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  1. Mike Steffen says:

    I’ve seen Bad Nick from time to time and it’s a joy to watch hime in action to say the least. Almost as much fun as waving a chocko shake under his nose and not allowing him to “sample” it – for his own good of course!

    Now to the real reason of this response – Bad Nick is often seen in the company of Nasty Nick, Obsene Nick, Macho Nick, Strange Nick, Funny Nick, Pissed-off Nick, Flaming Nick, Thoughtfull Nick and Goofy Nick as well as BOREING NICK – who is no fun at all. No matter which Nick you might find be sure that he can change into any of the other Nick’s in an instant – so be afraid, very afraid!

    Take this fron one who has known the group known as “Nick” for many years, do not attempt to challange him unless you want to me mobbed by Nick’s!!

    Mild Mike

  2. Doug Hinman says:

    I have been waiting for Bad Nick to appear!! I hope he will show everyone how dumb things are in this weird world sometimes!! Bring it on!!!!1

  3. Clyde Pruitt says:

    I was sorry to hear about your home being broken into but thank God you & Terry are safe. I think you handled the situtation just fine. It just shows that we are not safe anywhere. I hope you can get your RV repaired and back on the road soon. Don’t let those thugs rob you and Terry of the good life you had on the road.

    I would like to warn other RVers to be careful when dealing with an RV dealership in La Feria, Texas called “Texas Trader.” It took them over a month to install a back-up camera and monitor in my truck so I could pull a utility trailer behind my fifth wheel. Their work is not up to standard.

  4. April H says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your thoughts! I am in Arizona, and I was simply doing a search for information about the Lt. Shuhandler story when I came across your blog. The “gays in the military” story was first, so I read it. WOW – as ex-military myself, and the sister of a gay man, your thoughts completely echo my own. I will definitely be checking back on a regular basis!

  5. Stan Ketchum says:

    Hi Nick.
    I am in full agreement with you on the Az. immigration law. What I don’t understand,is why those that are here illegally, and they are known(they have to be because they are all on welfare) why the hell isn’t OUR GOVERNMENT deporting them. Doesn’t illegal make them criminals. They are breaking the law of our country.By the way I have some very good friends that are hispanic so I’m not prejudiced against the Mexicans. I just don’t understand why our government will refuse to do their job.
    It’s a dam shame that a State has to pass a law to police what should have already been done by the ones like you said are setting on their fat ass’s and doing nothing except thinking about how they can give away more of our money to those that don’t deserve it !! Stan

  6. In the middle of your Big Lake series. You are a damned fine wordsmith.

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