With all of the name calling and finger pointing going on in Washington, it’s hard to know who to blame for the mess we’re in. According to the Democrats, the Republicans are responsible for the government shutdown. Meanwhile, the Republicans will swear it’s all the fault of President Obama and the Democratic party. And they’re both lying. The truth is, it’s our fault. That’s right, my friends, yours and mine. We are the ones to blame.

It’s been said before, and it’s true. We get the government we deserve. For years now we’ve all bitched and complained about the incompetent and corrupt people we elect to office, but we keep right on reelecting them, don’t we?

Time after time we hear, “Never vote for an incumbent.” Over and over we hear it’s time to put an end to the two party system. But who is still running the country? The same good old boys and girls who have been sticking it to us all along. And nothing’s going to change because just like sheep, we stand around and bleat while they shear us of our tax dollars, our rights, and our freedoms.

No matter what you learned in your high school history class, the Civil War was not about slavery, but rather states’ rights. Just as this isn’t about Obamacare or debt ceilings, even though those are the talking points. No, this is about two self-serving groups of people who are having a giant pissing match, and guess who’s down below getting splattered?

We all know that the government shutdown is nonsense; it’s not about what’s good for the people, it’s all about inflated egos and party politics. So why aren’t people flooding every office in Congress with phone calls, letters and e-mails demanding that their elected representatives stop playing games now and put an end to it? Why aren’t people marching on Washington in massive protests to show those elitist bastards that we’re fed up with them and we want them to act now? Why aren’t crowds of taxpayers walking past the barriers at National Parks and monuments and defying orders not to enter public property that belongs to us. Those places don’t belong to the Congressmen and Senators, they belong to you and me! Would you stay out of your house became some clown in Washington told you that you can’t go there? If people can organize flash mobs on the internet to show up at shopping malls, why can’t we do the same thing and show up at those public places in the hundreds, even thousands?

And more importantly, why will we go to the polls and elect the same people over again come election time? Because, we have short memories, and we all know it’s not our elected reps causing the problem, it’s somebody else. As I said, we get the government we deserve.

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70 Comments on It’s Our Fault

  1. Thomas Dreyer says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better Nick. I’d love to see a couple thousand American citizens show up at a monument or national park and defy them to keep them out. Why aren’t we seeing protests about this in every American city? What happened to the Occupy movement? We need something like that right now only bigger.

  2. Jon Ensminger says:

    Totally agrees!!!

  3. Marcia Villabose says:

    You said it Nick and I agree 100%! I wrote to my elected rep and said I wanted an end to this now and got back the standard boilerplate response about how the opposing side is all to blame, blah, blah, blah. I wrote back and let him know that he will never get my vote again!

  4. Norma says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Nick, as usual. I thought the idea of a two party system was COMPROMISE! Neither side is doing their job. When the President says he refuses to negotiate, he is behaving like a spoiled child, but the other side is just as bad.
    I am about to burn my Tea Party card!!

  5. Marilu Neally says:

    Good one Nick and I agree. We are at the Outer Banks and people are stopped from going to the beach. They walk or ride their bike around the yellow tape and barricades. Good for them!! I will remember for the next election and those clowns will not get my vote. Whatever happened to negotiation?

  6. Rex says:

    I think Obama, Reid and Pelosi have orchestrated this shutdown to further their socialist agenda. I think on the 17th of the month the U.S. Government will default because the debt ceiling will not be raised. When this happens, all hell will break lose, our money will be worthless because our creditors will refuse to accept it. Rioting will soon follow and Obama will take that opportunity to declare martial law and set himself up as our dictator. This has always been Obama’s goal. If the people do not stand up and put an end to this bickering, we are lost. I hope when the civil war breaks out, that the military will stand with the people and not the government and help us clean out Washington D.C. and not just the Liberals, we need to throw all of the bums out and start over. A new Congress and President of rookies could not do worse than the bunch of idiots in there now.

  7. Rick Stevens says:

    Oh my, Rex. Where do you get your information? You’re really part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  8. George says:

    I agree in spirit, but….

    I tried all the writing. They couldn’t care less! I personally believe that is a waste of time.

    As far as the marching/organizing, look at what they did to the Occupy Wall St protesters that were protesting this very behavior. It is no longer legal in the US to organize in any massive way. You had half the disgruntled Americans cheering on the government and cops because those were “Hippies”.

    United we stand and divided we fall. Just look at the comments on anything you write. The Propaganda machine has us exactly where they want us.

    We have one option, our vote and we refuse to exercise it. Because people feel they have to vote for one of the parties and as long as they do it won’t change.

    I am sure someone will feel the need to attack what I said because of the TV and Radio propaganda they have chosen to be brainwashed by.

    Like I care what a brainwashed person thinks. That’s the funny part right there. LOL

  9. Fred Hammer says:


    Wow, with a post like that, you probably will want to be alert for strange cars with Illinois license plates, especially from the Chicago area.

  10. Bill Daines says:

    Nick, another hair raiser, great!!
    As my comment for a prior comment for showing up in DC with the storming the closed grounds. I remember in 1971 when the war protesting in DC. All our 2nd Marine Division were on alert for the protest. Wow! so storming the grounds, disobey the closed signs, thats not the answer to our problem. Our National Park LEO protect those grounds and a not so known secret they are well trained and are the presidents police force. They (in the groups) get called out for special enforcement (uniformed) because the are a Federal LE agency go where they are needed. I personally don’t want to ruffle their feathers!
    We have alot of good comments here. The big problem is our voice is not being heard on the hill. They all fight like little kids then eat drink and be happy campers off the hill. But we need to call and write our elected voices in Washington, then tell them how we’ll show our support at the polls, fire them by not re-electing them.
    I’m fed up when I see a World War 2 vet in a wheelchair next to a Park Ranger and a closed sign at the WW2 memorial. Then a picture of a ratty old border fence with illegals climbing over to enter our good ole USA ! sorry,,wtf ?

  11. George (the other) says:

    Let’s all hope that Rex does not run for office.

  12. David Evans says:

    Absolutely correct. It takes 10-20 minutes to wade thru all the forms to email your congressional reps but i took the time to do it twice this weekend and will continue to do so. They only worry if enoughpeople (voters) complain. Nice Post Nick!

  13. Nevada Dave says:

    comth the revolution we are going to change all that…Keep you powder dry….

  14. Kayjulia says:

    After reading the comments of this latest blog I am in despair.
    The way I see it Americans are getting what they deserve Democracy in a Republic is Citizenship 401 you have to do your own research, you have to use your brain for something other than stuffing and you have to have your facts straight and then you have to act responsibly. Most Americans don’t have a clue and don’t want to find out because then they would have to face the truth and they don’t want that.
    They would rather climb a tree and believe a lie than stand on the ground and deal with the truth. This is from someone who’s relatives have told to leave the country because I don’t believe in their god. Never mind that I served 21 yrs in the Army another 20 in law enforcement. This is how messed up this country is these days it is all my way or no way. Like I said The US is getting what it deserves.

  15. Wendy says:

    I agree. But like George, I’ve also tried the writing, phoning and emailing and all I’ve ever received is a polite “thank you” note that usually explains why I’m wrong. And I also recently discovered that most of the members of Congress have websites with “contact” links that I can’t access because I’m not one of their constituents (Rep. Neugebauer is one I tried to contact a few days ago). I recently attended church with my mother and the pastor was preaching about people always saying “It’s not my fault.” I think it’s time we all quit saying “It’s not my fault” and start trying to do something.

  16. Dale says:

    Kayjulia: I so agree with what you’ve written. If a fact is given, but it is given by the other side, no one (republican or democrat) wants to hear it or deal with it. I am so discouraged by those who insist that their way is the only way – take it or leave it. For conservative Christians – great but don’t expect to force your beliefs on others no matter what you think of them. For left leaning folks – great but do realize that while so many people are truly in need that our system needs fixing because there is plenty of fraud but it’s so individually on the smaller side that no one wants to go after it. For the haters, both racial and religious – go live yours lives the way you want but there is no reason to spread your fears and hatred.

  17. BobH says:

    Two thoughts

    1) “None of the Above” must become a choice on every ballot.

    2) The American voter is Aliterate, Innumerate, NIMBY. That combination will kill us.

  18. Jodie S. says:

    I think voters have thrown the bums out several times, for example, the Tea Party helping the House get a majority in 2010. But the newbies get to Washington and many of them get sucked into the system. Both parties are not above using shady methods to get what they want.

    From what I’ve read, voters have been flooding their senators and representatives with calls, mail, e-mail, etc., about the governmental gridlock for some time. A lot of good it does! And this administration has shown vindictiveness and just plain bad taste in how they’ve enforced the shutdown.

    A few days ago, in a comment on Nick’s blog, I suggested that we RVers pick several of the major national parks and line up a few hundred of us in an orderly fashion at each entrance. We could open our awnings, set out our lawn chairs, and pick up litter along the road in between meetings of chapters of the Liars’ Club and walking our dogs and cats. Naturally, any authorities that showed up would be invited to participate in the fun.

    We could call it “RVers Roto-Rooter Rally for Washington–Clean Out the Gunk”. With all of our experience emptying our black tanks, we could teach those folks in Washington a thing or two.

  19. Allan says:

    People voted for “Hope and Change” they sure got the change but it is not what was hoped for. Never before in government shut downs have the people been inflicted with this much pain. The Administration has gone out of its way to make this felt by the people. O’s golf course at Andrews ir Force base where he likes to play has apparently receive a “Presidential pardon” as it is still open. I just heard that Oct 13 there is going to be a “Million Vet March for the Memorials” in Washington. If this is true I hope it is well attended to let Washington know that they have crossed the line. The House has sent bills to the Senate to allow the national parks, Veterans Administration etc. to be funded but Harry Reid won’t allow it and the President vowed to veto it

  20. Paul Stough says:

    This is not a 50 50 deal when it comes to blame. What the Republicans in the House are trying to do is called blackmail. They couldnt keep Obomacare from becoming law, and they dont have enough support in the Congress to repeal it, so they are trying to do what they couldnt do at the ballot box or through the legislative process, so they are resorting to blackmail.

    The last Presidential election was mostly a referendum on Obomacare, and the Republicans lost the election, and the Republicans didnt gain enough seats in the House or Senate to repeal Obomacare, so now they are resorting to blackmail, and no one should be forced or even feel forced to bargain or compromise with those that would resort to blackmail.

    Her is what John Stewart had to say on the matter;



  21. Rob Rupp says:

    Good job, Bad Nick. It is easier to place blame elsewhere when the problem is us. Maybe time for that “Civil Disobedience” that Thoreau first coined. I was fortunate that my recent travels concluded right before the shutdown. I would not hesitate a bit to enter our National Parks if possible.

  22. Mike says:

    I am a conservative Republican and do not believe in this current administration or it’s goals. I must agree with Paul, this is are our elected administration, and Obama care is law. Our two party system is what we have and it’s still the best system in the World. Having said that we must continue to let them know how we feel and holding the country hostage with a shut down, is not part of it. Nick says we should flood the White House with protests(letters, phone calls, emails, marches). Most Americans are followers and will follow those with the loudest voice, that they believe in. For the the RV’er, that follows this Blog and reads Nick’s books, and Terry’s Recipes, I here by nominate Nominate the Russell’s as our “Marching Leaders”. They have the organizing abilities, a large following, and have a good communication outlet already set up. Most of their readers have the ability to travel, in their homes to Washington. You don’t need a “Million RV march” to get the attention of Washington. A few hundred would cause plenty of problems and gridlock. The question is are we up to it?

  23. John says:

    Problem = Professional Politicals

    Solution = Term Limits

    oh Paul S, have you selectively forgot the Most Recent Midterm Election Referendum??? That produced the current makeup of the House of Representatives. Somebody (above) mentioned the Prez’s golf course at Andrews AFB, how about the First Lady’s “Get It Moving Program”, it’s still open unlike NP’s.

  24. Linda Sand says:

    We re-elect those people because we can’t find anyone else we want to write in. You want to run?

  25. Paul Stough says:

    @John- The most recent election was not a mid-term election. The last mid-term election was in 2010, and the Republicans did not gain enough seats in the Congress to even have a majority in both houses, let alone a super majority that would be needed to override a Presidential veto.

    When the Republicans have a majority in the Congress and a President that would agree with them or a large enough majority in the Congress to override a Presidential veto, then they can do what they wish by the legislative process, and wont have to resort to blackmail to get what they want. Until then they should accept the fact that a majority of voters have spoken.

    The next mid-term election will be in 2014. We shall see how it goes.


  26. Richard W. says:

    Unfortunately Jimmy Stewart (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) nor Reece Witherspoon (Legally Blonde) are going to swoop in and overcome the evil that exists on the banks of the Potomac. We’ve passed the tipping point where more citizens depend on the government than those that pay for it, with more being added every day. The government is now the largest employer in the country…and I don’t believe that we’ll ever again see what the founding fathers envisioned for us.

  27. Ronald Williams says:

    Like others, I have e-mailed my Congressional representatives and received the same canned response. “We need to stop Obamacare, we need to balance the budget” and on and on. But no comment on what myself and so many others have demanded, that they stop the BS and get back to work.

  28. Paul Stough says:

    Although most people want the shutdown to end, save for the Tea Partiers who see this not as a shutdown, but as a slowdown of government, few people have offered any solutions that dont involve compromising one’s principles.


  29. Rob Rupp says:

    The “Civil Disobedience” has begun. It will soon be out of control as others ignore signs and remove barricades to our parks.


  30. Dave W5 says:

    Lets remember the Government loves Chaos. They use it to hide what they are really up to!…
    Listening to all here it’s working quite well!…

  31. Paul Stough says:

    Ok, I will bite. What are the Democrats and Republicans really up to?



  32. Steve says:

    For those of you with short memories who keep saying the Republicans are doing something wrong here and keep calling Obamacare “settled law” (which DOMA was BTW, hmmmm…) a short history lesson is in order:

    Obamacare was never legally passed, it was “deemed” to have passed, a BS maneuver to get around the election of Scott Brown, who we elected up here in Mass. primarily because he would be the 41st vote against it…. Anyone remember that??

    The Senate passed their version with Ted Kennedy’s temp replacement voting for it, but then when the House version was different, Scott Brown had been seated and OCare no longer had the votes… Nancy Pelosi then used her Speaker’s position to play games and pass a “law” that was actually never passed.

    And BTW, not ONE single Republican voted for it and it has never been popular with the public, which is why the House is a 2 yr term in order to be more “responsive to the people’s will”. I think that more than applies in the case of Obamacare.

  33. Paul Stough says:

    @Steve- If the law is so unpopular, why wasnt Mitt Romney elected, and why wasnt a majority of Republicans elected to the Senate, and why did the Republicans lose seats in the House?


  34. Steve says:

    First, the “Law” IS still very unpopular, by at least 60-40 against depending whose poll it is. It has never hit even 50 percent nationally. That’s why Obama is so dead set on not negotiating on the individual mandate. He needs that revenue to give out the subsidies, which he hopes will sway more people, IE get them “hooked” on yet another entitlement….

    and BTW, notice how he was willing to violate his own “law” (there’s that pesky word again..)and give big business an extra year? Why them and not US? Businesses are the lifeblood of campaign contributions and the midterms are coming. And now businesses will have extra money and gratitude for Obama.

    Mitt Romney lost because of Mitt Romney. He ran a so-so campaign and he allowed Obamacare to be taken away as an issue because he didn’t want to have to answer for Romneycare. If the same number of Republicans that had voted for McCain had voted for Romney, he would have won, what does that tell you? And also Scott Brown lost to Liz Warren for the same reason. Both of them were trying so hard not to lose, they didn’t take the risks to actually win….

  35. Steve says:

    Second, here’s a question for you Paul: Why won’t anyone here who is Liberal or even moderate lay ANY blame on Obama for these THUG tactics he is using in the Parks and Monuments. This is Chicago style crap being brought to the Federal level: “give us what we want or we will start closing fire stations and laying off cops and teachers”

    This whole discussion, and Bad Nicks column, started with a focus on the BS tactics being used to hurt the public during this shutdown, and yet not one liberal or moderate here, including Nick, wants to lay the blame where it belongs except to say “all politicians”, or ” the entire Congress”.

    Last I checked, Republicans were one of the parties to blame for the shutdown itself, but it is Obama and his appointees ALONE that are acting like thugs. Can one of you please own that?!?

    Will any Liberal here actually say that without trying to equivocate??

  36. Ron says:

    Hey, short time memory the Supreme Court Passed Obamacare. Its law so are we going to change every law if we don’t like it. What about people with existing conditions like cancer that can’t be refused or have the rates go up.

  37. Paul Stough says:

    I dont support the idea of blocking off government areas that are not regularly patrolled by the Park Service or some other law enforcement entity. I disagree with calling what he has done Chicago style thug tactics. Chicago style thug tactics would be to send a couple of guys to the homes of the people that oppose him to make them an offer they cant refuse.


  38. tony seger says:

    Why do they call it Obamacare and not Healthcare. It is like the healthcare that Mitt Romney put in place in Massachusets and they did not call that Romneycare. Like it or not, it is a law and it was declared constitutional by the Supreme Court. The purpose of a budget bill is to make a budget, not change laws by defunding them. What’s next, defunding the EPA?

    That said, there are an awful lot of similarities between Democrats and Republicans, with emphasis on the AWFUL.

  39. Steve says:

    Thank you for quickly illustrating my point :-)

    “I don’t support” “I disagree”….. How about trying on an absolute for a change? There IS such a thing as right and wrong and this is WRONG! It’s BAD, it may even verge on (God Forbid!) EVIL! And it’s not “us” or “everyone” or “both sides”. It’s Obama and HIS people that are doing this at the parks, and the beaches, and the web sites, and………. ITS WRONG!!!

  40. Nick Russell says:

    I’ve heard the same claim that the income tax is not legal because it was never “legally” made a law. Try not paying your taxes with that argument and see what happens. As the husband of one of those people Ron refers to who cannot get insurance because she had stage 4 cancer, who HAD health insurance that denied her claim, I’m all for ANY plan that will provide coverage for those who need it. Obamacare may not be perfect, but it’s a lot better than nothing. I have not seen the Republicans come up with anything better.

  41. Steve says:

    Tony, I was answering Paul not you, but here in Mass. we DO call it Romneycare and have since he came up with it. That’s why he wouldn’t go after Obama about healthcare last year (and part of why he lost).

    As far as “Like it or not, it is a law” please see my above post where I remind everyone that this was NOT legally passed by both houses of congress. And even if it had been, then how to justify Obama himself violating that law by by illegally delaying parts of the law he doesn’t like and exempting those people he likes from having to obey the law….??

  42. Steve says:

    Nick, I agree with you that there were/are problems, and I truly am happy that both of you are healthy now :-)

    The problem lies in the bigger picture. A direct question to you: Is healthcare a right? For every US citizen? For every US resident? Is is a universal human right regardless of where you live?

    If the answer is yes to any or all, then the next question is: Who decides? And by that I mean that healthcare is not like Free Speech, it is a finite commodity that has a price and is provided by the labor, sweat, and thought of others…..

    Since it is finite and has a cost, then someone has to decide who gets what and how much. If not the fair, but imperfect market (and courts when one is wronged as you were), then it must be one or more humans. Humans are deeply flawed. Humans can be evil. Humans can, and WILL be corrupted.

    The cure we are heading towards will be worse than the disease. Instead of arguing with an insurance company, we will all be asked how much and to whom did we donate to in the last election…..

  43. Nick Russell says:

    Yes, Steve, I do believe health care should the right of every American citizen. It is disgraceful that we can spend millions of dollars on every third world country on the face of the earth and yet our own citizens cannot get needed health care. As for getting redress in the courts when wronged by an insurance company, try going from having a comfortable nest egg to being broke and over $200,000 in debt overnight and then finding an attorney to represent you. We tried that route and they all told us the insurance company had such deep pockets we’d never even get to court because they would delay and stall forever and unless we had huge sums of money to pay them they would not take the case. Our system has been broke for a long, long time and I have no doubt that some of the politicians so opposed to the Affordable Health Care Act have received some very nice contributions from insurance companies who know they can’t screw people like they have for so many years. As for the supposed majority of Americans who don’t want this new law, where are they? Because the majority of people I talk to say that while it is not perfect, its at least something.

  44. Mark says:

    Well said Steve. Last time I checked federal immigration laws are also “settled law”. Libs don’t seem to mind ignoring that body of “settled law”.

  45. Mark says:

    My recollection is that tmost of he big health insurance companies supported obamacare.

  46. Jim McManus says:

    Steve your last post suggesting that we are headed for health care rationing based on political contributions is just either paranoid or stupid.

    Various comments above about who we vote for miss a basic fact. In many elections there is no good candidate. I have a soft spot in my heart for “non of the above” option. If we cannot select from qualified candidates we should at least be able to voice our displeasure with the inferior selection as opposed to the currently available option of just not voting. I once stood in line for 45 minutes to confirm that I could not vote for “non of the above” and walked out of the polling place because none of the options were acceptable to me.

    Term limits is not the panacea that most supporters envision. It basically guarantees that rookies will make rookie mistakes repeating mistakes made by previous generations of rookies. While there are some negatives of professional politicians, my observations are that term limits has created more problems than they have solved in the last 15 years.

    By the way. All the Tea Party candidates have been rookies. What has that got us.

    People talk about Obama creating the National Park closing problem. If you know anything about history the current results are identical to the two government shut downs in the nineties and the ones that preceded those. By the way, Obama was not even in politics at that time so he cannot be blamed for engineering those results.

  47. Paul Stough says:

    @Mark and Steve- The problem with the Republican shutdown is not that Obomacare cant be repealed, but it should be repealed legislatively, that is, Congress should pass the repeal and the President should sign it, or if the President wont sign it, then you need enough support in the Congress to override the veto. What the Republicans are trying to do now is to accomplish through blackmail what they couldnt accomplish at the ballot box, or through the legislative process.


  48. Robert Wang says:

    Its mind boggling the hatred for the President on a personal level vs policy. When folks go there my reading of their point is stopped as I suspect are many others.
    All are entitled to health care in all industrialized nations but our own and the ACA (Obamacare) is an attempt to correct that.
    If you think all are entitled to health care you probably support where we are headed, if not its an issue, but was lost in the last election.
    Rex is symbolic of key eccentric views held and there is no rationalizing with them.
    I too have written to politcal reps with the same boilerplate response, very disheartening.

  49. Jim McManus says:

    Bad Nick, thanks for the thoughts. It is amazing that Bad Nick can get so many more comments than “Nick” does.

    The Tea Party and the Republicans have been demanding that Obama and the Democrats negotiate with them to get their approval to pass a budget and to increase the debt limit. Unfortunately, their definition of negotiate, based on their comments and actions, appear to be “give me what I want or else”. The terms blackmail, extortion, etc have been vocalized repeatedly. I agree with those comments.

    If you would look back at history, in the nineties, the Republicans demanded deficit reductions, Medicare reform and Social Security reform in order to reopen the government. Did it work then?

    Given that it may be necessary for the Democrats to “negotiate”, I propose the following negotiating positions. The Tea Party is deemed illegal. All members are to be incarcerated for a period of not less than two years. This will open their seats for appointment or special election replacements. Based on the last 3 years we can only expect improvements to the United States and its citizens.

    The penalty for any member of Congress who causes the country to default on its debt or to cause the interest rate on current or future debt to be personally liable to reimburse the Treasury for the increased costs. This responsibility should be inherited by their decedents of the member until the country is made whole for the cost of that member’s errors. Given the extreme negative consequences of a default of the Federal Debt, the additional penalty of death would seem appropriate. After all the penalty for treason has always been death. The actions that the opposition have been proposing, default, is equivalent to economic destruction of the economy of the US. That fits my definition of treason.

    Now let’s get down to negotiating.

  50. Dave W5 says:

    Paul to answer your question as long as we the people are arguing they can basically do what they want which they are,without caring what you want. It is not right but that’s what they are doing.In a lot of states they expediting Drivers ID cards for the illegal Aliens and we will be also paying for them. That’s where most of the real problems are.

    I agree with Nick. I have to pay for my own medical care when it comes to my back, because no insurance company will cover me. It is pre-existing. Maybe under the new rules I can actually get care and out of pain.

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