flight line almost everyday. The Capt. I worked for said our job description did not call for hearing protection and thus we were not issued any. Have you ever been on a flight line with a whole squadron of F4’s running? I appreciate the service and treatment I get at JB, but the audiology department there sucks. I would fore go the disability, if I could buy my hearing aids through them. Have you tried to purchase hearing aids at JB?
    Thanks, Rex

  12. George Stoltz says:


    Thank you for helping show this scum bag’s true colors. We need more people in Washington and in the VA like Ms,Duckworth. She is a true American hero and patriot.

  13. Robert Wang says:

    It is without a doubt a travesty that the system allows people like this to be getting what he does not deserve. Thanks for spotlighting this parasite.
    I take issue with the wholesale knocking of the VA, as we in Cape Coral Fl have a wonderful new facility and great care being given to us.
    The hearing experience is similar for many, hard to get them to see the damage and get awarded what’s appropriate.
    3/3/3 USMC Nam vet 67

  14. Tony Seger says:

    I think somebody should be investigating who approved his status, as many people with true disability can’t get what they so richly deserve. It seems to me that the only way he could get this would be knowing someone or contributing heavily to someone’s political campaign that would have the clout to get it approved.

  15. Allan says:

    Congresswoman Duckworth dressed him down good but he probably needs to be charged with fraud. He knows good and well that he doesn’t deserve special treatment for his NOT-service connected injury. The VA has been good to me but I was just under the line to get a hearing aid. I feel sorry for the men and women on the long waiting line to get help. Every vet that needs VA assistance should get it but scammers need to be weeded out. I was injured in VietNam but it wasn’t combat related so I would never even consider what this man is doing and he received his injury in prep school.
    SeaBee Nam vet 68 & 69

  16. Bill Kelbaugh says:

    I would be glad to give my disability back if not for having this Agent Orange cancer the rest of my life. The lady sure showed us what a real ass chewing is. Also to her credit, she was a helicopter pilot. Wonder if she also has the ringing in the ears so she can’t sleep without a white noise machine?
    The guy subject to the chewing out is, in my opinion, a real scumbag.
    Helicopter pilot 67/68

  17. Connie Bradish says:

    Thanks to all you REAL veterans. We all appreciate your service. Yes, the fraud needs to be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Tony Giles says:

    This maggot should go to prison and whoever approved his disability claim should be fired.

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