I’ve never claimed to be a brain trust or anything. I gave up on being invited to join Mensa a long time ago, realizing that the best I can do is strive hard for mediocrity. But the more I read the news and listen to people talk, the more confused I get. So please help me understand here.

Hobby Lobby provides sixteen of the mandated birth control products, but didn’t want to provide four others that they disagree with and they are vilified and accused of denying women health care. Sixteen out of twenty!

I have no problem with a woman’s right to choose, but as a business owner, when did your right to choose become my responsibility to pay?

When I was a teenager, every sixteen year old boy I knew carried a condom in his wallet in the futile hope we’d get lucky, though I suspect that by the time that great event got around to happening, most of them would have opened the battered foil packet and found dust inside. But just like the rest of my buddies, I had my trusty Trojan tucked behind my library card, just in case. However, I would never have expected the guy who ran the gas station where I worked to provide it for me. That was kind of my responsibility. When did that change?

Now I have a question for all of the folks who are upset about Costco pulling Dinesh D’Ssouza’s book America: Imagine a World Without Her, which is heavily critical of President Obama, off their shelves, claiming that it was a politically motivated decision.

I don’t know why Costco made their decision, which has since been reversed, though to hear a lot of people, it’s all part of the vast left wing conspiracy. But no matter what the reason was, as a business owner, why is it my right not to serve gays even if I don’t want to, but not my right to not sell a book I don’t want to? Isn’t it all about the right to do business as their owners feel is right for them?

What if Costco said they pulled the book because they objected to it from a religious standpoint? Would that have made it okay?

Hey, I’m a veteran and Barnes & Noble won’t stock the printed version of my books. They say it’s because I’m a self-published author, but I think it’s all part of that same anti-American conspiracy because I’m a veteran. How come nobody’s raising hell with them and calling for boycotts on my behalf? I don’t get it.

If I don’t like something that you also don’t like, and I write something negative about it, my comments are thoughtful and inspired. But if I write something bad about something you are in favor of, my comments are obviously ignorant and suddenly I’ve joined that great conspiracy to destroy the great American way of life. How does that work?

Like I said, I’m confused.

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52 Comments on I’m Confused

  1. Jim McManus says:

    Barb, actually the IRS is not going to be in charge of our health care system. They are only going to attempt to calculate the rebates that people get if they have health insurance and their income is low and attempt to calculate and collect the penalty if they do not have health insurance or the right health insurance. It is entirely possible that the ACA will not affect the full time RVing community because there are over 20 exemptions to avoid the penalty if you are under 65 and do not have health insurance. One is if you are homeless. To the best of my knowledge the IRS has yet to define homeless but it would probably revolve around a S&B residence. Another is having your utilities shut off. If you move your RV from one park to another aren’t they shutting off your utilities. What about boondocking. IRS hasn’t got there yet. My favorite is that you have been a victim of spousal abuse. Isn’t driving too far in one day or spending too much time shopping, spousal abuse. They actually put all these exceptions into the rules. How is the IRS going to know if your answers are truthful. Maybe they should have put this under the jurisdiction of the Border Patrol guards or the NSA. They may know more about us that the IRS.

  2. Barb says:

    I realize that the IRS is not actually (in charge) of our health care, but they will be in charge of collecting fines for those who violate the laws, be it companies or individuals…

    The fact that government is getting so big and bloated is what bothers me.. Plus the fact that we are forced into a healthcare system or we will be fined, does not sit well with me..

    When the whole health care ruling came down from the Supreme Court was a black day imo.

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