We’ve all seen the same television commercials over and over ad nauseum where we are shown photos of dirty, starving kids in some third world country while the narrator drones on and on about how your small donation of just a few cents a day could change little Maria or Juan’s life. Please don’t get me wrong, I do feel sorry for all of the helpless Marias and Juans in the world, but I know I can’t save all of mankind.

Right now I’m more worried about saving kids here in our own country. Not just the malnourished and neglected ones, of which we have far too many, but also all of our kids who are being influenced by complete morons on a daily basis. Forget the supposed dangers of internet predators, drugs, and violent video games. I’m talking about the folks we entrust to teach and protect our kids. Consider just a few examples I’ll share with you.

By now we’ve all seen the video of adult Boy Scout leaders Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall toppling a 170 million year old rock formation at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah and laughing like hyenas about their vandalism. It has since been revealed that only weeks before the incident Taylor filed a personal injury lawsuit from a traffic accident four years ago that he claims left him disabled. Somebody needs to tell this idiot that stupidity is not a handicap.

What a way to set an example for our young people! At least I’m comforted knowing that the Scouts don’t allow those terrible gay people to be Scout leaders! (The Boy Scouts have since removed Taylor and Hall from their leadership positions with the organization.)

Now let’s consider an incident a friend of mine, who is a retired cop, shared with me. His neighbors have a daughter who is a senior in college, working toward a teaching degree. She spends part of her week attending classes at her college and part in the classroom as a student teacher. My friend said he got a phone call from the young woman’s father one morning last week asking him to please go next door and check on her because she had called her dad in a panic and was having some kind of crisis.

Bill said when he got to the house he could hear CO2 alarms going off, and when he let himself in with a key he keeps, the house was filled with exhaust fumes. He found the young lady in the garage with a car idling, bouncing off the walls. Apparently her dad took her car to work with him to get it serviced and told her to take one of his cars that day. Her mom and dad left for work, and when she went into the garage and started the car, she flipped down the sun visor to push the button on the remote control that opens the door. Only there was no remote in the car, because it apparently isn’t driven often. She checked the visor on the passenger side, then the console and glove box, and still no remote. She called her dad in a panic, saying she was trapped in the garage and asking if she should drive the car through the closed door.

Bill said he turned off the car, then got her outside, opening every door in the house to air it out. When it was safe to go back inside, he took her back into the garage and showed her the button on the wall that said Open and Close. And she’s going to be in a classroom teaching children next year! If you’re not worried about our future, you should be.

School shootings have become a tragic part of life in America and it’s even more tragic that so many of the shooters are children themselves. As a lifetime gun owner, I am appalled that anyone is so careless as to leave unsecured firearms and ammunition where kids can get to them. I believe that any parent or guardian who allows kids to have unsupervised access to a gun should be charged with a crime.

However, it’s not just careless parents. Sometimes the “professionals” can be complete idiots. Consider the case just this week in Chino, California, where three students were injured when a police officer who was on campus for an anti-drug program left a loaded, unsecured AR-15 rifle on his motorcycle, apparently with a round in the chamber and the safety off. Somehow a student was able to get to the weapon and pull the trigger. The bullet struck a metal plate mounted in front of the barrel and the students were hit by shrapnel. This cop shouldn’t be allowed to be a dog catcher, much less carry a firearm anywhere, let alone a school campus!

Folks, be worried about our children. Be very worried!

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32 Comments on Save The Children

  1. Mark Warner says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all Nick. My niece is a complete airhead who has had 3 or 4 minor traffic accidents because she was texting or talking on the phone when driving. She also can’t balance a checkbook and we have had to loan her money half a dozen times to cover bad checks. Not because she bounced them on purpose but because she can’t keep track of her balance. She’s also had a series of loser live in boyfriends who she supports, and two kids by two different men. But she’s a high school teacher! I asked her how a teacher can’t balance a checkbook and she said it’s too hard.

  2. Francis Callahan says:

    I would not bail any collage grad out for being stupid just let them face the music the more you help them the more they figure they can do what they want and someone will bail them out

  3. George says:

    Common sense isn’t so common anymore. Consider all the things people REALLY think about Obama. And these people raise kids. LOL

    I don’t like the guy, but come on.

    Facts no longer matter and common sense left the country.

  4. Rex says:

    The VietNam war ruined the teaching profession in this country. How? For most of Nam we had the military draft. If a guy was not in school or married with a child they were going to get drafted. So a lot of guys that normally would not have gone to college went. The guys were either in the military or college, so if the women wanted to be where the guys were, they either joined the military or went to college. The bottom line was we turned out an amazing number of teachers in the late 60’s and early 70’s and flooded the profession. That is why teachers salaries are so low and along with tenure, the profession is over loaded with too many teachers and no way to get rid of the incompetent ones. Here in the greater St. Louis area, 2 school districts have lost their accreditation and they are now busing the kids to other school districts. Have they fired the entire administrative and teaching staff, NO. How stupid. Until we can discharge incompetent teachers we will continue to turn out idiots.

  5. Rick Stevens says:

    Nick, did you really type this? Is this really how you feel?

    “At least I’m comforted knowing that the Scouts don’t allow those terrible gay people to be Scout leaders!”

  6. Tf Hafford says:

    (Smile) seems I heard this from my grandfather when I was a teenager. And I assume he heard that from his grandfather. Btw I’m 67 still alive and kicking. I’m guessing it takes a few years to get some wisdom under your belt.

  7. Jim Walter says:

    Uh, Rick, I think Nick was being sarcastic with the gay comment.

  8. Shannon says:

    Its sad to think that these children are our future.

  9. Aaron Borovoy says:

    I’m positive that Nick was being sarcastic about the gay comment also. Problem is, you can’t outlaw stupidity.

  10. Jerry Criswell says:

    I was approaching a shop when a nice looking young lady got out of her car and headed toward the same store. She pointed the remote at the car and locked it. The car was a new convertible with the top down.


  11. Sal & Bonnie says:

    The hold world is full of them and more to come and the people that have kids do not care about them at time because they have
    other things to do . “”you bring them in this world you take care
    them “” . The guns do not kill people ,it’s people with guns that do it or kids .

  12. George (the other) says:

    We will survive all of this somehow.

  13. John says:

    Jerry Criswell try removing somthing from a convertible or in cases like my Mini Cooper just reaching inside and the alarm will sound. Give the lady a break.

  14. BobH says:

    My daughter is the elementary literacy curriculum coordinator for a school district. She has a daughter in THIRD grade in the same school system. A couple weeks ago my granddaughter brought home a reading assignment — a 350 page small print book to read at the rate of 16 pages per night. Her mother checked it out and determined that it was from a FIFTH grade reading list. So we have a THIRD grade student required to read 16 pages per night from a FIFTH grade book. She also brings home assignments from a spelling list. That list turns out to be a FIRST grade spelling list.
    I finally figured out the math that makes it work. FIFTH grade book (5), FIRST grade spelling (1). Average: (5+1)/2 = 3. There you have it. What could be wrong with that?

  15. Nick Russell says:

    Rick, that was sarcasm. We can have clods who gleefully vandalize public property as Scout leaders but not gay people because the Boy Scouts think they are unfit to be role models for children.

  16. Sheila Edwards says:

    As a career teacher with 27 years in the classroom I wish I could object to some of the comments here but they are all too true, unfortunately. We have young teachers in our school who have tattoos on their arms and necks, both male and female, and trying to hold a conversation with them makes me think I’m out on the yard at recess. I was talking to one last week who did not know that Walt Disney and Henry Ford were real people. She thought they were just brand names.

  17. Sasha Byrne says:

    As a gay woman I found your attempt at humor at the expense of the GLBT community completely distasteful and offensive Mr. Russell. Get a life!

  18. Sasha Byrne says:

    Let me further add that there are a great number of gay people living the RV lifestyle that your newspaper serves and I will be informing all of them I know plus groups like RVing Women about your view on people who do not fit your narrow minded view of life.

  19. Nick Russell says:

    I’m sorry you interpreted my comment that way, Sasha. I did not mean to offend anyone, except maybe the leaders of the Boy Scouts, whose stand on gays I strongly disagree with. We know many gay RVers and many of them subscribe to the Gypsy Journal. I thin k if you were to speak to any of them who know me they would tell you that you are way off base. But again, I apologize for offending you.

  20. Jerry Criswell says:

    Sasha needs to back off and get a sense of humor. Hopefully she will tell all her friends the complete story.


  21. Sasha Byrne says:

    So you’re going to use the “some of my best friends are gay” excuse? Apology NOT accepted!!!!!

  22. Aaron Borovoy says:

    Sasha, I think you should look at some of Bad Nick’s older posts, so you know he is serious about being an LGBT advocate. If you knew his history, you probably would have read his post with the sarcasm that was intended. As another member of the LGBT community and (I believe) an activist in the San Diego area, I can tell you that Nick is genuine.

  23. Sasha Byrne says:

    Okay, maybe I overreacted. But when you’ve been put down as often as I have one gets very defensive. Sorry .

  24. Marnin says:

    Having been a teacher on Long Island NY for 37 years my observation of teachers differ from the view points expressed here. The vast majority of my colleagues were excellent educators and exhibited a high caliber of professionalism. Were there some who had no business in the classroom, definitely. Oh and Nick I knew exactly where you were coming from with your scout reference. my two boys were in scouts and a couple of the scout leaders I saw had no business being there. The scouts allow trash like Taylor and Hall in their ranks but not gays. I would much prefer having a gay scout leader in charge of my boys.

  25. Croft says:

    Jay Leno used to do a segment called JayWalking where he interviewed random people on the street. He asked one woman, who identified herself as a university student, if she could name the two countries which share a border with the USA. She could not do it, didn’t have a clue. She tried “Alaska” and then “South America”. Jay then asked her what the second most common language in Los Angeles was. She quickly answered “Spanish”. “Does that give you a hint as to which country shares our southern border?” Jay asked. With a look of relief on her face, she blurted out, “SPAIN”. These are our future leaders.

    Speaking of current so-called “leaders” a recent female Vice Presidential nominee could not define the difference between North and South Korea, telling Glenn Beck that both North and South Korea were “our allies”.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Agreed with the majority of your thinking here, Nick. I think times are bound to become worse…we are so behind in education and how does one catch up?? Online some time ago came across the test our grandparents had to pass when they finished the 8th grade!! MERCY…not sure how many college grads today could pass it. Two of my grandparents did not go much past the 8th grade and both were very smart and successful in their areas of expertise. At least they had work ethics and knew how to survive some of the most difficult times (like the Great Depression…though we may be entering a time even more difficult). I have read all my life, but now in my 60’s I wish I knew half what they did. Sadly though we have children who have more education than I do, they lack some basic skills that have seen me through some hard times (though I did try to pass on these things, it has been pushed to the background…listening to the fluff in college, etc). I wonder how our country is going to survive.

  27. Kathy says:

    Oh Sasha you are so wrong it’s not even funny. I’ve known Nick and Miss Terry for ages and they are two of the most down to earth decent people you will ever meet. We first met them at an RV rally in California when my partner and I were brand new to the RV life. We all ended up at the same campground after the rally and we were so green we could not figure out how to dump our black water tank. We asked 3 or 4 guys who were there for advice and got the cold shoulder. One even mentioned something nasty about dykes as he turned away. Nick was passing by and overheard it and told the guy off, then apologized for the other men’s behavior. Then he helped us dump and very patiently talked us through several chores around the motorhome that we could not figure out. He has always been respectful and friendly to everyone and does not care who you are or what you are. When my partner passed away a few years ago he wrote me a long letter expressing his sorrow for my loss and letting me know he was there if I needed a shoulder to lean on. Trust me, he’s a good guy who has the balls to say what he thinks and you will never have to wonder where you stand with him. As Aaron said above, he’s genuine.

  28. Sean Whittaker says:

    As a career police officer and the firearms instructor for our department I was sickened to hear the story on the news about the accident at the Chino school. There is no excuse for what happened and that officer (and I use the term sarcastically) should be removed from his job and never allowed to be placed in any position above gas station pump jockey.

  29. Ellen McCray says:

    My daughter was involved in a bad accident last year and was laid up for months. I stayed with her family to help out and had to attend several conferences and events at the school. When my grandson’s second grade teacher learned that my husband had just retired from the Army she asked how somebody so young could retire. I told her that he was 49 and had served 30 years. She just couldn’t believe that anybody that old could be in the military because everyone she knew who had joined was her age.

  30. Allan says:

    The Boy Scouts of America have 2.7 million youth members, 1 million adult leaders and have had 110 million youth belong since its founding in 1910. It teaches responsible citizenship, builds character & self reliance. Obviously those 2 leaders were not acting responsibly. Boy Scouts teach youth to respect and protect property especially in parks. These men were removed from leadership because their actions were contrary to what the scouts teach. They do not let people remain as leaders if they act irresponsibly or are not good moral examples.

  31. Allan says:

    Commenting on the teacher, I have seen over the years that intelligence and common sense don’t necesarily go hand in hand. Many inteligent people with much education and degrees have absolutely no common sense. This is not a generality of all intellectual people but many time it is true. I have seen people with practically no education that have very good common sense. We have leaders in Washington that I have no doubt are very intelligent but many have no common sense. I know that if I excede my budget that I will have to cut back on my spending to make it balance. Somehow many in Washington can not grasp that simple solution. Using more and more credit will only dig you deeper in debt.

  32. Croft says:

    Allan is quick to defend the Boy Scouts but does not address their homophobia. Those who stand silent in the face of a wrong are complicit in that wrong.

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