On January 16, Army Sergeant Daniel T. Lee, 28, of Fort Wright, Kentucky, died from wounds he received when enemy forces attacked his unit during combat operations in Afghanistan. He was on his second tour of duty there. Sergeant Lee is survived by his wife Suzy, his six month-old son Daniel Roderick, and his parents. How many of you knew that?

Now, how many of you knew that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died Sunday of an apparent drug overdose, or that Justin Bieber is running around getting busted for DUI and making an ass of himself like the spoiled Hollywood brat he is? Or what new commercials were introduced at the Super Bowl? What does that tell you about our priorities as a nation?

We are so obsessed with dysfunctional “celebrities”, from clowns like Bieber and Hoffman, to pigs like Miley Cyrus shaking her redneck butt on TV and Honey Boo Boo picking her nose and acting like a poster child for birth control, that we have forgotten that there is a real world out there. A world where real people are living and working and fighting and dying.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves and our nation.

People will tell you that it’s the fault of the networks that broadcast this garbage and “make” these celebrities. That’s nonsense. Television networks are businesses. Their goal is to make the highest possible profit with the least possible investment. We are their customers. Without viewers their advertisers will not sell anything, and in turn will not support those networks.

If you go to a restaurant and the food makes you sick, you won’t go back. If you buy a product and it doesn’t work, you’ll return it and probably won’t buy another. These so called “celebrities” are nothing more than a product. If enough of us turn off the TV or change the channel, pretty soon the networks would get the message. But that will never happen, because too many of us are willing to not only accept what they feed us, but idolize these cretins they turn into royalty. We should be ashamed of that, too.

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24 Comments on We Should All Be Ashamed

  1. Barry Crocker says:

    Amen brother. Amen!

  2. Jodee says:

    Unfortunately every time their names are written they are given even more celebrity :-(. Vowing to ignore them and refusing to give them more “press” may be the blanket that extinguishes their flame!

  3. Bill says:

    Another reason to get the hell out of Afghanistan.

  4. Andrea Bayze says:

    I kept hearing about Honey Boo Boo so much a while back I decided I needed to at least watch it once to see what people were talking about. I almost gagged! If I want to see white trash like that all have to do is go down to the local Wal Mart!

  5. Jon Ensminger says:

    Very few shows on the boob tube that I watch. If the networks would watch my viewing habit there would not be any reality shows, shows with queer story lines, and or shows that show how stupid the human race is. We will watch a lot of the old movies that don’t need any cussing to carry the message. We don’t watch sports other than golf, because off the way the players act. I find it hard to believe that people can spend %50.00 and up per month for TV that we seldom turn on. I personally could care less about the “Information Age”, because I don’t need someone with a twisted agenda to inform me.

  6. Dave says:

    Amen Nick! The war has went so long over there without any accomplishment so it no longer is news worthy. Sad state of affairs we are in as a country. But there isn’t another country I would rather live in. Please people, remember our troops and the give that they give every day for us!! Thanks for reminding everyone Nick, that there are people dying for our freedom!

  7. Fred Hammer says:

    Last week, I flipped through the three major lame-stream media networks and found that all three were airing the same story at the same time. To me, that is even scarier than America’s obsession with individual celebrities; it shows we are being fed the same selective “news” night after night. For you readers out there, I recommend reading Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck with Harriet Parke. When you do, if you do, you will never feel the same about the UN; and you will recognize the direction that progressives and the current administration’s actions are taking our country.

  8. Knott Kneeded says:

    I knew it wouldn’t take long for the right-wingers to come out of the woodwork. Glenn Beck makes me laugh. Nick, you are right. Which is why I read my news right nere.

  9. Donna Gates-Smeall says:

    Originally, the television industry was thought up to inform people of events around the USA when the WWars began. But in time, that which informed has become a event to entertain and distort realities so some of us don’t need to or want to see the “whole” picture.

  10. Ed Dray says:

    Well said, Nick. I think each network should devote a percentage of air time every day to our Military, with Human Interest Stories about our Military, Soldiers coming home, and a special tribute to those who do not return to their families.
    I certainly would support the sponsors of this kind of broadcast.
    Thanks for your Service!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    You make valid points, Nick. It is a shame what has happened to our culture, even just over the time we have been alive!! My hubby served 6 years during Viet Nam, on a submarine. I was grateful he was on a sub; however it did impact his health from then on…but at least he is alive. Many lost their loved ones then!! And no, it was never HIS plan to be in the military. But one does what one must!

  12. Shannon says:

    Amen Nick!

  13. harry bellerby says:

    Most of us just talk about what we don’t like and move on the something else. Before I get the “what else can I do” responses, there are lots you can do. Write letters, pick up the phone and call the networks. Most of us think this is a waste of time. Those in charge rely on us doing nothing. Same story about voting.
    Nick’s right we get what we deserve. Sit back and do nothing you get nothing or worse Nazi Germany.

  14. Tony says:

    The news you receive on the tube is controlled by those who own the media companies. Do a Google search and you will find out about 90% of all media are owned by seven to nine companies. We may have freedom of the press as a concept however, if you believe the media does not cherry pick what you will learn and are willing to lie to move their agenda you are being fooled. The two examples that come to mind are Fox News and MSNBC. Its too bad that Murdock purchased the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ once upon a time was a publication you could rely upon, no more.

  15. Carol Savournin says:

    There should be a segment every evening that shows the names and photos of the Military who have sacrificed their lives in any kind of combat situation. Or, there should be footage of the offloading of fallen at Dover. I also agree that the Miley Bieber BooBoo contingent should be shut down. They are completely nauseating. But please do not lump Phillip Seymour Hoffman in with those cretins. He was a very talented individual who fought for sobriety for many years, and contributed a great deal before finally losing the battle.

  16. Mike Wallace says:

    Nick you are so right, we have become a society obsessed with “Reality Shows”, Inane newscasters who express their “garbage” opinions and we are not provided with any “news” that is fit to print, read or listen to. that is why we don’t watch the major networks anymore.

  17. Earl Warne says:

    You said a whole great big mouthful, THANKS Nick

  18. Carol J. says:

    Thanks for pointing out a sad reality! I thought we were the only ones who didn’t watch network TV. Today’s nightly programs are an insult to normal people. If it wasn’t for the nature, cooking, and older BBC programs on PBS, we wouldn’t turn on the TV. Who needs to poison their mind with the trash on network TV?
    And how sad to realize we have a news block-out of the fate of our brave service members who have been tagically injured or lost their lives on foregin soil. When was the last time you saw a major network showing the coffins arriving on US soil. Most of the TV viewers don’t even know that US citizens are losing their lives in an on-going war! Sad, sad, sad!

  19. George Stoltz says:

    The lives of Army Sergeant Daniel T. Lee and of Philip Seymour Hoffman have equal value because they both contributed to society.

    Sgt. Lee gave his life for our country and Mr Hoffman wanted to entertain us for most of his life. Both are noble.

  20. Myrna Logan says:

    PBS Newshour shows pictures of the deceased soldiers every night. They do so in respectful silence. It lists their names,rank, ages and where they are from.

  21. Mark Turbert says:

    After reading your BLOG, I read an article on Yahoo about this Phillip guy. The accolades,attributes ,Oh My! Sad and happy stories are a wonderful thing to bestow on a passing sole. To have followed that persons life and life style to the point of interviewing the waiter in a local pub is …so endearing. Thank you Yahoo for demoting me to that itellectual level.Would someone please give the same recognition to an American soldier?

  22. Bill Daines says:

    bad news sells good is does not. I enjoy Scott Pelly’s CBS news at the end of the broadcast when some one or thing is highlighted.
    In the working days we’d do a news release of the days important happenings. If it were not a fatal accident or homicide, (space limitations) it was not news worthy.
    So I hate to say I read the obituary articles which always show ones accomplisments and good!

  23. Phyllis says:

    A celebrity dies of an overdose, all the forces that be work to identify and apprehend the dealers. Is the same effort given when someone not in the spotlight dies the same way? I wonder.

  24. Bob Larsen says:

    Re: We Should All Be Ashamed

    Right on, Nick. Been Bit–ing about this crap for years. Bring it on. I also turn off any program or movie having anything to do with the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, or Lindsay Lohan, well, you know the type.

    Not So Bad Bob

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