Presidential Election

Nick Russell on November 2nd, 2012

I’ve been married three times, which is not something I’m proud of, but it took me a while to find a woman with the qualities I could truly love and admire who also had standards low enough to have anything to do with me. But it was worth it all to get to where I […]

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Nick Russell on November 3rd, 2010

Tuesday the American people sent a clear message to their elected officials that they are unhappy with the way things are going, and they don’t want to go down the road we have been taking. Now, it is up to those newly elected, and to those who retained their offices, to listen to that message. […]

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Nick Russell on October 31st, 2010

I’ll be glad to see Tuesday come and go, if for no other reason than that we’ll finally see an end to all of the political ads on television, where every candidate tells us how terrible their opponents are, in wildly exaggerated claims, but never seem to get around to telling us what makes them […]

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