Or else I’d cry at how dumb so many people are. I’m sorry, I really would. Lately it feels like the nutcases are coming out of the woodwork faster than roaches in a Toledo slum. And having gone to high school in Toledo, I can tell you they have a lot of roaches!

I have a friend who is selling his business, a used bookstore in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona, due to health reasons. He has it priced at just $12,000 because he needs to move it fast. Not being familiar with computers, I helped him out by posting it on Craig’s List, and while the ad has his telephone number, any e-mail response comes to me.

The other day I got an e-mail that was so obviously a scam that it was laughable: Dear blessed friend, I hope you are having a wonderful and healthy day. I want to buy your item as is advertised. I am currently working in Washington D.C. I wish to deposit into your bank account the funds for this item. I have been blessed to enter a very large inheritance and God has moved me to find you. I feel your price for the item is too generous so I feel moved to deposit the amount of U.S. $50,000 into your banking institution in your name. Please respond to me with information dear friend so that we might move this transaction forward.

The sad part isn’t that some third world scam artist can’t even come up with an e-mail that sounds at all real, but rather that they send hundreds of these things out a week because there are people dumb enough to fall for their ploys.

Of course, we have plenty of homegrown idiots as well. Consider the e-mail that I got last night from not one, not two, but three different people with this picture attached and the claim that President Obama has ordered that all military latrines be remodeled to accommodate two stools each in a private room to allow gay soldiers to have sex while on duty.


For the record, this is a toilet in Russia that has been making the rounds on the internet to demonstrate Russian government wastefulness, in case you get tired of hearing about our own government’s wastefulness.

And then there is the great Gay Head conspiracy. According to this one that I’ve heard about from a couple of people, President Obama has ordered the National Park Service to create a new National Park called Gay Head on Cape Cod that is “set aside solely for homosexuals as a monument to their decadent lifestyle.” The name itself celebrates a gay sex act, according to the e-mail I got, and was chosen to be offensive to Christians and heterosexuals to make the statement that gay sex is now an accepted part of American society.

Well, not exactly. Gay Head dates back to 1870, when the Massachusetts town by that name was incorporated, taking its name from a rocky promontory that juts out into the water from Martha’s Vinyard.


I have no idea what the fools who start these silly rumors will come up with if they find out there’s a town in Montana named Butte!

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19 Comments on I Have To Laugh

  1. Kelly Pritchard says:

    My sister sent me that one about the toilets. I told her it was on TV and even found it on Yahoo and showed it to her but she still knows that its for gays in the Army. Give me a break!

  2. Karen says:

    Hate is still hate no matter how stupidly is is disguised.

  3. Dave says:

    Bad Nick: Since you have so many readers maybe you should mention
    Blue Ball, Intercourse, Bird In Hand & Paradise Pa.& see what it
    will get started on the net?

  4. George says:

    God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.

    Facts no longer matter at all to many who used to be rational people.

    They crave their version of propaganda.

  5. Finally we get a park and special bathroom. ‘Bout damned time. Gotta laugh at what people will believe if it advances their idea of right/wrong. Shows you why we crave propaganda to support what we think.

  6. Susan Pezzano says:

    When I retired from being a Ford Tech, I was selling my tool box through Craig’s List. I received a similar scam. A fellow in the Marines wanted to my my tool box at my asking price, but he wanted it shipped to a location in Alabama, and ask me if I could send 500.00 to his shipper and he would reinburst me. I call Pay Pal because he was using them. They said they did’t operate that way and to avoid any request for money that used Western Union. The wording in his emails was the same as you mentioned. It was like English was his second language . I love the way people think of way to relieve you of your money!

  7. Susan Pezzano says:

    The above comment is from Rod Pezzano, not Susan. Thanks

  8. Claire Rossbach says:

    Some places have the funniest names. We were driving down I71 in Kentucky when we almost went off the road laughing. The sign for the next exit said, “Big Bone Lick State Park”! We vowed we would have to camp there someday, and we did. It was rather a nice state park. And how about Toad Suck, Arkansas? Nice park there too! I bet that one could make a lifetime out of just visiting parks in the towns with funny, funny names.

  9. William Fielding says:

    My son-in-laws brother is in the Army and he said the do have dedicated bathrooms for gays and have to take sensitivity training once a week to learn about the gay lifestyle weather they want to or not.

  10. Jan Englebritsen says:

    For years the homosexual community has dominated Provincetown on Cape Cod. Many own shops, inns and restaurants. Doesn’t bother me at all.

  11. Jodie S. says:

    What I wonder is why people feel the need to hate at all?

  12. @Jodie, many people can only feel good about themselves by hating others. Go figure.

  13. Steve Gorman says:

    I had a Jeep for sale on CL and I got an e-mail like that saying the buyer was a major in the army serving overseas in a foreign land and would have a friend pick it up. He said he would wire the money to my bank account plus an extra $500 that I needed to then send to his friend by Western Union to cover his expenses to come pick the Jeep up. It was so obviously a scam just by the way it was worded. No army officer would have that poor English and grammar skills.

  14. Dave W5 says:

    At one time I had 53 Ads on CL and the phone calls were some person, generally a girl that sounded like she was 14 years old or so with someone in the back round coaching them. Accent in the voice and always asks if it is still available and then if I would come down in price.
    Some would call with wanting to send their shipper which I would just hang up on.
    Then the ones that say they will be right over, don’t sell it to anyone else and then they don’t show up or callo and ask what the lowest I would take.

    On the made up stories.
    It is getting to the point where I can not listen to talk radio anymore for the last 2 years because they all just make up what they want the people to believe about said candidates. They trash the other side. I still believe the politicians are paying them to lye!…

    What ever happened to media people were only to report the news and not give personal opinions.

    Dave Walker

  15. George Stoltz says:

    Your bookstore owner friend is in good hands. No one is going to scam Bad Nick.

  16. Gary Hauptman says:

    When I was young and stupid I hated gays, which we called queers back then. I also hated black people, brown people and yellow people, and I knew all the bad names to call them. I had no reason to hate them I just did because everybody I knew did. Then I grew up and realized that people are people no matter who or what label somebody sticks on them. Unfortunately, we have a lot of people that never will grow up.

  17. cc says:

    Today I saw two different people buying/carrying Confederate flags purchased from vendors at the 36th annual Tyson Wells sell-a-rama in Quartzsite. Can only guess what they would want with one and where they live…..
    As a kid in the south I heard many times: “Save your Confederate money..the south will rise again”. Let’s hope not.

  18. Allan says:

    There is enough true things happening in the world today. I don’t know why people think they have to make things up to report on. We don’t receive the unbiased truth from the media any more, they just give people what they want them to believe. Even The White House has lost all credibility because of its continued deception.

  19. darrell says:

    I had lunch once at the Gay Bar in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – Oh, by the way, it’s located in the town of Gay, Michigan, hence the name!! What to you suppose the spin doctors can do with that?

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