All of the bickering about shutting down the government has politicians and everyday citizens pointing fingers and passing the blame around, depending on who they claim allegiance to. But what you have to understand is that it is not a Democrat or a Republican problem. It’s a party problem. And as long as we have a two party political system in this country, nothing is ever going to change.

It’s all about one political party trying to put down the other. How much of the Republicans’ opposition to Obamacare is because they don’t actually believe it’s a good plan, but rather because it’s his plan? Never mind that nobody from that side of the aisle has come up with anything better.

And how much of their opposition is because of the medical and insurance lobbyists who stuff their pockets? They have a decided interest in maintaining things the way they are.

This isn’t about what is best for you and me, the America citizen. No matter what they claim in front of the TV cameras, we don’t matter to them. These clowns have no problem sending thousands of hard working government employees home without pay, but they damn sure made it plain that their pay will continue, even though they’re not doing their jobs! It’s all a big party to them anyway, thrown at our expense.

It’s way past time to do away with the two party system and make lobbying and accepting “donations” from lobbyists a felony. We need independent representatives who don’t owe anybody anything, except the voters who put them in office.

Because, who pays for the party? We all do!

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32 Comments on Paying For The Party

  1. Francis Callahan says:

    I have always wounded if all polictions are idiots or all idiots polictions or just plain stuped greedy people

  2. Muriel Daniels says:

    You hit the nail square on the head, Nick! From the time I was old enough to vote I’ve always maintained that a two party system was ridiculous.

  3. George says:

    Bingo! The solution is simple, but the people are too brainwashed to realize it.

    We see 90% propaganda and 10% news and I am being nice.

    People need to go research psychology and the effect of constant propaganda. Well, just look how good it works. They go vote for someone that don’t like every time, rather than the guy they don’t like worse or at least the channel they watch said so.

    I have come to the conclusion it won’t change in my lifetime.

    If you live to tune into Rachael or Rush or Sean or any of the others you are most likely very brainwashed.

    I was a very strong right wing Republican for 35 years until the light bulb came on.

  4. Fred Hammer says:

    So, George, while you were working (giving to the government), you were a conservative; and now that you are retired (taking from the government), you are a liberal. What’s the wattage of that bulb?

  5. Jeff Ashlock says:

    Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Well, our “big stick” is our vote, both in the mid-term elections as well as the presidential elections. Research the candidates yourself, nd use your stick.

  6. What should be passed is a bill that when the government shuts down they have to forego their paycheques as well as everyone else. Maybe that way they’d work for the people that elected them or end up in the breadline as well.

  7. Denise Gray says:

    jay Leno said it perfectly. Each side is pointing fingers at each other and the citizens are pointing their middle fingers at them. throw the bums out!

  8. Steve says:

    1st: The healthcare system was already over-regulated as it was, throwing even more regulations at it and then piling 30 million new non-paying customers on it will guarantee it’s collapse.

    2nd: One side here tried to pass an amendment forcing all Federal workers, including Congress, the President, and The Supreme Court to live w/ Obamacare. The other side made sure they didn’t have to by exempting themselves…. Care to guess which is which?

  9. Bob D says:

    Your absolutely right Nick. Unfortunately, it will never change at the ballot box. There are too many uninformed voters who go to their mailbox every week for their government handout and like the politicians, are not about to cut off their noses. This country is controlled by BIG money and that will never change. I think Fred H hit the nail on the head.

  10. George says:


    You are typical. If a person isn’t a Republican they are a liberal. I don’t see that at all. I see a Republican party that steals for the benefit of their lobbyist. I don’t see how that makes me liberal.

    I am on a pension and don’t get a dime from the government. I may now with the Affordable Care Act. I also received some Veteran education benefits back in the day. But other than that nothing.

    An apology isn’t necessary.

  11. Rick says:

    You need to add term limits to that wish list as well.

    But I become increasingly convinced that we’ve passed the tipping point. Too many are dependent upon the government “teat” and too few really care about the loss of our constitutional democracy.

    It’s all theater. Washington knows that as long as we have our cell phones, big screen TVs, and Facebook/Twitter accounts….that the majority of us will “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.

  12. You are right, Nick. @Rick: As long as we have our football and wars, we will be happy no matter what the gov’t does. Why o why do we not study history and learn from it?

  13. Jim Walter says:

    Unfortunately, our representative form of government requires us to vote for “our” representative, who represents “our” wishes. The problem is, we love “our” representative and hate “their” representatives. “Their” representatives are the problem and should be voted out of office, but not “our” representative. See the problem here? And the problem is made worse with our system of gerrymandering in order to maintain party majorities within districts.

  14. David Cross says:

    Unfortunately, the folks who end up on the ballot are not our representatives, they belong to big money. I haven’t had a decent choice for many elections now because the people who end up on the ballot represent the PAC’s, big business and big money, not the people. I don’t think the problem is the 2 party system.

  15. Rex says:

    We need term limits, campaign contribution reform and an easier way to recall or impeach non performing Senators and Representative and Presidents. I think the only way we will ever achieve the above is via a revolution that will be so nasty, the Civil War will look like a Sunday School picnic. Hopefully, it will not happen in my life time. But until it does the only way to get the attention of those in office is to NEVER VOTE FOR AN INCUMBENT!!! Maybe if we do this, we the people can change things, but I doubt if this happens in my life time either.

  16. Candace says:

    TOUCHE’ – you said it BEST, as always

  17. John says:

    Problem = Professional (although incompotant) Politicans

    Solution = Term Limits (Especially Urban Pols)

  18. 1willwander says:

    Go to Netflix or what ever and watch the movie Ethos.

    You are doing just what you are supposed to do, looking at and blaming the two party system. You’re being played. One party or five would make no difference at all. I can’t tell you what the answer is but this charade is just a distraction.

  19. Mike L says:

    I agree TERM Limit is needed, however the only way to do that is is change the law. Guess who has to change that law, don’t think it will ever happen. We have the “fox guarding the hen house”.

  20. Dave W says:

    Its true, our political system is not about, WE THE PEOPLE. It is about money, plain and simple. Who has the most and who is next in line.

    On the news the other day they had to start by telling us that Coke was not the #1 brand anymore. Now it is Google and Apple. I guess they think we care.

    Amazing how the Syria thing went away so fast. Gee was that going to be the big coverup for them shutting down the government?

    And who (Rush) ever started the Conservative/Liberal crap, instead of Democrat and Republican? And there should be more than 2 I agree.

    The other problem why it is no longer working is that nobody will give up until they get credit for their Idea and that’s not going to happen either. Republicans want less Government so they can get away with more money in their pockets. And Democrats want more Government so they can get away with more money in their pockets!!!…..
    Just saying, Something about Hell and a hand-basket.

  21. Fred Hammer says:

    George evidently wasn’t paying attention when Obama excused big corporations from implementing the (not so) Affordable Care Act for another year — or giving members of Congress their own health care separate and different from what the people must deal with. Nor does he seem aware that with the current shortage of doctors for those who do have their own coverage, that adding 30 million more to our healthcare system will create waiting lines and waiting lists for essential services. Those of us who worked and earned our benefits will suffer for the sake of those who didn’t I guess we know the wattage of that bulb now, George. And, you’re right about the apology. I don’t need it.

  22. Donna says:

    Sounds like we have a real conundrum! I wonder what our forefathers of the Constitution would think of their government if they were alive right now!

  23. George Stoltz says:

    Nick said

    It’s way past time to do away with the two party system and make lobbying and accepting “donations” from lobbyists a felony. We need independent representatives who don’t owe anybody anything, except the voters who put them in office.

    And I say, we need term limits, too.

    My prediction: 20 years from now we will all being saying the same things.

  24. Seems to me that Fred is only worried about the wattage of his bulb. He’s not worried about anyone other than himself.

    So since you’re so enlightened, what’s your plan instead of “30 million more to our healthcare system (that) will create waiting lines and waiting lists”? Are those 30 million people supposed to just suffer? Or since they don’t make as much money as you, they should be in a lower station in life? How about a caste system? Would that work for you and your good old boy network of cronies?

    Let them eat cake, right? We’ve got enough of your kind in charge right now, Fred.

  25. Dave W says:

    If we are allowed to by the government or by then it may be illegal too speak our mind?
    People start voting for new representatives instead of the same ones who are still doing business as usual1…

  26. Fred Hammer says:

    Spoken like a true “Gimme, liberal. Those 30 million already use our ER’s for free. Don’t make it a blame thing for others’ success. I worked several jobs while a lot of these slugs loafed. Thanks, Clyde, for being such a good example of the 47% who carried the current idiot into the White House. Forced charity isn’t altruism.

  27. Paul Stough says:

    Get the millions of illegal aliens out of the country, and most of the problems we have with our economy and healthcare will go away.


  28. Steve says:

    1. There is a fundamental difference in how each side views the world, a conservative believes in equal opportunity for all and a liberal believes in equal outcomes for all…. If you believe that healthcare (anything beyond an Emergency Room) is a “Right” then you now know which side you are on.

    2. Obama lost any moral high ground he might have had with this issue when he gave exemptions to businesses and politicians (including his own family).

    3. It has been said many times: “You cannot have a welfare state AND open borders at the same time” Obamacare IS welfare and is a basic piece of a welfare/nanny state. Voting for Obamacare and Amnesty at the same time is insane….

  29. Paul Stough says:

    @Steve- I agree with most of your post. I, for one, have been saying for quite some time, “You cannot have a welfare state AND open borders at the same time”.

    Since both parties support open borders, they are both to blame. The difference between the two parties is that the Democrats want to raise taxes on those who have benefited from the cheap labor of open borders, and continue the social welfare programs we have, however, on the other hand, the Republicans, many who have benefited from the cheap labor of the open borders policy, want to end or drastically reduce the social welfare programs, and keep their ill gotten booty for themselves, such as we see in Third World countries like Mexico.


  30. Steve says:

    Paul, it’s not that simple, both parties do want open borders for their own reasons but the “ill gotten booty” flows to both parties as well, just look who Obama asked to sit next to him at the last State of the Union Address: Jeff Immelt and Warren Buffet. If you think it’s only the Republicans who get Wall St money, you are mistaken.

    And here is where we get into the difference between party and ideology, and in particular conservatives and Republicans…. which are NOT the same thing.

    A conservative wants the “rule of law”, which in this case is no amnesty, no cutting in line, no reward for breaking the law, period! A Republican on the other hand will say that’s what they want, but in reality will settle quite quickly for the “rule of men”, knowing that it will benefit he or she personally down the road.

    Anyone who is for amnesty is for the rule of men rather than the rule of law. Such an attitude corrupts very quickly and obviously already has. That is why the Tea Party has been a relative success so quickly, many of us are tired of violating our principles, violating already written laws, for the sake of “compromise”.

  31. Paul Stough says:

    @Steve-I guess I need to better explain my use of the term “ill gotten booty”. I agree that there is way too much money involved in politics on both sides, and the money has way too much influence.

    My use of the term “ill gotten booty” refers to the money that many people, including both Democrats and Republicans, made or saved because of the low wages paid to millions of employees because of the huge oversupply of unskilled and low skilled workers brought on by the presence of the millions of illegal aliens in this country.

    One of the examples I like to use is a company that started in Iowa in the early 1960s. The company was called Iowa Beef Packers, and they later changed their name to IBP when they branched out from slaughtering cattle to slaughtering hogs as well. A few years ago they were bought out by Tyson foods. Their business model was to beat the competition by reducing wages and benefits paid to the workers. One of the ways they carried out there plan was to bring in illegal aliens to compete for jobs with Americans and legal aliens. Who they bought off and how they were able to do this without fear of prosecution for violating Federal immigration laws remains a mystery to this day.

    Anyway, they succeeded in their plan, and those packing plants that didnt follow their business plan either went broke, or just closed up shop.

    However, those that invested in IBP made lots of money, and much of what they made, they wouldnt have made had IBP not violated Federal immigration laws! This extra money that investors made is what I call “ill gotten booty”, and there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of companies that made tons of money for investors violating, with impunity, the same laws that IBP did. In addition, even if a company didnt hire illegal aliens, they still benefited by the reduced wages that were driven down by they huge over supply of unskilled low skilled workers in the country. Today the buying power of these jobs has been reduced by about 50% compared to what they paid before employers started bringing in illegal aliens in the early 1960s.

    I pretty much agree with your definition of Republicans and Conservatives. In my opinion, Barry Goldwater was the last Conservative. Rush Limbaugh used to be a Conservative until Bill Clinton got elected, then he became just another Republican.


  32. Allan says:

    I see many of the freshman Congressmen and Congresswomen coming to Washington and standing up for princples that they were elected to uphold. Many of the politicans that have been in office for years have lost that connection with their constituents. The old school politicans were more concerned with bringing home the pork. The newer ones are trying clean up the mess [deficit] without raising taxes anymore. They are willing to compromise on methods but not principles especially on Constitutional issues. I agree with term limits, many 0lder Senators and Congresspersons tend to take too much control and are influenced by special interests and lobbyists

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