Infamous bank robber Willie Sutton was once quoted as replying, “Because that’s where the money is” when a reporter asked him why he robbed banks of over $2 million in his career.

Sutton later claimed he never said that, and there is some debate as to the veracity of the statement. But whether he actually did, or if the quote was made up later by a reporter who needed something to pump up his story, it makes sense. If you are going to steal money, you go where it’s at. If you’re going hunting for deer, you’ll have better luck in a forest than in the middle of Manhattan.

So why are protesters raising hell because Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is conducting a sweep of gang members, following the shooting of one of his jailers? They claim he is singling out Hispanics in the investigation. Huh? If a Hispanic person commits a crime, should the cops look for him among the old people in predominately white Sun City, or in the areas where Hispanic gang bangers hang out?

Is it racial profiling to stop young Hispanic gang members if the suspect you are looking for is young, Hispanic, and an alleged gang member? I think so. A couple of weeks ago somebody interviewed on WGN News out of Chicago said police were singling out young African Americans for questioning in a murder investigation where the perpetrator was a young black man. I guess that person felt that the cops should go to the bingo hall and ask old women if they are the suspect?

We hear this all the time. Young black or Hispanics are being singled out for racial profiling. Young Mideastern men are profiled at airports. It’s all so unfair. Or is it? Could it just possibly be that if you look like somebody committing crimes and you are with criminals in a high crime area, it just makes sense to give you a second look? I mean, if you stick a pair of antlers on your head and wander around in the woods during hunting season, whose fault is it if you find yourself in somebody’s crosshairs?

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21 Comments on Where The Money Is

  1. Wendy says:

    I remember back right after 9/11 when people were upset about the racial profiling. Hello, it wasn’t Caucasian old ladies who highjacked the planes. I know it’s not PC, but I believe that racial profiling has a place in law enforcement.

  2. Allan says:

    I say let common sense prevail. The police should be allowed to make their investigation without undo political pressure. If they know that a hispanic person shot his jailer then that is where there search should be concentrated regardless of the political correctness. They should not make unfounded judgements if they are unsure. A manhunt should be for a relatively short period of time [days, not weeks] so this concentrated look at a certain group of persons should not go on indefinately. It would be benificial for the sherrif to let the public know that is what he is going to do. Sherrif Joe does not back down from speaking his mind when he knows he is correct.

  3. Roxanne W. says:

    Arpaio is a Nazi racist pig who picks on Latinos to make himself look good to the voters.

  4. George says:

    I agree with both you and Roxanne!

  5. Roxanne W. says:

    How can you agree with both of us George? People need to take a stand and they can’t be both

  6. James Roach says:

    I think Roxanne is way out in left field. Honestly, Sheriff Joe is doing what the people elected him to do!

    It is a darn shame that people in Prison get treated like they committed a crime! It is a darn shame that people who are in the state/country illegally get treated like they are there illegally.

    Roxanne must not live in Arizona, or is a snow bird or transplant at best. I myself am a transplant, 20 years ago. If the illegals don’t want to get profiled, they need to stay in California, where they can do anything they want.


  7. James Roach says:

    By the way, Roxanne, way to play the race card, related to Al Sharpton?

  8. Tom Miller says:

    These people who bitch and complain about Arpaio or any cop enforcing the law make my ass tired. I bet 90% of them are here illegally themselves and the rest are do gooders who don’t have a clue what real life is all about.

  9. Bob Martel says:

    Ironic how many of the commentators here assume that since the suspect is “Hispanic” that he must also automatically be an illegal alien. I got news for those folks, a significant number of Hispanics in Arizona are perfectly legal.

  10. Jpoe Homich says:

    Yeah, let’s play the race card at the drop of a hat. That will help find the bad guy!

  11. Rick Stevens says:

    Oh, why do you guys suck me into a response?
    What do you think are the roots of “racial profiling” and why it may be a bad thing in many instances? Sure, we can all agree that common sense should drive many of our reactions, but sadly many are driven by bias – racial, gender, name-your-bias. Each of us, including James Roach and Tom Miller, need to examine our reactions and insure they’re motivated for the “right reasons”. Each of us NEED to know our own hearts. James and Tom sound a little like they’re generalizing, and are potentially a bad type of “racial profiler”.

  12. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy BN,


  13. Rick Stevens says:

    Butterbean, do you realize you’ve been profiled too? Old, conservative, backward, misses-the-point-of religion, biased, out-of-touch, inflexible, usually their humor is not very funny.

    How does that feel?

  14. trish says:

    No mater what race or color if you obey the laws, get an education and a job there should be problems. If he was in jail, duh. See the above.
    If you break the Law, such as a traffic violation. You need to show your drivers license, regeristion, and proof of insurance. If you are not here as a legal you are not able to do so. Duh, see the above.
    what part of not being legal is within the law!!!

  15. Nevada Dave says:

    What this country needs is: ACOUPLE THOUSAND SHERRIFF JOE’S

  16. John says:

    Excelently put Nevada Dave. They could do what parents have failed to do, teach respect and honor.

  17. Russ says:

    I seem to recall the Feds assigned people to observe Sheriff Joe to ensure he wasn’t picking on Hispanics. have any of the news stories quoted these observers, or just the protesters?

  18. Dave W5 says:

    Why is it that when people say illegal aliens most are talking about Mexicans, but when profiled or accused there of they are Hispanics which is what the politicians have labeled anyone from Spanish decent?
    I am Irish American if you look at my ancestry far enough back but I don’t feel racial profiled if i get pulled over for a speeding ticket and there are many Irish in this country that are illegal especially back east.
    I agree with many here if you did the crime you do the time Go JOE and by the way I am from California (northern) where a lot of us want any one here illegal to go back and do it like our ancestors did!…Wait your turn.
    Unless you are a native American your ancestors came from another country so get over it!…

  19. Mark Warner says:

    I’m impressed with Sheriff Joe because he doesn’t care what the talking heads on the news or the idiots on the street say or think. He just does the job he was elected to do, and the people keep re-electing so he must be doing something right.

  20. Robert Wang says:

    Not sure why as long as there is a reasonable evidence of the perps type and related info why profiling with the information would be wrong. Now having said that there is an element that might suggest we are all prejudiced and have to keep this in our minds as we pursue the bad guys. If you check you tube out on the stop and frisk laws in NY you will see evidence of what may be called racial profiling at its worst. Not always cut and dry as many would like to make it out to be, lotsa grey folks, like it or not.

  21. Shannon says:

    Go Sherriff Joe!!! Amen yet again Nick!

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