I know I’m going to ruffle some feathers here, but what the heck, that’s what Bad Nick does best, right? So here goes and I am 100% serious in what I’m going to ask below.

I have a lot of friends and family members who are very devout in their religious beliefs, be they Christians, Jews, or whatever. I’m not talking about what my dad used to call Sunday Morning Christians, who will backstab you on Saturday but pray for you on Sunday. No, these are people who truly believe in and live by their religions’ values. And I respect their right to worship in whatever way they choose to.

But I have a question. And again, I’m not trying to be blasphemous or disrespectful. I’m really not. Many of these people tell me that they believe that God has a plan for all of us and that we need to trust him and know that we are all in his hands; that he has a reason for everything that happens. But a lot of them are quick to complain about President Obama, call him names, and swear that he and his Affordable Care Act are the ruination of this country. But how can that be?

If you truly believe that God is in charge and that we are all created by him, then aren’t President Obama and the ACA part of God’s plan for us? And if so, is it right to demean him as a person and to call his health care plan awful? I’m not trying to be a smart aleck, but isn’t it one or the other? Either we trust in God or we don’t?

And along those same lines, why is it that so many Christians I know are so opposed to those less fortunate than them having access to health care? In the last couple of weeks I’ve heard two different regular churchgoers say, “I don’t want my tax dollars going to pay for Obamacare.” To repeat an old quote, what would Jesus do?

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  1. Valerie Mayleben says:

    Bad Nick, Bad Nick, I have worked for my church and seen far too much of the hypocrisy about which you write. Come to think of it, I was cast out for challenging and confronting church leaders about the very hypocrisy I witnessed in their behavior.
    Back in the 90’s I worked at an inner city county hospital, where the poorest of poor received outstanding care from a competent and compassionate staff. After leaving that position, I even volunteered to go back and work without pay on my day off! I have walked into a room filled with the poverty-stricken, wearing a business suit where I freely gave a hug to a homeless, toothless, smelly man of color, well aware I was likely exposing myself to body lice, just to share his absolute joy and gratitude at receiving the pair of socks and shoes I had just handed him to wear before he was released back out into the cold.
    Estimates I found are that 75% of Americans consider themselves Christians. To suggest that people are critical of Obamacare because they are right wing or Christians, I believe, is not a logical leap. I think it is not only unfair but preposterous – and even divisive coming from the mouth of our president — to suggest that Christians or conservatives, in general, do not want poor people to have access to health care because of the comments of a few, who are more likely angry that it forces them to indirectly pay for what they believe in their hearts to be the mass murder of innocents.
    There is indeed a great need for health care reform. But wouldn’t it have been simpler and far less costly to expand Medicaid (health care which has long existed for the poor) and require coverage for pre-existing conditions than passing — only through bribery and deception — a monstrous, partisan bill with regulations still being piled on without having even read it?
    Hospitals were not allowed to refuse treatment in this country to anyone — with or without insurance, pre-ACA. I believe the government has proven time and time again it cannot run anything as effectively as the private sector without massive waste and fraud. I doubt that Obamacare would be the law of the land had the truth been revealed prior to its passage. And I do believe a government bureaucrat, rather than my physician and me, will eventually determine which treatments I may or may not be eligible to receive.
    I feel Obama lied about the cost of the program. I feel Obama lied about the consequences. I feel Obama lied about tax increases upon the middle class. I feel Obama lied when he promised to cut the debt in half. I see him contradicting himself and doing exactly that for which he was most critical of George W. Bush.
    Now I see him exempting or granting subsidies to himself and his cronies. The non-functioning website is only the tip of the incompetence iceberg, IMHO. Now we have Navigators, who may, (as acknowledged by Kathleen Sebelius), have felonious backgrounds, being trained to lie and deceive in some cases. I watched Obama’s attorneys arguing both sides of the fence – it’s a tax/it’s not a tax – to get a narrow judgment from the Supreme Court. And, despite that judgment, I still believe it is unconstitutional and un-American to force someone to buy something against his or her will!
    I don’t know about the rest of your readers, but frankly, I despise having been lied to! My premiums skyrocketed following passage of ACA and now I’m awaiting my cancellation notice. I didn’t vote for this yet I am forced to act and to comply.
    Now, the president has the audacity to ‘apologize’ by stating that he ‘misspoke.’ Seriously??? Whose plan is it that Americans would believe for a minute that reading carefully prepared words from a teleprompter on 49 separate occasions could possibly be construed as misspeaking?
    And now, I feel judged by some of the comments above, because I believe there was a better way to go about much needed health care reform. We are over $17 trillion in debt, for crying out loud, and nobody seems to give a damn about that! ‘Ignore’ and ‘ignorant’ – there’s a reason these words are derived from the same root! No matter how hard we work, life can never be fair!
    ‘What would Jesus do?’ you ask. I think Jesus would shame those who judged and set out to impose their will upon others. I think Jesus would have a serious problem with the government’s stewardship and their fiscal irresponsibility. And I think Jesus would have a problem with misleading people to satisfy one’s own agenda. I believe Jesus would condemn the lies!

  2. Gene says:

    Thanks, Nick! Once again, you have provided me with a whole days worth of entertainment!

    You ‘da MAN!!


  3. Allan says:

    Lisa stated that prior to the government shut down that the attitude of the Republicans was “it’s their way or no way at all”. The Republicans sent several proposals to the Senate asking for compromise on the ACA and Harry Reid and the President refused them. It was the President making it “his way or the highway”. The last Proposal was that the individual mandate be posponed like the President allowed large corporations to pospone it for a year. The President would have been wise posponing it for it has been a nightmare. Now several Democrats are asking for a posponement and the President has made a temporary delay and more problems are croping up. The Republicans saw theseproblems and many more including the IRS problems and government esentially pushing insurance companies out of business with gov’t regulations. Free enterprise has done a better job than the federal government when it comes to running businesses. Everyone agrees that there needs to be changes with regard to the health care and insurance industries but the ACA is not a good way to handle it. Also taking money from Medicare to pay for Obamacare is like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  4. Greg Schiffer says:

    What would Jesus do? I would ask you what did God do and do you believe that we have free will? Was it gods plan for you to a victim of a thief breaking into your rig and you ruined the plan by fighting back? I think God takes the Garden of Eden that is created for each of us and we call life and he spreads some apple trees around. Our task is figure out what is “crop” to be watered and which “crop” should be fenced out. I too have some complaints about some of the Christians around me. They seem to spend a lot of time deciding what others should do and think and invoking religion if it differs from their view. So was it Gods plan that we all speak German and we defied his will by landing on Normandy? Was it Gods plan that we die of disease and we resist by fighting them off. You ask “what would Jesus do?”. I would answer that it appears that what Jesus is doing is letting you figure out what crop to water and what crop to fence out. My memory of the new health care law is that it was never supported by a majority of Americans. After it’s enacted by hook and crook we’re supposed to support it because we’re “Christians” and Jesus isn’t here to tell us different. I won’t ask what Jesus would do. My question for you is, when the socialists have come to take your rig, your pen and your last dollar to give to the poor will you be praying for the old days to return or will you be giving thanks for having had some stuff to “donate” to someone else’s view of Gods plan?

  5. James Jardine says:

    i agree with most of what you had to say. Thanks for your work and love you had when you worked at the hospital. I believe that churches and true believers do it best. You can’t legislate that.
    I am conservative and love Jesus. I am sad that one branch of my family doesn’t work and lives off of welfare. I can’t understand how they can be happy living off of me and the rest of their family. They get so much free stuff they try to give some of the food they get to me. They all do drugs, know how to work the system and get free health care. I still love them but I’m also sad for their lack of pride and respect for themselves and others
    I’m sorry that some people write comments with so much anger and hateful words.

  6. James Jardine says:

    very well said. thank You!

  7. James Jardine says:

    Well satd, thank you!

  8. Shannon says:

    Amen Nick! You always say it BEST!

  9. Barb Scrafield says:

    After reading all the comments, I must say that Valerie’s is so thoughtful and well written.

    I never found anyone’s opinion (hateful), as a couple of folks did..

    I also found it amusing to read that one person thinks so highly of their own opinion, that they found it necessary to comment of every single other opinion. Too funny..

    Valerie, I wished I could express myself so well, because that’s how my husband and I feel. I could never say it so well..Thanks

  10. Allan says:

    Very well stated Valerie.

  11. James Roach says:

    For those of you who think that Obama was elected by a huge majority, he only won the popular vote by 3.85%. What got him elected was the Electoral college, not the voters!

    As far as Atheists/Liberals attacking Believers: Communities unable to display the Manger scene at Christmas, and yes it is Christmas…….Yeah I get it, Jesus wasn’t actually born on Dec 25th.

    Taking the Pledge of Allegiance out of Schools. Not allowing religious groups to meet on school property, but we can have Gay support groups,

    Not allowing students to pray before a football game. Atheists/Libtards/Democrats are all about free speech, as long as you agree with them.

  12. Sue says:

    The day before President Obama was elected by American voters, the second time, I tuned into a very well known Christian TV program (Club?) to see what they were saying. They had their eyes closed so tight, and they were praying for God’s will be done. The next day, I tuned in again. They appeared so forlorn! All of their prayers, and now the day after, all they could say was “what happened?”. They came up with some possible reasons for this wrongness. It never occurred to them that their prayers were answered. I can only conclude that God’s will has to align with that of the one who prays, for the prayer to be answered. It appears that your question has not been answered, just like their prayers.

  13. Mike says:

    Valerie = foxnews

  14. diana ruelens says:

    Totally with you Nick…And I am sorry but when one talks like Fox New acts like Fox News then they are not creditble….sorry Valorie. To believe that ones personal experience must make it true throughout this nation is truly ludacrious!!! I have been all over this country and I can tell you that the healthcare in this country is equal to third world if you do not have insurance. You are not the only one with stories, but I will not bore the readers with my first hand real world knowledge. People will believe what they want, but at the end of the day I am responsible for myself and my actions come the time when I have to stand before God and account for them. What would Jesus do….think about what his word says…What you do to the least of my brothers you do to me….Judge ye lest ye be judged. Enough said.

  15. will says:

    I mentioned in another post that in the Bible to paraphrase: God is in control. His will is different than ours. HIs plans are not our plans. Everything is going to His plan. God puts rulers in control and God takes them out of control all according to His will. Jesus also said that we will always have the poor among us. Medicare has always worked along with welfare. In NYS those on welfare are doing so mush better than those who are working for minium wages or just plain low wages. They have free rent, free heat, free electric, free medical and dental, food stamps, and can have a vehicle. Oh, I forgot they even get free college education so they can supposedly be employed but they seldom do. I have worked for little of nothing many times while raising a family and wished I could have the benefits of
    those on welfare. But, I had to have a work ethic instead. God has blessed me anyway. GO figure.

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