Although he did not have a lot of formal education, my father was a well-read man who knew an awful lot about many things and could converse well on just about any subject. But he was also a product of his environment and his times, and more than a little bit opinionated.

A good example is that until the day he died he was convinced that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a plot. Dad truly believed that the CIA engineered the whole thing, assisted by and with the approval of Lyndon Johnson, who inherited the Presidential office.

So, did it really happen that way? There is still a lot of debate and we’ll probably never know. And even if credible proof was presented to disprove the theory, I’m sure if my dad was still alive, he wouldn’t believe it.

I’m reminded of my dad just about every morning when I open my e-mail or log onto Facebook and see all of the conspiracy theories people just know I need to be made aware of. Yeah, there are a lot of bad people in the world, and yes, I’m sure that many of them are plotting something at any given moment. But I’m pretty sure that not everything is a vast conspiracy. Sometimes things just happen. Airplanes crash, lunatics shoot up schools, and people die. It doesn’t mean there’s a conspiracy behind it.

After the tragedy in Newton, Connecticut, there were a lot of people claiming that shooter Adam Lanza was a patsy and that a government hit team actually carried out the massacre as part of a plan to abolish the Second Amendment and confiscate guns from private citizens.

I suspect that these same people are convinced that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were engineered by the same government. I can’t tell you how many people have sworn that the twin towers fell as part of a controlled demolition and that news footage of those airplanes flying into them was all trick photography. These same people also believe that the Pentagon was actually hit by a missile fired by the military, either on purpose or by accident. What was the supposed purpose of all that? Some claim that the Democrats did it to make President George W. Bush look bad, others say Bush himself planned it to create a world war and keep himself in office, and a dozen other reasons.

When I owned newspapers in northern Arizona, the local camouflage freaks were always wanting me to expose the New World Order that was stationing United Nations troops all across the country, ready to take over. Well, it’s been 25+ years and I still haven’t seen that happen. I bet they’re just biding their time, waiting for us to relax our guard.

Of course, not every conspiracy theory is on such a grand or tragic scale. In my RV blog Monday, I mentioned that gasoline is selling for $3.05 a gallon here in Arizona. Somebody quickly responded with a comment that “Gas is down because Obama wants it down to keep our attention diverted from everything else he is up to behind our backs.” Somebody else e-mailed me to let me know that the oil companies and Ford Motor Company are in cahoots and have lowered the price of gas to make us relax our guard and purchase big gas guzzling SUVs and 4×4 pickup trucks. Then the price of fuel will skyrocket and they both win – Ford sells a lot of big vehicles and the oil companies get richer because we have to pay their high prices to feed our new gas hungry vehicles.

I’d laugh if it weren’t for the fact that there are so many of these kind of people out there, and they both vote. And breed.

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22 Comments on Everything Isn’t A Conspiracy

  1. Greg White says:


    What you’re forgetting is that, if it’s a really good conspiracy, you’ll never find out about it until it’s TOO LATE!

    Or, are you just part of the conspiracy too, and trying to throw us off the track?

  2. Robert says:

    I agree Nick that ‘Everything Isn’t A Conspiracy’… I too figuratively roll my eyes at most of the theories. But two that you mention have failed to stand up to legitimate scrutiny. One has to defy logic and all the available evidence to accept that JFK was killed with a single bullet from behind, and also that the towers and Bldg 7 were brought down by the fires from jet fuel… I won’t go as far as your father in proposing hypothetical details on how either of these events transpired, but after substantial personal research I’m convinced that we should not accept the official story about either.

  3. Fred Hammer says:

    Do you remember the question: “Why didn’t Japan invade the US during WWII?” The answer: Millions of average Americans are ARMED! America’s hunters alone would outnumber the world’s largest armies.

    Perhaps there is no one big conspiracy, but smaller and no less dangerous subversions do exist. Bad Nick fans should read Stephen P. Halbrook’s book Gun Control in the Third Reich. And, while you’re at it, include “Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging” prepared for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    If you can read these two books and not believe that something is afoot, then you are among those condemned to relive history.

  4. Fred Wishnie says:

    You’re not fooling us Nick! The Obama/ Cheney cabal is paying you off with subscriptions to your paper.

  5. Jim O'Briant says:

    Your final sentences were:

    > I’d laugh if it weren’t for the fact that
    > there are so many of these kind of people
    > out there, and they both vote. And breed.

    I’ll add that apparently some also read and respond to blogs.

  6. Dave W5 says:

    So Nick what’s really your Point? Is this a setup? Do you get paid by the Cabal mentioned above. You were in Building 7 weren’t you Nick.
    You pulled that 1 bolt with the red paint didn’t you?
    Sis Sis Sis.

  7. Mitchell Snyder says:

    And you probably believe that Obama was born in Hawaii too, don’t you Nick?

  8. Shannon says:

    LOL!!! I’m with Greg!

  9. Derrick Graham says:

    Today Iran and North Korea can launch a nuclear attack from thousands of miles away. Biological weapons can be sent in an envelope. Our own government has everything from missiles to tanks to jet fighters. Do you really believe that handguns and shotguns and even AR15s are really a match for any of that if the “big one” comes down?

  10. Allie P. says:

    My grandpa swore that Pearl Harbor was never attacked and it was all a plot by Roosevelt to stay in office. He and my dad both just knew that Castro and the Mafia killed Kennedy. And when I was in college, I had a history professor who told us General Crook purposely held back reinforcements from Custer at the Little Bighorn because the Army needed an excuse to annihilate the Plains Indians. Conspiracy theories never end and they cook up new ones every day.

  11. Jerry Haaze says:

    I am disappointed Nick. You didn’t mention Roswell, the fact that gays have a quota to recruit, or those damn microchips they implant in us at the dentist. Don’t even get me started on those!

  12. Fred Hammer says:

    Derrick, Think “analogy.” The example was offered as it applied to WWII, and regardless of the weaponry used, there will always be survivors. Those who operate the missiles, tanks, and jet fighters will always be exposed at some time during their day. Eventually, there will be boots on the ground. Probably only China would benefit from an America void of people.

    I don’t worry about a foreign power as much as I worry about the subversive elements within our own country who are trying to change our government into something less than a republic. (Now, doesn’t that statement bring to mind a plethora of Democrats!)

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Some good valid rational comments above. Just because I am not an engineer, does not mean I do not listen to those who are. That alone might make some difference in how one views some of those events!! Certain scientific laws cannot be broken (so far as is presently known)…just as you want us to accept your knowledge from your profession (and we do), maybe you at least need to talk a bit more with some of your engineer friends, before you totally make up your mind…just maybe…

  14. Mister Ed says:

    now Mister Ed would like to Chime in
    Well mister bad nick let me clear up somthing here
    How about U re-read your own post guy i take it your so bunched in a wad that u cant see a joke when ones haveing fun sides small truck makers dont got a v12 550l
    and yes i did ,,,,,vote and i did ,,,,,,,,breed but most of all i have common sense
    i guess theres only one journalist in the family so whats your claim t fame

    xxxxxxxxxyour post xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Gasoline here in Apache Junction is running about $3.05 a gallon, and other RVers are telling me prices are good all over the country. I remember last spring, and the year before, and the year before that, when everybody just knew gas was going to over $5 a gallon and we’d all be walking. And guess what? They’ll be saying the same thing come March or April. Count on it

    and please note ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there was only ,,,,,,,,one ,,,,,,,,reference to,,,,,FORD

    Mister Ed says:

    November 4, 2013 at 6:19 am
    Say nick would now be the best time to run out and buy that new f 550 v12 550L
    3 mpg truck for my oversized 23ft 5er. Seeing as how gas is down
    Well u know last year we were .65 cents higher and 95% of the rivers were about to come in off the road and buy the farm
    How fast things change
    Now $3.11 a gal, is about the price pr gal, of a barrel of crude oil
    now with libya and Iran,s cozying up
    We may just see that drop
    I’m ordering that bad boy truck now before ford jacks there price up
    O Say,, will that new kite pull my truck
    Joy your day

    now turn your pantyhose a-round and put tham a way and joy your nite

  15. Robert Wang says:

    Militia Mike’s make me tired. Even though they espouse “Hail to America” as their mantra they see a spy and someone undermining their very way of life around every corner. Ask them a specific issue or lost freedom and its stone silence. Good topic and as always a thought provoker.

  16. Nick Russell says:

    This is the comment about Ford from an e-mail from blog reader Gary Heinz:
    Nick, the oil companies and Ford Motor Company are in cahoots and have agreed to lower the price of gas for the next 6 to 8 months. The purpose of this is to make the buying public stop worrying about fuel economy and go back to buying their big gas guzzling SUVs and 4×4 pickup trucks, which they have not been able to give away. And once they flood the market with them the oil companies will raise the price of fuel sky high. It’s a win-win for both of them – Ford gets to sell a a backlog of big vehicles with low fuel mileage and the oil companies get huge profits because we are stuck paying their higher prices to keep their gas hungry vehicles running. And members of Congress who own stock in big oil are all for it.

  17. Nick Russell says:

    Correction, his name is Gary Heize

  18. Nick Russell says:

    Robert – Milita Mikes. I like that. Can I use it? :)

  19. Allan says:

    I can write off many of these conspiracy theories and it not affect me. It is a different story when the President falls for the “sky is falling” theory and puts Presidntial directives or orders into effect that raises prices, restricts natural resources and adds taxes to every American. USA need to develope its own policies and not be under control of the UN. This may open another can of worms, as I know many people believe all this and can present “facts ” from eco-scientist. This is a conspiracy theory of gigntic propotions and doing away with al fossil fuels will only hurt our economy and will have insignificant effect on whether the tides will rise or other dramatic events they claim will happen

  20. Steve says:

    Most conspiracy theories are the product of the human mind needing to make sense of something that makes no sense to them otherwise.

    Most of us have a hard time believing that large events could be the result of something simple, whether it’s simple evil, simple greed, simple incompetence, or even simple random chance…..

    By looking for “order” in the midst of chaos, we re-establish a sense of control, a sense that such things can be prevented from happening again. It is a natural defense mechanism of the mind….

  21. Paul Stough says:

    @Steve-Very well said.

  22. Jim O'Briant says:

    Steve wrote:

    > Most conspiracy theories are the product
    > of the human mind needing to make sense
    > of something that makes no sense to them
    > otherwise.

    As an extension of this, I would add that many conspiracy theories are the product of a person with an inflexible human mind seeking an alternate explanation of something, when that person refuses to accept facts that contradict his/her political or religious or economic or other beliefs. Facts are facts are facts, and if someone doesn’t like them, an invented story that ignores them is still an invented story. Yet a huge segment of the population still believes the stories instead of the facts, and try to run their lives accordingly — a sure-fire formula for an unhappy ending.

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