With all of the name calling and finger pointing going on in Washington, it’s hard to know who to blame for the mess we’re in. According to the Democrats, the Republicans are responsible for the government shutdown. Meanwhile, the Republicans will swear it’s all the fault of President Obama and the Democratic party. And they’re both lying. The truth is, it’s our fault. That’s right, my friends, yours and mine. We are the ones to blame.

It’s been said before, and it’s true. We get the government we deserve. For years now we’ve all bitched and complained about the incompetent and corrupt people we elect to office, but we keep right on reelecting them, don’t we?

Time after time we hear, “Never vote for an incumbent.” Over and over we hear it’s time to put an end to the two party system. But who is still running the country? The same good old boys and girls who have been sticking it to us all along. And nothing’s going to change because just like sheep, we stand around and bleat while they shear us of our tax dollars, our rights, and our freedoms.

No matter what you learned in your high school history class, the Civil War was not about slavery, but rather states’ rights. Just as this isn’t about Obamacare or debt ceilings, even though those are the talking points. No, this is about two self-serving groups of people who are having a giant pissing match, and guess who’s down below getting splattered?

We all know that the government shutdown is nonsense; it’s not about what’s good for the people, it’s all about inflated egos and party politics. So why aren’t people flooding every office in Congress with phone calls, letters and e-mails demanding that their elected representatives stop playing games now and put an end to it? Why aren’t people marching on Washington in massive protests to show those elitist bastards that we’re fed up with them and we want them to act now? Why aren’t crowds of taxpayers walking past the barriers at National Parks and monuments and defying orders not to enter public property that belongs to us. Those places don’t belong to the Congressmen and Senators, they belong to you and me! Would you stay out of your house became some clown in Washington told you that you can’t go there? If people can organize flash mobs on the internet to show up at shopping malls, why can’t we do the same thing and show up at those public places in the hundreds, even thousands?

And more importantly, why will we go to the polls and elect the same people over again come election time? Because, we have short memories, and we all know it’s not our elected reps causing the problem, it’s somebody else. As I said, we get the government we deserve.

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70 Comments on It’s Our Fault

  1. Pam says:

    Oct 2008: “You’ll never get elected and pass healthcare.”
    Nov 2008: “We’ll never let you pass healthcare.”
    Jan 2009: “We are going to shout you down every time you try to pass healthcare.”
    July 2009: “We will fight to the death every attempt you make to pass healthcare.”
    Dec 2009: “We will destroy you if you even consider passing healthcare.”
    March 2010: “We can’t believe you just passed healthcare.”
    April 2010: “We are going to overturn healthcare.”
    Sept 2010: “We are going to repeal healthcare.”
    Jan 2011: “We are going to destroy healthcare.”
    Feb 2012: “We are going to elect a candidate who will immediately revoke healthcare.”
    June 2012: “We will go to the Supreme Court, and they will overturn healthcare.”
    Aug 2012: “The American people will never re-elect you, because they don’t want healthcare.”
    Oct 2012: “We can’t wait to win the election and explode healthcare.”
    Nov 2012: “We can’t believe you just got re-elected and that we can’t repeal healthcare.”
    Feb 2013: “We’re still going to vote to obliterate healthcare.”
    June 2013: “We can’t believe the Supreme Court just upheld healthcare.”
    July 2013: “We’re going to vote 42 more times to erase healthcare.”
    Sept 2013: “We are going to leverage a government shutdown into defunding, destroying, obliterating, overturning, repealing, dismantling, erasing and ripping apart healthcare.”

  2. Joe Mineer says:

    Mark, you said to your recollection most major insurance companies supported Obamacare. My company sent me at least a half dozen letters telling me how the new plan would reduce my options and cost me more money.

  3. Tina McClusky says:

    I think Pam’s comment said it best. The Reps. said Obama would never get elected, then that the law would never happen and then it would be overturned. But all that did happen so now their just throwing a tantrum at our expense.

  4. Kelli Wertz says:

    I have breast cancer for the second time and I can’t get coverage because it is pre-exiisting and the company I worked for 17 years closed down our plant and moved to Mexico. So to me the Health Care Act is not a bargaining point, it is my chance to live. So every one of those Republican lawmakers trying to overturn it are driving a nail in my coffin.

  5. popeye says:

    When the biased “News” networks and elected officials say things with no regard to the actual facts or events. (AND THEY DO!!)

    We need to check the actual facts ourselves before we just repeat what we hear.

    Just Sayin’

  6. Steve says:

    1. I notice that still no liberal here will come out and say that Obama is wrong for deliberately hurting the public during this shutdown. Every response to my question has been evasive, equivocating, or just name calling. Ok, if he isn’t making that decision, who is?

    2. Nick, I appreciate your answer, you believe Healthcare is a Right. Fair enough, we disagree. But I still am not clear where you would draw the line. Does every hospital and every Doctors office have a duty to treat every person appearing at their door? And does that care include every possible treatment no matter the cost? And no matter how much or how little the person pays? What if the treatment or drug costs millions?

    What if the Doctor who knows how to cure you is paid more than you can afford? Does he now take a pay cut to treat you? the next person? the next? Or do we just cut his pay and tell him to “suck it up, it’s a new world buddy”. Not exactly an incentive for people to become Doctors…..

    3. I will try and make my basic point about Obamacare one more time:


    If you took all the money from foreign aid, AND took all the money from the “rich”, you would still not have enough to fund “free” healthcare for everyone. (and BTW just who is “everyone”?)

    If you use a product or service, it costs something. And with modern healthcare, it often cost A LOT! We’re not talking band aids here people. You think GE is going to make their new cutting-edge MRI machines for free?? HA! You think Merck is going to keep spend millions for new drug testing? They will either get paid, or they will stop making the new drugs, new machines.

    Wishing it away doesn’t work, People need to be paid, products need to be purchased. In this Obamacare Nirvana you all want, who will pay? The government? The insurance companies? The EVIL big corporations? Sooner or later the money, OTHER PEOPLES MONEY, will run out. That’s when rationing occurs, that’s when lines form, that’s when the phone calls to the politicians begin.

    You cannot have something for nothing. If you give something away, people will take it. It is basic human nature.

    Healthcare is one-fifth of our economy. And it will suffer when rationing kicks in. And it will kick in. And we will be standing in line, or waiting for a committee to decide our fate, or (inevitably) be calling our Congressman to PLEASE make a call for me so I can get moved up the line…..

    ANYTHING the government gets involved with becomes corrupted / wasteful / expensive. If healthcare becomes another government agency, if it becomes another entitlement, costs will soar, quality will decline, rationing will occur and a few will benefit at the expense of many others.

  7. tony seger says:

    One thing you have to say for Steve is that he is never equivocating, It is all Obama’s fault. And he clearly illustrates why it is so hard to have a thoughtful discussion on how to solve the problems. It seems to me that when he says,”THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH!”, what he is afraid of is that someone might raise taxes. Other countries have found a way to have healthcare for everyone, and their citizens like their plans.
    PAM – good illustration of the hard road getting a healthcare bill passed had to travel.
    TINA – right on!
    Budget bills should be for budgets only, not as ways to change laws.
    STEVE – you might want to look at the size of the military budget if you want to talk about money. But just making statements like taking all the money from the “rich” really adds nothing to the discussion as that whole paragraph was just a rant with no facts or figures. You might want to consider the actual problem thoughtfully and not just your very apparent hot buttons of Obama and liberals.

  8. Steve says:

    Tony, thanks again for showing my point.

    I made it clear that all I was asking for is who is to blame for the over-the top decisions to close parks and threaten tourist and veterans…. Just that. And none of you will actually type the words… It just can’t be HIS fault, no it’s those mean blackmailing republicans….

    I agree, the shutdown is not ALL Obama’s fault, but why won’t any of you simply call the thug tactics he enacted after the shutdown exactly what they are.

    I believe that Liberals have a blind spot when it comes to “The One” and are willing to give him a pass with things they would NEVER accept from a Republican. That is called HYPOCRISY.

  9. Pam says:

    Your question has been answered. It was pointed out to you that this shutdown is proceeding exactly like every shutdown before it. You can’t win on the argument that the Republicans didn’t cause this shutdown because you are dealing with people who actually remember the past few months when Republicans threatened REPEATEDLY to shut down the government. Now they’re trying to say “Well, it’s Obama’s fault we shut down the government. If he had just given in to our extortion, we wouldn’t have had to do this.” When that didn’t work, they tried the tactic you are using…”Oh, gee, we wanted a kinder, gentler shutdown but that mean old Obama…blah, blah, blah.”

    Sorry, but that crap is just getting old. We’ve all been on the receiving end for years of the ridiculous emails and Facebook posts accusing this President of everything under the sun. You did the same thing with Clinton-demonized him, tried to throw him out of office, fought him tooth and nail every step of the way. You’re nothing but a bunch of sore losers and it would be funny, in a pathetic sort of way, if it weren’t for the fact that this ridiculous obsession and hatred is hurting our country.

    Here’s something that no one has mentioned. The budget that Boehner refuses to put before the congress for a vote is the budget that the REPUBLICANS wanted. Obama and the Dems DID negotiate with them and capitulated to almost all of their demands. Boehner was ready to put it to a vote but 32 Tea Party Republicans threatened a revolt if he even put it up for a vote! Most sensible Republicans (yes, there still are a few left) are furious about what these extremists are doing to their party.

    You want to do something productive? Call Speaker Boehner’s office and tell him to put the clean CR up for a vote. Do it before noon though when you are more likely to catch him sober.

  10. tony seger says:

    Steve – Thanks again for showing my point. It would shorten your posts, and make them clearer also if you would just post, “Damn Obama and the liberals – It’s their fault!”

    As a long time registered Republican who used to think Reagan was too conservative, I find it interesting that Reagan would be considered a moderate, maybe even liberal Republican today. He did raise taxes, and he did compromise. It is a sad comment on how polarized our society has become.

    Pam – You are correct about the Tea party holding the bill hostage. There needs to be a way to get any bill up for a vote in Congress.

    I am also another one of the people with “pre-existing conditions” as I have diabetes. I was turned down for long term health insurance because of that.

    I have noticed that there is a lot of money funding the media misinformation campaigns against the Healthcare bill and they have even convinced people that really need the bill to argue against their own best interest. It truly is a sad state of affairs. I saw pictures of ectsatic tea partiers who who were thrilled at the thought at bringing big government to their knees.

  11. Nick Russell says:

    Okay, Steve, yes Obama is at fault as are every Senator and Congressman. That’s what I said in my original blog. ALL politicians. ALL elected to Washington. Does that make you feel better?

    So now that we have established that again, can they get to work and solve the problem?

  12. Steve says:

    Nick, This is your site and your tone implies that I am trying your patience, if so I apologize, not my intent to do that. If you’ll check my posts, I have tried to stick w/ ideas, not ad-hominems. Some others here are unable to do that.

    I did read your column and I agree w/ your larger point. However, the reason most of us are posting here in the first place is because we were all pissed off about the barricades at the monuments and the unnecessary National Park closures. That righteous anger led us here to your website to also argue about the bigger issues of the shutdown, Obamacare, and politicians in general.

    I also agree wholeheartedly w/you that ALL politicians are to blame for parts of the shutdown -including- my own side. I am not, as some here have called me, a blind ideologue or hypocrite. I have and will call out wrongs on both sides. And I agree with your overall point that in the end WE are responsible since we elected them.

    My much smaller point was about the Park closures themselves, since that is the one thing we ALL agree wasn’t right…. surely it wasn’t “all politicians” who issued the closure orders? It had to be one person, and that had to be Obama….it sure as heck wasn’t the Tea Party or John Boehner, but Obama seemed to me to be be getting a pass here (for that one thing). Even you were quick to include every Senator and Congressman along with him…. I agree that’s true for the shutdown, but not for the closures.

    Having no takers, I restated the question, but I never intended to belabor the point or for it to take over the thread. It seems to be a sore spot and I won’t further irritate you by bringing it up again.

  13. Dave W5 says:

    No they can’t Nick, because they are approaching the debt dead line date. The 17th the US will default, if they don’t do anything about the budget and they won’t. They then will start a new argument about who’s fault that is!…

    Steve why are you looking for Fault anyway. Fault does not help the situation. Why not come up with a solution to this mess and you would be the winner.
    With all this bickering in the Government and in this post non of them are coming up with one either.

    I propose that the government take a portion of our already paid taxes and invest it in scrap metal that is pickup (by out of work Americans) from these wars we fight and turned in for cash. Then the cash that is made can be used for everyone’s health care. There’s my idea where yours?

  14. Pam says:

    No one person specifically ordered the National Parks to close.* They are funded by the Federal Government and therefore didn’t have the funds to stay open after the shutdown. When a shutdown occurs, the President doesn’t sit down with a list of Federal agencies and say, “let’s shut this and this and this.” Everything shuts down, unless it is deemed “essential” like the military or air traffic control. (There is another exception: programs which operate from a mix of Federal and private funding. Some programs remain open, or provide partial services, because they have enough private funding to remain operational for a time. As the shut down drags on, many of these programs will close, too.)

    *I put an asterisk next to that first sentence because it’s possible the person in charge of the park service issued a closure directive. It is the government after all, they don’t do anything without paperwork. It’s a technicality though. As of midnight, October first, they simply didn’t have the funds to stay open.

  15. Barb Scrafield says:

    Who ever is at fault, and I do put the blame on the president, who wants the folks to feel the most pain..The government has shut down before but has anyone ever seen the open air monuments barricaded before? Those are open 24 hours a day..

    They wanted to hurt the vets but opened it to those folks who wanted to protest for immigration reform? Gimme a break.

    And who was so stupid that they tried to close Mount Vernon? I would have loved to have been there when the folks there told those who tried to barricade it, that mt Vernon was private and not subject to their craziness..

  16. Judy McKinney says:

    Well said Nick. From what I understand about 500 people run the country and we can’t seem to control them.God help us.

  17. Chris Casson says:

    Lets try this premise, you’re all right and wrong.
    There are rich and poor Democrats and Republicans, so that’s not really much of a distinction.
    There are inequities in individual production which can not be legislated out of life. If I choose to watch TV rather than hit the books, I can’t punish the ones who sacrifice their time to better themselves by taking away the fruits of their labor.
    I said to someone the other day that I thought that promoting the general welfare is giving a hand up not a hand out? Their response was “Doesn’t one have to put their hand out to give a hand up? This is were the division of mindset comes into play. Think about when you see someone who has fallen down on the sidewalk, do you go up to them and say “Let me give you a handout”? That could be a pillow for their head so we can make them comfortable down there, and that way we don’t have to deal with the cause of them falling down but we can feel good about ourselves. Or do you say “Let me give you a hand up” and get involved with changing the habits that caused their fall. If someone is needing assistance with a task, do you give them a hand out and leave them to their own devices which mostly likely is what got them there in the first place, or do you give them a hand up by giving them the tools and skills to not only help themselves but also help others? As I understand how our present welfare/entitlement system works, and I will gladly solicit being corrected, it gives away the fish without teaching the recipient to fish. Just for clarity I was raised Catholic and happened to live in Utah for awhile and the Mormons have a hand up system called Deseret Industries, whose basic tenant is they will help those who will help themselves in any way possible, and no job is not valued for its contribution to the whole. You want to give a hand out, give everyone who wants it a free education based on passing grades and those who want a hand up will jump at the chance. My complaint with the ACA is not in it’s attempt to help those in need, it’s that it’s being manage by a group of people who have a history of screwing things up. The enabling of heart beat loans by unethical loan brokers of the mid 2000’s is a prime example. It’s also that the laws of this country, whether sponsored by Dem’s or Reps, are neither ready to be launched as in this latest example of ACA enrollment melt down, or they are not being applied evenly when there is an allowance for exemptions not available to all.
    My tongue in cheek theory, although not by much of a stretch of one’s imagination, given the stupidity of remarks made on both sides of the aisle, is that all the players back there are meeting in the back rooms of Congress and saying we’ve got the citizenry right where we want them, infighting amongst themselves and they can’t see how crappy of a job we’re doing so we should be able to get re-elected. Nick is right, we need to have the guts to throw them all out without exemption or exception. Start over and require that our representatives follow the documents that created this country. We seem to have forgotten that THEY WORK FOR US!

  18. BobH says:

    Yes. But how? Back to my position “None of the Above” needs to be a choice on every ballot.

  19. Allan says:

    The President does not personaly administer all details of every agency under his control. He does have the responsibility to make sure that they are administered correctly. He is responsible to make correctinons if it is apparent that things are wrong. He also can direct agencies to make things as hard on people as possible. So he is either inept or tyranical if he allows things like barricading the monuments to continue. He will probably not do anything to stop it as long as he thinks he is winning in the polls.

  20. Allan says:

    The Million Veterans March today in Washington took down the “barrycades” and reclaimed the memorials to the WWII, Korean, and VietNam veterans. This is like the peaceful protests of another civil rights era. “Don’t mess with vets” they purchased freedom for the USA with blood and are still willing to fight to keep it free from oppression from outside or inside America.

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