Under the “How Damn Stupid Can You Be?” category, consider the case of the police officer who was asked by the principal of his daughter’s elementary school in Mesa, Arizona not to wear his uniform and duty weapon when picking his child up from school.

According to news reports, the principal of Entz Elementary School told Scott Urkov, who is a police officer with the Coolidge Police Department, that some parents were uncomfortable seeing an armed policeman on campus. Give me a break!

Who the hell are they going to call if there is a problem at the school, the local Boy Scout troop? Only if they leave their Scout knives at home and come in civvies, I guess.

We’d all like to live in Never Never Land with Peter Pan and Wendy, but the reality is that we live in a world full of people and some of those people are not very nice. Our police officers are the ones who put their lives on the line every day to protect the innocent from the evildoers. To ask one of them not to wear his uniform and sidearm is just ridiculous. If I were a parent with children in that school, I’d be grateful to know that he was there.

Not to mention the fact that most law enforcement agencies require their officers to be armed when in uniform, and many requite it even when off duty.

It’s interesting that the local television news channel couldn’t find any parents that had a problem with Officer Urkov’s presence at the school. In fact, all of them said they felt safer with him being there. 

So did any parents actually complain, or is this yet another case of a school teacher or administrator making a really stupid decision in the name of political correctness? Like the California high school principal a couple of years ago who told a graduate that had returned from combat that he had to take the Combat Infantryman Badge off his uniform before he spoke to the senior class (on the school’s invitation) because the highly prized award, which is only given to members of the infantry who have been in a battle against hostile forces, has a musket on it and violated the school’s zero tolerance policy on weapons.

Combat Infantryman Badge 2

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I worry about how stupid some of the people in charge of educating our children are.

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25 Comments on Who You Gonna Call?

  1. Francis Callahan says:

    I think it has come to the time when the normal people pay a call on the ignorant educators to smarten them up. Seams like the more education they get the more ignorant and stupid they become

  2. Dave & Jean says:

    Nick, you didn’t tell us if the musket was loaded??

  3. Ron says:


  4. Nevada Dave says:

    who said there arn’t any aliens living on this planet. Those kind of people have to be from never, never land….And they drive on our highways too….

  5. Jerry Hedges says:

    I totally agree. One of my biggest problems in raising two kids was dealing with the administration and their stupid policies.

  6. Kayjulia says:

    When I read this I started grinding my teeth ! I have run across a few of these educated idiots in my lifetime. The live in a bubble all their own and because they are EDUCATORS they get a pass on a lot of their screwy ideas ! Why? IMHO because regular folks like you and me are considered a lower class unless we have an advanced degree even better if it is higher than theirs. Yup educated snobs! I love picking on them in real life. I suffered the uniform thing during the Vietnam era and I’m still pissed so when an “Educated Idiot” starts on something like this I unload decades of PISSED OFF! They often forget they are accountable to the people of the community for their jobs. Like I used to say in the Army give me an idiot I can educate, not an educated idiot!

  7. Christine says:

    I am not saying that there aren’t enough ignorant educational administrators to go around but I think that we have to look even wider. The individuals from the community that run and get elected to school boards are not always as level headed as one would like. And they make up and or approve many of the rules. Don’t forget to check out a portion of the community that will pile into the car and show up at a board meeting to throw their 2 cents of complaints and demands at a board. Folks with out good sense come from many directions. They aren’t all just on Facebook. :=)

  8. Bob Curry says:

    In addition to this the NFL is asking off duty police officers to leave their weapon at home. As mentioned LEO’s are required to wear their weapon when off duty.

  9. Mike Welsh says:

    That is as stupid as a school district banning balls at recess because a youngster could get hurt. Dodge ball is now just “Dodge Air”. Be careful, a gust could knock the little tyke down and an oxygen ban will come under consideration.

  10. Jpoe Homich says:

    You are right as usual. I would classify this principle under “Special Kind” of stupid.

    The problem is that these people are allowed to make babies and vote!

  11. Dale says:

    IMHO, Christine is absolutely correct in her assessment that the school boards are responsible for most of the policies that have to be carried out by principals and other administrators and this is no different than what happens in corporations and other businesses. If parents don’t like the strict enforcement of this no tolerance rule (and I think it’s going too far in some cases) then it is up to them to elect a new school board.

  12. Rex says:

    Francis Callahan and Christine are both correct. When I lived in Florida some years ago I had to make keys for an older car. The customer was on the school board. When I was done, an hour or so later, I presented the bill and the customer did not know how to write a check. She did sign her name, but did not know how to fill the check out. I had to. I do not know if she could read or not and she is on the school board. Crazy, just crazy. I also had a bicycle shop and it was amazing the number of kids that came in that could not read, not even numbers. When we originally opened the shop we were going to give away a bike. Two boys about 14 came in. One of the boys had to tell the other one how to spell the name of the street he lived on and his phone number. I am still in shock about that.
    About 50 years ago, Indiana instituted a 5% sales tax. It was to only be in effect for 5 years and was to help education. It is still in effect and is now 7%. Then lotteries came along to help education. Then casinos came along and they were supposed to help education. We sure are not getting our monies worth.

  13. Steve says:

    I pick my son up from school and I am often still in uniform from work (State Trooper). The worse thing I have faced doing that was being asked to come back for “Show and Tell”… LOL

    If there were an incident at the school while I was there and I didn’t have a weapon on me, I would never forgive myself.

    History shows that the only sure way to stop an evil man with a gun is a good man with a gun. And for that reason I believe that schools (esp. in or near cities) should be hiring off-duty or retired police, not telling them to leave!

  14. David says:

    Another twist on this story…..I am retired from the dry cleaning business. I always encouraged the police and military to come into my store and gave them substantial discounts to do so. I wanted them to be coming into my store in uniform. I figured that if any “hoodlems” were “casing the joint” they might see that there may be a surprise armed visitor at any moment to spoil their efforts. In 28 years of business, I never had a problem more severe that the occasional con artist.

  15. Betty -Shea says:

    Nick,the “commie cockroaches” have all come out of hiding…they are everywhere.! I was at my local laundromat yesterday when a motorhome with Illinios plates came in,, the lady did not like my opinion of Obama and she assaulted me with her fabric softener sheets and some of her laundry! !! These people need amental health screening along with their political idols!!!

  16. Russ says:

    I guess them there educators can’t make up their minds. The middle school near me has an officer in uniform with weapon assigned to it full time and the police car sits plainly out front all day. I see the officer chatting with students, parents and teachers at the end of the day. I like the idea as the officer gets to know the kids before the more troublesome high school years, and the kids get comfortable with an officer as a friend or at least not an enemy. At first I thought it was a waste of money but now I look at it as preventative maintenance By the way, the school has very few problems with fighting and discipline

  17. Jodie S. says:

    When I was getting my advanced degree at one of the great Midwestern state universities, I had to take time off to go out of town and help in my husband’s business during final exams. I remember having great difficulty convincing one professor in particular to allow me to take his exam at a different time. I couldn’t seem to make him understand that it was the money from this business that was making my participation in his class possible.

    Many of the students in my department also had families and jobs. Most of the professors in our department couldn’t seem to understand that anything else existed in our lives but school. This must be where that “ivory tower” attitude gets started.

  18. Michael Aarons says:

    Every time I think I’ve heard it all and that people can’t get any dumber something else crops up to prove me wrong. I live in Tempe and have been following this on the news. I mentioned it to my neighbor who is a schoolteacher and who I thought was an intelligent woman. She agreed with the principal and said zero tolerance means zero tolerance not picking and choosing what is acceptable. She said if we let cops carry guns at schools why not teachers and then custodians and then parents and then kids too? All I could do is shake my head and walk away.

  19. Jim McManus says:

    Michael, at first I am inclined to agree with your comment of shaking your head and walking away, but that sure won’t help the problem. We just haven’t found a way to make sure the teachers, principals and board of education members have functioning brains when we put them in such an important position. On top of that we have never figured a way to remove them from these important positions when it is obvious that their brains are not functioning.

    Additionally, it must be Ivory Tower mentality that takes a no gun policy and explodes the concept to include, medals, pictures and army men. My non Ivory Tower education tells me that a gun is a gun and that those pictures, etc., are not guns.

    I wonder if that principal would ask police officers responding to a deadly force incident on the campus to leave their police cars on the street and leave their guns in their locked patrol cars because he was duty bound to enforce the rules.

  20. Linda says:

    And then there’s Common Core…..another step at dumbing down the education system. A committee of educators in Nebraska reviewed Common Core and found that Nebraska’s current educational standards are more rigorous. So what do we do, lower our state standards to the dumbness that Washington wants, or kiss federal funds goodbye??? Because they always tie everything to the federal funding. Sometimes I can’t believe how dumb educators can be. Don’t even get me started on the zero tolerance policies. Stupid, stupid, stupid….and there’s no cure for stupid. Ignorance can at least be educated….

  21. Bill Mains says:

    These are the thoughts of a former educator. Parents had better get involved in school activities and attending school board meetings. It would be wise to take a good look at the books that are chosen for the classrooms and have discussions with the personnel to determine what their values and attitudes are, to see if they are espousing and teaching your children the same values that you have. These children are the future of this country. A wise old patriarch once remarked, and I paraphrase, that he could rule the world if he could have the minds of the children for their first ten years.

  22. Bill Daines says:

    Prior to my father going from the hospital to a hospice, I learned my uniform made the hospital staff nervous, I was told prior to going to his room to check in at the desk,,wrong!! ( no one else had to check in ) I took him the Detroit Free Press every day in the morning when visiting hours were in force… Now if they had told me to check my Sig, I would have been rude! :) My department had no problem with my choice. RIP Dad !

    Another good one Nick!

  23. BobH says:

    I’ve been around a long time–probably too long. The only way I can get through any day without losing my mind is to keep in front of me the first ammendment to the constitution and 2 Corinthians 11:19

  24. Tony says:

    I read the above comments and had to laugh. Folks, you are getting exactly what you are paying to receive. I have been on College committees that were discussing a weapons policy. When the idea of zero tolerance came up I expressed my view that zero tolerance was only for stupid people. Needless to say, I was not a popular person at that meeting with several people.

    I am sorry that several of you feel that you are being looked down upon due to your lack of education or experience.

  25. Allan says:

    The police chief should be made aware of the situation and he should face the school board to present the many flaws with “zero tolerance” He should tell them that police will carry weapons with them everywhere. If the schools took the position that police weren’t welcome they would not be able to come in case of an emegency. Schools that think posting a zero tolerance sign on their entrance doors will keep out a person that is intent on harming someone are delusional

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