It’s the simplest and oldest military tactic in the world and it works. If you have 100 potential enemies and you can divide them into two separate groups, then pit them against each other, you can stand aside and allow them to duke it out, then sweep in and mop up the battered survivors who are left over. If you can keep the folks in the blue shirts busy hating the folks in the green shirts, and vice versa, they won’t have the time to notice what you’re up to until it’s too late.

Ask a psychologist or family therapist what is one the first things an abusive man does to gain control of a woman. He isolates her from her family and friends and makes himself the center of her world. He tries to convince her that those “outsiders” are trying to sabotage their relationship. “They” become the enemy. He doesn’t want her to have friends or family who give her input because he wants his words to be the only ones she hears; the only ones she believes. It’s the same concept. Divide her from her support system and she’s easier to conquer.

Does any of that sound familiar? It should, because it’s happening all around you. Not just behind closed doors, but to our society as a whole. And you and I are the targets of this manipulation every day.

If you doubt me, turn on your radio. Whether it’s coming from the likes of Mike Malloy, Ed Schultz, and Randi Rhodes on the far left, or right wingers Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, you’ll hear a never ending litany if how terrible things are in this country and how it’s all because of those dirty rotten scoundrels on the other side. Listen to that nonsense for an afternoon and it’s easy to believe that all is lost unless we put stop to it. And how do we do that? Why, just stay tuned and we’ll tell you right after this word from our sponsors. And in the meantime, don’t change the channel, you might hear something you’re not supposed to, like a different viewpoint. And we can’t have that happen, can we? Either you’re with us or against us. Open discussion is taboo.

By the way, did you catch that mention of the sponsors? That’s the keyword right there folks. Sponsors. Advertisers. The almighty buck. Because that’s what it’s all about. None of these clowns give a damn about you or me, or even about the “issues” they rant about. They’re showmen. Personalities. Hucksters moving a product, and that product is fear and hate, because that’s what sells in America today.

And they don’t care about Liberal or Conservative politics, no more than some beautiful woman on a daytime soap opera cares about her on screen love interest. They care about their boss. Boss, singular. Because they all have the same boss. Corporate America. That’s who really runs this country, not the Republicans or Democrats. They’re just middle management.

Big Business and Big Money have been in the driver’s seat for generations and every year they become richer and richer while you and I give up more to feed their insatiable appetite. And they have created this mass discord among us to keep us bickering among ourselves so we’re too distracted to notice that they are sucking the very last drops of the lifeblood out of this country.

Are you pissed off that jobs are disappearing in America? Don’t blame the politicians, blame the greedy corporations who shipped your job overseas to make an extra ten cents a widget. All the politicians did was allow them to do it, which they were well paid to do. Instead of bitching about Obamacare, ask yourself why greedy insurance companies have been allowed to deny treatment and cancel policies of customers who paid their premiums faithfully for years. Tired of illegal aliens flooding across the border? No problem, make it a felony to hire them and enforce stiff penalties against the managers and stockholders of companies that get richer off the cheap labor instead of paying citizens a decent wage. Tired of the deficit and rising taxes? Do away with all of their sweet exemptions and make corporations and their rich CEOs pay the same tax rates as their employees and the guy running the mom and pop store down the street.

Comedian George Carlin, who was known for stepping on toes, said it best way back in 2008, and you can watch it on this You Tube video. I warn you, some of the language is pretty rank, but the message was true back then and it’s even more true today.

You see, those guys are the enemy. It’s not the President, or the Republicans or the Democrats, or the Conservatives, or the Liberals, or the guy across the street who disagrees with you about politics. That’s all bullshit created to keep you focused away from how Wall Street is sticking it to us every day of the year. Divide and conquer. It works.

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44 Comments on Divide And Conquer

  1. Jerry Wilson says:

    1 million percent agree.

  2. James Roach says:

    Nick, while you make some valid points, you forgot a few things:

    Americans think they are entitled to things. Welfare was not created as a way of life. Social Security was not supposed to be touched by the Government. Washington is creating these problems.

    Unions are too blame for a lot of the jobs disappearing by outrageous Collective bargaining agreements, (look at what happened in Detroit).

    Americans complain about losing Jobs and then buy Chinese products, because they are cheaper than American Products.

    And as far as taxes, you forget to blame the politicians for this as well. Talk about your golden parachute. It is not just big wig corporate types that are to blame here.

    Obama has been doing the exact same thing he attacked Bush for, but the MOB, (democrats) don’t see it that way. Mainly because America has the attention span of a hyper-active 6 year old.

    Why have we forgotten about Benghazi, Syria? Why are we on the verge of sending troops back into Iraq at the request of the Iraqi Government? Why are we still pouring money into Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan?

  3. Mark Henderson says:

    I agree with you Nick. And a response like James above is the perfect example. It has to be the other guys’ fault, whoever the others guys are. Not MY guys! Totally ignoring what you said and what Carlin said way back then. Bush, Obama, they are ALL the same and it’s all a smokescreen to keep us from looking at the real problem – corporate greed. When it comes right down it we are all no more than serfs in a feudal system, except our lords and masters are not dukes and earls, they are CEOs. Instead of talking about Benghazi why are we not talking about all of the wars that we became involved in at the behest of corporate America?

  4. Judith Hayes says:

    I have never been a fan of George Carlin because of his filthy language which he uses here too. But I do have to admit that he makes perfect sense and it is something we all need to think about long and hard. My dad lost his retirement to corporate raiders who bought the company and then cheated the employees out of their hard earned benefits. Now my husband, who has worked for the same company faithfully for over 27 years has been let go in their latest downsizing to control costs. But the nine board members just spend 10 days on a private island in the Caribbean on a retreat!

  5. Chuck D says:

    This from the guy who pooh poohs conspiracy theories?

  6. Sandy Stoltz says:

    Amen!!! Right on Nick, you are so right. It has always been about “the money” whoever has it gets what they want. We should all try a little harder to buy “made in USA”. Yes, it takes a little time and some times making the decision not to buy something. But so often the made in USA product is far superior.

  7. squirrel says:

    Corporations are not greedy. A corporation is nothing more than a check book. Pure and simple. A corporation cannot have an emotion. If a corporation legitimately fails to make a profit it ceases to exist. Nick you own and run businesses. Is this not true?

  8. C. Gar says:

    If it weren’t for corporate America, you wouldn’t have the iMac to put this post out on. If it weren’t for corporate America , you wouldn’t have a big fancy motorhome to be driving around in. Who do you think makes all this STUFF we Americans buy. Do you want them to make it for no profit. Do you want government to dictate the prices and profits one can make as they are doing in Venezuela right now? If it weren’t for corporate America, you would be making a hard scrabble living somewhere scratching dirt and wondering where your next meal is coming from. Are none of your business ventures incorporated? Individuals with a good work ethic and dedication made this country. Some of those individuals started corporations.

  9. George says:

    I see what the Fox say in some of the responses. Their minds are gone. I am afraid we won’t ever get those people back. They just have to die off unfortunately.

    I would like to end this with. Don’t ever forget Benghazi! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  10. BobH says:

    Democracy is the toughest form of government in the world. To work, it requires the thoughtful informed participation of the people. I fear that too many of us are aliterate, innumerate, NIMBYs.

  11. Connie Bradish says:

    No Nick, corporations and big business are what MADE THIS COUNTRY GREAT and WILL KEEP THIS COUNTRY GREAT. Our(you and I)lifestyle is the result of the great entrepreneurs like Ford, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt. Whether you like them or hate them, THEY CREATED A MIDDLE CLASS (us).

    So what do you want? To destroy those evil corporations? Then where will you get customers? Because without jobs (which are provided by those evil corporations) people will not have any money. And the small businesses which depend on people getting good paychecks will go out of business.

    You have only to look at socialist/communist states where the government runs everything (USSR, Cuba, China) to see that this doesn’t work. Then there are the lovely socialist countries of Europe with people groaning under taxes. We have been there, seen it and talked to many of the “common” people. Who supposedly have everything but really only work for the state who provides them substandard health care, etc and they live like we did in the 1940s and 50s.

    Rant and rave all you want against corporate America, I for one am GLAD they exist. I like my lifestyle and thank God every day for capitalism and those corporations who created a middle class through their very existence. Their very existence allowed my hubby and I to not only have goodjobs but be able to invest in corporate America through the stock market, retire early and enjoy retirement. No, I don’t want to destroy the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  12. James Roach says:

    @Mark Henderson: “Bush, Obama, they are ALL the same and it’s all a smokescreen to keep us from looking at the real problem – corporate greed.”

    You completely miss the point and as you so well said, it is the other guys fault, and then go back to blaming ‘corporate greed’.

    It is NOT just corporate greed, it is politician’s greed, it is the American Peoples greed as well.

  13. Molly Pinner says:

    “Follow the money”….it always leaves a trail and those greedy corporations have political insiders making it possible for the greed to pay-off….and create something of benefit to the lawmakers who pave the way (and reap the pay-off somewhere down the road). In the process the corps usually manage to pay some taxes to keep the country in business. If not, then they go out of business, unlike the group inside the beltway who prosper mostly on the backs of middle-America. For the corps to send their factories offshore, our “esteemed” leaders had to put laws into place allowing (i.e. promoting) it (think NAFTA) and pass tax structures that benefited such a move. Imagine the jobs folks would still have here in the USA if NAFTA and other such laws were not adopted and if laws did not benefit such moves. Yes, greed is indeed the root cause, and James Roach is right, the blame must be shared among many people. But leaders are elected to lead and as such bear a responsibility to make decisions that are in the best interest of US citizens according to the Constitution, not decisions that benefit small interest groups or the lobbyists that represent them, or themselves.

  14. Paul Cunningham says:

    If any of you have retirement investments the “market” then you are the foundation of the “greed”. Why did you invest if you didn’t want a return on your investment? Could have just put into a savings account with no interest. The people running large publicly traded corporations are really trying to satisfy its shareholders, which is us if you have a mutual fund or direct stock. I suppose we could all sell our shares and get out of the market leaving the stocks to drop in value, but what would that do to us? Leave us without a source of retirement income and most likely a loss of principle.

    The laws we create and the spin we put on our society directly influence not only our behaviors, but corporate actions as well.

  15. Jim@HiTek says:

    Well said, Nick.

  16. Gary Boone says:

    Nick, I view your post as the type of anti-capitalist rant that I would not have expected from you, nor that I think you actually believe.

    You mention greed. I don’t call it greed. I call it maximizing one’s individual wealth. And the opportunity to try to do so is one of the basic tenets of capitalism that has made our country the greatest in the history of the world. Are there abuses? Sure. But for every abuse there are thousands of hard working entrepreneurs out there having a go at their life’s passion and good on them. What’s the alternative? That we all should suffer and wallow in the exact same level of misery? That model has been tried and it didn’t work particularly well. Capitalism was never designed to assure equal outcomes, only equal opportunities. Shame on those who had the opportunity, did not seize it, and then rail that others have more.

    And you rail on Big Business. Who owns Big Business? Anyone who owns stock or mutual funds is the owner of Big Business and that is the vast majority of us. These aren’t entities that own themselves; if they were, by definition, they wouldn’t be corporations. Big businesses come and big business go (think Pan Am). Little businesses become big businesses (think Microsoft). Big businesses become little businesses (think Kodak). There is no monolithic “big business”. It is a constantly changing evolving group. The Dow Jones Industrials change. The S&P 500 is constantly changing. The corporate world is subject to the marketplace and they live, grow, decline and die in it.

    Who do I blame? Well, as Jefferson said, “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” And that is just what our politicians have been doing for far too long. But those politicians are elected. So I do see us in a great divide that needs to be resolved one way or the other. Are we going to continue to be that great capitalist nation with a limited government that our founders set up, or are we going to continue to evolve into a socialistic state where career class politicians can promise that if you just vote for us we’ll take care of you.

    I would probably be better off particularly at my age to vote with the latter and take some of their unsustainable largess, but for the future of the country and my family that must bear these burdens, that is not where I am going to be.

  17. Pam says:

    Well said, Nick. The sad thing is that the rich and powerful spend billions on “think tanks” where they poll test various ways to convince people to do their bidding. I see responses here that originated in a corporate think tank and yet the responders probably believe they thought it up themselves.

    The big push now is to convince people that we need cuts in Social Security. They call it an “entitlement” and lump it in with other, less popular, programs. Then they can say “We need to cut entitlements!” and folks say, “Heck yes, we do!” without realizing they’re cutting their own throats. I’m always amazed at the folks who are actually receiving Social Security who say we should cut entitlements. When you tell them they are talking about Social Security they say, ” That’s not an entitlement. I paid in to it so I’m entitled to it!” Well, that’s how they came up with the name! Any time a politician or pundit uses that term, they should be asked what specifically they are referring to.

    There was a farm bill passed recently that cut food stamps by billions while leaving farm subsidies largely untouched. There are congressman who voted for that bill who receive millions in farm subsidies. How do they get away with that? Well, the think tanks push stories about “people using food stamps to buy steak” and we repeat that ad nauseum without thinking about the billions of government largess that the corporate farms are receiving. We’re so busy fighting over scraps, we don’t even notice they’ve stolen the whole hog.

    If the American people would all switch their party affiliation to “Independant,” stop the red team/blue team mentality, start thinking independently and TURN OFF CABLE NEWS with their poll-tested regurgitation of corporate talking points, there might be hope for us yet. But sadly, the daily drama and outrage is entertainment for many people. Bread and circuses. Some things never change.

  18. Fred Wishnie says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more, but it’s like trying to turn a battleship.

  19. Samuel says:

    Forget it Nick, as you can see from so many of the comments above, the war is over and we, the American people, lost. Nobody notices that you said big corporations should pay the sane taxes as the little mom and pop businesses. Everybody wants to blame politicians but ignores the fact that those big businesses and banks pay the lobbyists that buy those politicians. They link the small entrepreneur and the big corporation in the same sentence, but the little guy is the victim too, scratching to get by while CEOs get huge payouts. But none of this sinks in with one little blog because they are bombarded with the corporate message every day. We have met the enemy and he is us.

  20. Jodie S. says:

    Blaming others is easy.

    Cooperating with others to solve problems is hard, very hard. But if we don’t do it, we will destroy ourselves.

    Every day that we continue on this path, we are choosing to destroy ourselves.

  21. Michelle Dillard says:

    Corporations also gave us pollution, birth defects from the toxic chemicals they dumped into landfills and rivers, mountainside ravaged by strip mines, people who lost everything in buyouts, sweat shops, and on and on.

  22. Jodie S. says:

    I have an idea that I don’t know where to present. I will try it here because it is an example of a way to solve a problem without blaming, as I mentioned in my post above.

    There are people whose lives will be in danger because they will be unable to get health care insurance by January 1st. What if a private fund were started, such as the One Fund for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings or the BP fund for victims of the oil spill? Only private money would be allowed and it could just be for people whose lives were threatened, such as cancer patients on chemotherapy, or children on life sustaining treatments.

    Just an idea. I worry about these people.

  23. C. Gar says:

    Best reply yet Gary Boone

  24. C. Gar says:

    For all you folks that do not believe in corporate America- go through the rest of the day without using a product of BIG corporate America. Go ahead , try it. Guess you will be walking home. Nothing to wipe with either after poo pooing big corporations.

  25. Robert "Bud" Wang says:

    Pam, great viewpoint of a very broken system. I Worked for Bulk pharma for 37 years. Great pharmaceutical company treating us like gold and paying quite well with tremendous retirement plan, pension, 401k, health benefits. They did have the corporate “Kool Aid” talking points they put out and if you were not savvy to the real world could easily get caught up in the hype-generic drugs were not advisable, till they were, we don’t pollute, till they did, we don’t pay dr.’s to prescribe our drugs, till they got caught doing it(like all do). So the key issue is not if corporations are wonderful – they are but if not lead by ethical management. That is the key to it all, just like wall street, the housing bust, pension robbing venture capitalist, and any other business , regulations need to be in place to prevent the greed from being the company motto. Yes regulations that were removed that allowed the banking industry to over leverage itself. Business ethics are not what they once were. We are being led by unscrupulous management in many arenas and have no real means to ferret out the bad eggs, we are losing this battle and our politicians are feeding at the trough, both sides and if it keep going unions will resurrect their ugly head and gain back the losses sustained over the last decade or so. The drive to the bottom in paying a decent wage (hell we can’t even pay a decent minimum wage) is going to be the salvation of the unions-never was in one but understand the need for them. Oh yes even the supreme court says “corporations are people” and call them check books all you want it takes a human to make it work.

  26. Steve says:

    Nick, as Gary Boone noted above, I am surprised at the myopic view you have here. You have lost sight of the bigger picture.

    You rant about Big Corporations, and Big Money, but give a pass to the third and worst leg of the stool, Big Government.

    You almost sound like an Occupy-Nut when you claim that politicians of all stripes are nothing more than the stooges of big business. I believe you are missing the larger half of the equation. Just as politicians are dependent on banks and corporations, many banks and corporations today are ALSO dependent on government. The worst of the banks and corporations are parasitic, only growing when the government grows…. but that does not mean that ALL of them are bad.

    As also noted above, People are Evil, not Corporations. The same is true with the Banks and Government. There are good and bad people in each, but one thing they ALL have in common is that when you mix power and money together, you almost always get corruption. The bigger the Government, the more power and money they control and the more corrupt it becomes. It is a feedback loop of the worst kind, and you want to give them even more power and money??

    Our country has laws against monopolies for good reasons. When a government has a monopoly it is just as bad. Do the math, Corporations are many, Banks are many, but there is only one Government. If a company or a bank goes bad, you can take your money and business elsewhere, try doing that with a corrupt and all-powerful government….

    That is why I am surprised that you would see more of a threat in the corporations and the banks than you do in our current exponentially expanding government.

  27. Jerry Wilson says:

    @ C. Gar

    I’m not against corporate America. I’m against an unchecked corporate America. I’m against a corporate America that is allowed to buy our government through lobbying. I’m against a corporate America that doesn’t have to answer for the destruction it causes.

    I love capitalism, but it’s like anything else in this world. If it goes unchecked, it will become a destructive force. And anybody who thinks the largest corporations are held to any kind of real standard is just delusional.

    @ Gary Boone

    Is it maximizing one’s individual wealth to charge $200 dollars for a life-saving drug that costs $25 in every other industrialized country in the world? Is it maximizing one’s individual wealth to spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers and bribes to avoid having to pay someone for black lung after they worked in your coal mine for 30 years?

    Nick’s rant is absolutely not anti-capitalism. It’s anti-corruption.

  28. BobH says:

    Corporations are allowed to exist by the laws of the state. They take on the goals and personality of the owners/managers. Bill Gates created a corporation that has done great things for humanity. He deserves every penny he has. Ditto for Oprah Winfrey and many more. Others not so. Roger Smith got rich destroying General Motors. Bob Allen got rich destroying NCR. Together they destroyed the city where I live (Dayton, OH). Mitt Romney created a corporate butcher shop dedicated to purchasing, bankrupting, and chopping up the carcases of other corporations. I am pro business, but they too need to be held in by reasonable regulation. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  29. Christine says:

    Thanks Jerry, now I won’t have to write as much. We do need socially responsible Corporations not the “unchecked” ones that are so plentiful today. Yes profits are expected in corporations or they don’t exist BUT it isn’t difficult to find the studies that reflect the extreme increase in the wages of the CEO’s and higher management that has fed the every increasing divergence between the middle class and those top 2%. Other than the handful of railroad barons, etc., the difference between the top managers and the ma/woman on the line was steep but not the astronomical differences that are seen today. Read about the healthy growth in industry back in the “good old days” and look up the tax rates. Corporations were paying much higher taxes, flourishing and interstates and cities were being built…..sigh

  30. Gary Materne says:

    As always Nick you nailed it as did most of the other readers. The one thing that was touched on a bit was the buying of everything from China. While I would much rather purchase American made products if they were available they are so over priced the average American can’t afford them. People are always down on Wall Mart because so much there is from China. I can afford to pay $20 for a pair of jeans rather than say $50 for American made ones. I realize we have unions to thank for this. If I were very well off then I wouldn’t care, but as most Americans I have a budget to work with.
    As a child growing up I remember if you bought anything from Japan it was cheap junk. Now you buy from Japan for the quality products. So we only have our selves, unions, wall street, and all the rest to thank for our problems.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    I would not say that there are no good people in politics today, but I do not know them. We have left that arena alone. Frankly, wish the whole bunch would step aside and let some new blood in there to do what they can for awhile…but that will never happen!

    I think what you said about a man who wants to control a woman is very true…but it can be equally true of a woman too. I have that situation in 2 of my closest kin. I wish I could rescue these men, but in order to do what is best for their children, they will stay put. But it is hard to watch. And be the brunt of. Way harder than whatever messing about politicians are doing!!

  32. Jerry Wilson says:

    And to the folks who are talking about the poor being entitled, here’s an interesting bit of information.

    In 2006, our government spent $92 billion on corporate subsidies (AKA corporate welfare. That is 50% MORE than the government spent on actual welfare programs for the poor.

    Why is it okay to give $92 billion dollars to corporations but it’s “an entitlement state” to spend $59 billion on helping the poor get on their feet?

    Why do we automatically jump to the defense of these corporate entities, yet we treat the poor like they’re villains and beggars?

    Is it because the corporations are “working” people? Okay, here are some other interesting facts.

    In 2011, 86% of children who received Medicaid benefits lived in households where the parents were working. So these children – who have absolutely no control over their own lives – live in households where their parents work but don’t make enough to pay for their medical care. Are those kids freeloaders? Why do billion dollar corporations deserve more free government money than those kids?

  33. Rob Fox says:

    Well Bad Nick is on a roll. I was not expecting that!

    Nick touched on the media, driven by advertising and sponsorship. It troubles me that one of the best “News” shows is actually on Comedy Central. The main stream news outlets are so keen to praise or condemn both sides equally, in the name of “balance”, you end up with no meaningful information. There really is a lack of good quality journalism and reporting in the USA.

    I always thought that the USA was the great meritocracy where everyone had a decent chance or success, regardless of who your parents might be. With around 20% of children living in poverty and condemned to underfunded public education, the country is failing to invest sufficiently in it’s most valuable asset – it’s people.

    When the wealth of a nation is so imbalanced you can’t fail to wonder why. When so many people in the “The Greatest Nation On Earth” live in poverty, you have to stop wondering and act. Your unrepresentative democracy has been truly corrupted.

  34. George says:

    If people think by owning stock they have a say in the Corporation, well bless your hearts.

    That’s the funniest thing I see above.

    What does the Fox say? Good lord!

  35. Michelle Dillard says:

    Boy, talk about killing the messenger! Why are so many of you vilifying Nick? Do you really think it was okay for Bernie Madoff and his ilk to steal so many peoples’ life savings? Do you think it is okay for insurance companies to deny life saving treatment to policyholders in the name of profit? Do you have no problem with big companies raiding pension funds, moving offshore, and leaving their former employees with nothing after a lifetime of hard work? Are you really okay with lobbyists controlling elected officials? Are you okay with the Social Security you paid in to for years being cut back? That’s what Nick is talking about and if you really don’t see a problem with all of that you truly deserve what you get!

  36. Allan says:

    Connie, Paul, Gary and Steve all made very good comments about Corporations. Free Enterprise and capitalism have helped set our counry apart from many others. We have a great country that has a history of encourageing people to start new businesses and be sucessful. There is nothing wrong with being sucessful but evil people can make something potentially good into something evil. Grouping all corporations as evil is wrong just as grouping all politicans, advertisers, sponsers, bankers or most any other organization that same way. Big bussiness or big money in itself is not bad. It is the integrity of a person or business that is important. Greed is wrong just as envy is wrong. May people that harp on greed might just be envious. We all have an opprotuntiy to suceed or fail and Success can be more than just financial.

  37. Ron Johnson says:

    Although there’s a lot to agree with, Nick, your rant is somewhat conspiratorial. Corporations almost always behave to support their own self interest (same as most individuals). Their very existence provides an example for the rest us that perhaps we also have the chance to be rich and powerful. Not possible in other countries. They just live by the golden rule: He who has the gold rules.

  38. Barb says:

    Nick I agree with you on so many things, but not on this. My thinking is more in line with James, C Car, Paul, Gary Boone and a few others.
    Certainly not Mark and his views of Benghazi.. That’s just plain sad.
    I put more blame on (big government) than the corporate world for what has happened to American today.

    Our retirement is SS and investments in those (evil) corporations. Big government is often in the way of people trying their best to make a living and or investments..
    Anyone try getting a job from a pore person?
    Nope,we either try to start a business or find a job working for someone who took the risk to start a business..

    We have spent our entire married lives of 44 years, before retiring, running our own small businesses. I can tell you from experience, that government, large and small, make things as difficult as they can..

    I have no love of big government or unions for that matter..I blame unions for getting out of hand and driving business out of the country.. Now some cities are going bankrupt because of union demands, benefits, and retirement packages that the cities cannot meet..

    I say that is called greed..

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Sometimes what we live through impacts our thinking a great deal…such as hubby and I lived in Hawaii during a long west coast dock strike. We had not been big fans of unions, but after that we decided we would NEVER join a union by choice. (Some jobs required my hubby join, and we found they NEVER ever helped us when we needed help). What happened in Hawaii during that time was that the small family run businesses, many anyway, went out of business. And our friends who were not military could not even get basics like toilet paper, etc. NOT NICE!! There are so many things needing fixed in this country!! Where does one start!!

  40. Gary Boone says:

    In all fairness to Nick, I felt I should do some research. I thought I would look up just who is this “boss, singular…..the same boss, Corporate America” that is dividing us through their pawns on talk radio. I looked up the types of “big businesses” that are running those ads on the various talk shows. I came away horrified and with a far better understanding of this terrible evil.

    I certainly didn’t know Alka Seltzer was trying to divide us. But it just makes sense. They have the talkers give us all heartburn and consternation just so we will buy and use their product.

    And those evil Grasshopper Mowers people. They are going to have us chasing each us other with weed whippers.

    The Papa John’s Pizza people — the more they divide us, the more hungry we become and and more pizzas we eat.

    Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters – OMG they are dividing us between those that are tanked (I fit that description) and those that are tankless – an obvious case of splitting us between the haves and the have nots.

    Heritage for the Blind – who could have seen that one coming?

    Andro 400, dirty bums trying to get both sides to man up against each other.

    ProFlowers – are they hoping we after we slug it out that we will then send flowers to each other?

    Ace Hardware – who would ever have suspected that “the helpful hardware man” was pulling a pick and a shovel off the rack to divide us literally and figuratively.

    O’Reilly Auto Parts – coercing us into banging our RV’s and cars into each other just so we will have to buy their parts. Oh the evil of it.

    And I can just see all these “Big Businesses” sitting around in a room together secretly conspiring to tear us apart so they can rule the world. I now am quaking in my boots at how these evil doer “Big Businesses” are dividing and conquering us.

  41. Steve says:

    Some more great posts, and funny too Gary :-)

    Those of you who think Big Corporations are not to be trusted, do you really think that the answer is to trust Big Government??

    President Eisenhower warned of the “Military-Industrial Complex”, but I found this on Wikipedia:

    “Geoffrey Perret, in his biography of Eisenhower, claims that, in one draft of the speech, the phrase was “military–industrial–congressional complex”, indicating the essential role that the United States Congress plays in the propagation of the military industry, but the word “congressional” was dropped from the final version to appease the then-currently elected officials.”

    The solution to our problems, healthcare and others, is not to make Big Government even bigger! The solution is to keep electing those people who believe in smaller government and the Rule of Law over the Rule of Men!

  42. Jerry Wilson says:

    Steve, the problem isn’t that big corporations exist. The problem is that we have no means to control them and they have far too much power when it comes to controlling our government.

    Gary mentioned Alka Seltzer… well, do you know why we take two Alka Seltzers instead of one? It’s because they were having financial troubles in the 60’s and created an ad campaign that promoted using two instead of one. It almost doubled their sales. Now, keep in mind, they did absolutely no research on whether or not there was any benefit to using two. They just indiscriminately started recommending two so they could sell more products. It worked. And there were no laws that prevented this.

    He also mentioned Papa Johns. Well, Papa Johns is extremely politically active. The CEO has hosted major political rallies and even had presidential candidates at his home. Now, when a vote comes up in regards to, say, employee rights, who do you think the lawmakers are more likely to listen to? The employees who have given them nothing or Papa Johns, who has given them lots and lots of money?

    Do you know how much money these corporations have given to politicians? I’ll answer that for you. No, you don’t. Because “corporations are people,” which means they don’t have to disclose their political contributions. SO we have no way of knowing how many millions they’re spending to buy politicians.

    Over a year ago, Congress passed a law that criminalized insider trading from Federal employees and made it so these employees had to disclose much of their financial dealings. This was done with much fanfare to show America how “tough” Congress is on these kinds of activities.

    Well, jump forward to this past April. While we were all arguing about gun rights and healthcare, Congress quietly passed a bill that pretty much undid that Insider Trading law. That’s right, while we were divided and fighting about political issues, Congress made it easier for corporations to buy them off.

    I’m not saying corporations are the only problem we have, and I’m most certainly not saying all capitalism is bad. Capitalism rocks. But when we let corporations give millions of dollars to politicians, we – the American people – suffer. We suffer greatly.

  43. Steve says:

    Jerry, you said: “The problem is that we have no means to control them and they have far too much power when it comes to controlling our government.”

    We do have the means to control them, it’s called the Law. Just like immigration, if you enforce Laws such as anti-monopoly the problem starts to go away…. And to keep it away, we need Politicians to have less power. How? Term Limits.

    We don’t need new laws, we certainly don’t need to give Washington any more power OR money (Obama set a new record for Wall St donations to his election last year…)

    Enforce existing Laws fairly, elect small government politicians who will pass term limits, and demand transparency on both sides while doing it.

  44. Jerry Wilson says:

    Steve, I agree with you in principle, but who is going to enforce these laws when the lawmakers are bought and paid for by these corporations. That’s the problem we’re facing.

    I personally think we’re screwed until America sees a full-on voting revolution. Unless many more Americans start voting, we won’t see a change. We don’t have a means of controlling them because the people who are elected to control them work for them, both democrats and republicans.

    I think that was the point of Nick’s blog. As long as we keep arguing about political hot-topics, we’ll keep putting the same people in office. People who – no matter what party – will work to protect these corporations more than protecting the American people.

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