Birth Control

Nick on February 2nd, 2014

On January 16, Army Sergeant Daniel T. Lee, 28, of Fort Wright, Kentucky, died from wounds he received when enemy forces attacked his unit during combat operations in Afghanistan. He was on his second tour of duty there. Sergeant Lee is survived by his wife Suzy, his six month-old son Daniel Roderick, and his parents. […]

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Nick Russell on October 13th, 2011

I’m not a big fan of Hank Williams Jr., so when ESPN fired him from Monday Night Football after comments he made about President Barack Obama, I really didn’t care. But I do have a thought or two about the freedom of speech debate that the incident has caused. During an appearance on Fox and […]

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Nick Russell on April 11th, 2010

Young people and sex. Aside from locking our kids in a bank vault and piping in air to them, how do we keep those teenage hormones under control? It’s a question that most parents have asked themselves more than once, and I’m not sure we ever get it right. Sitting down and having that birds […]

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